KiK ++ iOS Download on iPhone/iPad – [LATEST]

Messenger apps have made it easy to connect with people from all parts of the world. Kik is quite a new name in the list of messenger apps for iOS. However, you may face a few limitations while using this app. In order to give enhanced features, a modded version of the app was introduced.

KiK ++ iOS Download on iPhone/iPad

Kik++ is an amazing instant messenger that lets you chat with people without even sharing your phone number. Kik++ gives a username for its users, which you can share with anyone. You can have the best video calling experience using this app.

Kik++ is a mod and is not available in the Apple app store. You need to download Kik++ on iOS from external sources and the best one to rely on is TutuApp for iOS. You can download mods, tweaks and hacks on iOS for free using this app store alternative. The detailed procedure to download Kik++ on iOS is given in the coming sections. Must Read: Check out: Tinder++ Download on iOS (iPhone/iPad) .

Kik++ on iOS | Features

Kik++ for iOS is one of the best instant messaging apps right now. With this, you can easily connect with your contacts and friends, no matter where you are. Listed below are some features of Updated Kik++ iOS.

  • You can text anyone in your contacts or be a member of the Groups of your interest.
  • Video calls are available in the best quality.
  • You can connect with contacts by simply scanning the QR code.
  • Unlimited media files can be sent to contacts.
  • You can play online games too.
  • Online, Delivered and Read receipts can be hidden.
App Name KiK++
App Size 87 MB
Categories Tweaked Apps
Version v3.0.1

There are many features in the latest Kik++ for iOS that are free to access. Your privacy is also maintained while using it. Kik++ also secures your private chats with passcodes. Check Out: TuTuApp Deezer++ Download on iOS(iPhone/iPad) No Jailbreak.

Download Kik++ on iOS using TutuApp

Kik++ for iOS is the best messenger app because of the amazing user interface it offers. It is very easy to download Kik++ on iOS. All you need is TutuApp.

  • Go to the Safari Brower and open the provided link.

   Download TuTuApp

TuTuApp Lite (Stable Version):

   Download TuTuApp Lite

  • Tap on the Install button on the home page to download TutuApp.
  • When it is downloaded, open the Settings and tap on the Profile & Device Management option.
  • Enable Trust for the TutuApp profile.
  • Open TutuApp and search for Kik++ app.

KIK++ on iOS

  • Select the app and hit the Install button to get the app.

kik++ Install on iOS

  • After downloading Kik++, go to Settings and take the Profile & Device Management option.
  • You need to tap on the Trust option for Kik++ to turn it on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What is Kik++ on iOS?

Kik++ is the tweaked version of the well-known application called Kik. It allows users to chat, create rooms, attend voice and videos calls, etc. The tweaked version extends a series of features that are restricted for the users on the normal application.

Q - Is Kik++ safe to use?

Yes, it is totally safe to use Kik++ on iOS, the privacy policy and other features are similar to the normal version of Kik. So, you do not have to worry about data breach and other security glitches on Kik++ app.

Q - Do we need to jail break our device to install Kik++?

No, you do not have to jail break your device to install the tweaked version of Kik i.e. Kik++. You can install the application through various websites or Alternatives stores (of apple) available.

Q - Can we use both Kik and Kik++ on same iOS device?

If you are planning to use both the versions of the application for different users, then you are good to go. But we do not recommend using both Kik and Kik++ on same iOS device as the media and other features may merge along each other.

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Final Words: Kik++ Download on iPhone/iPad [MOD]

Kik++ gives you a whole new experience of instant messaging. The privacy settings of the app make it everyone’s favourite. You can download the latest Kik++ iOS using TutuApp for free and without jailbreak. Download Kik++ and check out the amazing user interface offered by the app. You can share media files without any limitation using Kik++. It is a safe messenger app for iOS.

Thanks for Reading.

iFile File Manager for iOS(iPhone & iPad) – Free Download

Many file managers came up for iOS; however, a majority of them failed the test of time. But, there is one file manager application, which since its inception is holding well. Considered one of the best file managers for iOS, iFile is the application for your iPhone/iPad, if you are looking for consolidating your files.

iFile File Manager on iOS

In this post, we are going to share with you the steps to Download and Install iFile on iOS [iPhone/iPad] from TutuApp. TutuApp is the third-party App Store on iOS which is extremely popular for its vast collection of hacked, modified, and tweaked iOS applications. You can even download paid iOS applications for free from TutuApp.

Altogether, downloading TutuApp will provide you access to a plenitude of third-party iOS applications. Moving on, let us have a look at some of the features of iFile.Check out: iTransmission App Download on iOS(iPhone & iPad).

iFile on iOS | Features

Developers have taken care that the application runs smoothly on different screen sizes. Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether you are using an iPhone or an iPad, iFile will run consistently and smoothly. The user interface of iFile makes the task of cut, copy, paste, compress and decompress feel like a whiff of air.

  • In order to enhance the security of your file, you can even encrypt the same and later on decrypt it.
  • The iFile File Manager comes with great cloud support.
  • You can open multiple tabs at once in the iFile File Manager and switch from one tab to another smoothly. Multitasking is very easy in iFile.
  • You can even change the theme of the application in accordance with your liking.

Cool! Now, let us move ahead to the installation part. Following are the steps to download and install iFile on iPhone/iPad from TutuApp.

App Name iFile
Price Free Application
Developer Carsten Heinelt
Compatible Platform iOS
Category File Manager
Downloads 100000+

Install iFile on iOS from TutuApp [STEPS]

The coolest thing about installing iFile is that you do not require jailbreaking your iPhone/iPad for the process.

  • As a first, please download and install TutuApp on your iOS device from here:

   TuTuApp Download on iOS

Direct Download Link:

   Download iFile – Direct Link

  • Do not forget to trust the profile of TutuApp once the installation is successful.
  • Now, launch TutuApp and search for ‘iFile.’

Download iFile on iOS

  • You won’t have a hard time using TutuApp since the interface is similar to the original App Store.

DOWNLOAD iFile on iOS using TuTuApp

  • Please note that you have to trust the profile of iFile before you launch the same on your iOS device.
  • Launch the application and enjoy it.

iFile File Manager App Download on iOS

Alternatives to iFile App

Note: iFile App not working on iOS 10 and later versions. I would strongly recommend you all to Install Filza on iOS either with TweakBox App or TuTuApp applications where you get an up-to-date version of the iFile application.

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 iFile for iOS-Frequently Asked Questions-FAQs

Q - What is iFile iOS?

iFile for iOS is a file manager app that lets you move, edit, erase and backup any file on your iDevice. It also helps you permanently remove dotted files, cache and residual files of deleted apps. This way, you can free up a lot of space. It also lets you modify the files so that you can customize the iDevice without restrictions.

Q - Can you get iFile on non-jailbroken iOS devices?

Of course. iFile iOS does not require a jailbreak. You can easily download them without causing any harm to the device.

Q - Is it possible to access system files on iOS?

Yes, using iFile File manager, you can access system files on iOS. You can also move, edit and modify the system files. However, it is recommended that you do this only if you have proper knowledge about this. Otherwise, it could cause malfunction to your device.

Q - Does iFile iOS contain bugs?

No, there are no bugs in iFile for iOS. It has a wonderful user interface that is safe to use and does not interfere with your iDevice. You can modify files in any way as you like. Using this feature, you can even download third-party apps without jailbreak.

Must check guides from our side:

iFile App Download on iOS [iPhone/iPad]

These were the simple steps to Install iFile on iOS from TutuApp without jailbreak. For any kind of issues, please write to us via the comments section provided below.

Thank You.

WhatsApp Watusi iOS Download on iPhone/iPad – [LATEST]

WhatsApp is the most installed messenger in the world right now. Millions of people are using WhatsApp to send messages, images, and videos for free over the internet. It is loved because of its unique features. WhatsApp also has some restrictions which can be bypassed using a WhatsApp mod. One such mod is this WhatsApp Watusi on iOS. Mods are mostly used to get extra features or fix an existing feature. 

Features in WhatsApp are limited. For example, you cannot download the WhatsApp status of other people. But with the mods like Watusi, you can download other people’s statuses to your mobile phone. But using a mod for WhatsApp might get you banned.

So it is advised to use the normal version of WhatsApp. If you are still wanting to try the mod then here are the steps to download and install WhatsApp Watusi on iOS using TuTuApp. Check out: Tinder++ Download on iOS (iPhone/iPad) .

WhatsApp Watusi | Features:

Most of the restrictions in the official WhatsApp version are removed in this WhatsApp Watusi mod. Here are some of the features which will intrigue you to install and try the mod once.

  • Last seen freezing: In the original version you can either set last seen which works normally or you can hide them completely. But in this WhatsApp Watusi mod, you can freeze the last seen so that others might think you haven’t visited after that time. But you can keep visiting without revealing your presence.
  • Auto Reply: You can set Auto Reply for your WhatsApp just like the email account. If you are not online then you can set auto greetings messages for the people you send you messages.
  • View all groups on a single screen: If you like to sort and view all the groups that you are in then you can do it with this mod.
  • Increase Delete for Everyone’s time: In the original WhatsApp, the time to delete a message for everyone is very limited. But with this mod, you can increase that time so that you can delete the message for all even after the default time limit is crossed.
  • Confirmation box before video/voice call: You will get a confirmation box that requires you to confirm before you call someone.

WhatsApp Watusi App Info:

App Name WhatsApp Watusi
App Size 76.62MB
Seller Device Rebel
Version v1.1.8
Category Tweaked Apps & Games
License Type Free
Ratings 5/5
Downloads 1000000+

Along with this, there are some other features like Forwarding indicator disable, Setting custom ringtones, text colour customization, and view deleted messages.

Install WhatsApp Watusi on iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Since the Latest WhatsApp Watusi is not available in the app store for Apple devices for obvious reasons, the only way to install them is to use a third-party app. Here we are going to use the TuTuApp.

  • Using an iDevice, download the TuTuApp from the below-given link:

   Download TuTuApp

TuTuApp Lite (Stable Version):

   Download TuTuApp Lite

  • After downloading the TuTuApp, go to the phone settings.
  • On the settings page, choose General Settings. In General Settings, you can see an option called Device Management.
  • In Device Management, the list of apps on the phone is listed. Near to the TuTuApp, you can see a button called “Trust TuTuApp”.
  • Click on the button. Now open the TuTuApp.
  • On the TuTuApp homepage, you can see a search bar. In the search bar, type “WhatsApp Watusi”.

search whatsapp watusi

  • In the results click on the WhatsApp Watusi app to install it.

install whatsapp watusi

  • Once installed, you have to follow the same procedure you followed for TuTuApp. Go to phone settings, then General Settings. There choose Device Management. Then click on the Trust “WhatsApp Watusi”.

latest whatsapp watusi on iOS

  • Now open the WhatsApp Watusi app to enjoy its new features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Is it safe using WhatsApp Watusi on iOS?

The application is genuine and safe for your iOS device. The concern is understandable. As you do not want to compromise your privacy or security in any manner.

Q - What is WhatsApp Watusi on iOS?

WhatsApp Watusi is a third-party developed and modified version of WhatsApp. It gives you access of features that are usually restricted on the main application.

Q - Do I need to Jailbreak my iOS device to install WhatsApp Watusi?

No, you do not need to jailbreak your iOS device. You can simply download them from third-party applications available on AppleStore. Some of the most famous applications are iOSEmus, AppValley.

Q - What extra features do I get with WhatsApp Watusi on iOS?

Some important features like reading deleted messages, scheduling messages to someone, viewing timer images, downloading status directly through application are the most important features that you get with WhatsApp Watusi Application.

Q - Does WhatsApp Watusi update itself along with the main application’s updates?

No, WhatsApp Watusi do not update automatically. If there is a latest update on the main frame application of WhatsApp, you have to re-install the same version WhatsApp Watusi in your iOS device again.

Check Out:

Final Words – Download WhatsApp Watusi on iOS [iPhone/iPad]

These are the steps to download and install the WhatsApp Watusi on your iOS Device using the TuTuApp. If you got any doubts then feel free to ask them in the comments below.

PUBG Mobile Hack iOS Download on iPhone/iPad [ESP+AimBot]

The mobile gaming industry is progressing at a rapid pace. The craze of Pokémon Go and Clash of Clans is unparalleled and unequaled. This year, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) came up as one of the best online multiplayer games.

Launched by Tencent, positive reviews have come up for PUBG on Android as well as the iOS platform. However, at the beginning of the game, you, indeed, have to work hard to master a few skills like impeccable and immaculate timing, the ability to judge where the enemies are hiding, and the gun recoil mechanism.

As a consequence of this, players, especially beginners, are looking for PUBG Mod or PUBG Hack, which is a tweaked version of PUBG and players get to enjoy many features that ultimately ease the gameplay. The coolest feature, probably, is that there is no gun recoil in the PUBG Mobile Hack for iOS. Hence, you can aim and target your enemies quite easily. In this post, we are going to share with you the steps to download and install PUBG Latest Mobile Hack for iOS from TutuApp. Check this: iTransmission TuTuApp iOS .

PUBG Mobile Hack on iOS | Features:

TutuApp is the third-party App Store that contains a ton of hacked and modded iOS applications. You can download PUBG Mobile Hack for free from TutuApp on your iOS device. Moreover, the coolest thing is that you don’t even have to jailbreak your iOS device for the purpose. Following are the steps to download and install PUBG Mobile Hack on iPhone/iPad from TutuApp.

  • Please note that in order to install the hacked version, you have to delete/uninstall the original PUBG application from your iPhone/iPad.
  • Next, please download TutuApp on your iPhone/iPad from here:

   TuTuApp Download on iOS

  • Make sure you trust the profile of TutuApp prior to launching the application.
  • Launch TutuApp and conduct a search for PUBG Mobile Hack.


  • From here, tap on Get to download and install the PUBG Mobile Hack on your iOS device.

Latest PUBG Mobile Hack on iOS

  • Make sure you trust the profile of the PUBG Mobile Hack as well prior to launching the application.

Download latest Pubg Mobile Hack on iOS

Best Alternatives of PUBG Mobile

PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds) is a popular Battle Royale game in India, and it needs no introduction. This game is one of its kind and has been played for a long time. This genre of game is all about standing till the end, fighting all the odds. If you are a fan of this genre, you must try out the best alternative games with new features and graphics.

  • Fortnite: If you are one of the players who are ready to take challenges and push yourself to the extreme, then this game is meant for you. The foundation of the game is the same as PUBG, but on the whole, it has its own features which have been attracting people. This game allows a player to build, kill and construct weapons according to their preference and comfort.

  • Call of Duty Mobile: Call of Duty Mobile is one of the top Battle Royale games, with a variety of exciting and fun modes. COD also launches additional modes for a limited time; these modes are one-of-a-kind and can only be played on specified days. The game starts with 99 players and the person who stands alive till the end, wins.

  • Last Day on Earth: Survival is the second game on the list. This game, like PUBG, begins with 100 players and ends with the last person standing. The only difference is that people are fighting zombies and surviving the character is only the power. A player must construct weapons, establish shelters, and kill animals in order to make it to the end.

Last Day on Earth Hack Game on iOS

  • FreeFire: On the list of best PUBG mobile alternatives, we have Free Fire. This game is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. The Free Fire has been the most popular game, and players have been competing against one another to climb up the ranks. Players continue to play this game due to its stunning graphics. The best part about this game is that it doesn’t have any recoil when shooting, which is a significant flaw in PUBG.

All the games mentioned above are popular and have a huge fan base. Try them out and find out which one has your heart!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What are the cheats available in PUBG Mobile Hack?

PUBG Mobile Hack provides you with many options like auto aim, unlimited battle points, RP, etc. You can generate them easily. You can also get wallhack using which you can see through the walls and spot your enemies while staying hidden.

Q - Is PUBG Mobile Hack available for free?

Yes, PUBG Mobile Hack for iOS and Android are free. There are many cool features using which you can get more weapons, backpacks and have accurate aiming to give your best shot. It is a must-have for every gamer. Do download it and see for yourself.

Q - Is it safe to use PUBG Mobile Hack?

Yes, PUBG Mobile Hack is safe. It can be downloaded on both Android and iOS. There is no need to root the device or jailbreak your iOS. All the features can be accessed for free.

Q - Will you get banned on using PUBG Mobile Hack?

You will not get banned using PUBG Mobile Hack. You can win easily by making use of the best features. However, there is a chance that the hack will be banned once a new update for the game comes up.

Check Out:

PUBG Mobile Hack on iOS [iPhone/iPad] – AimBot

These were the simple steps to get the PUBG Mobile Hack on iPhone/iPad from TutuApp. In case, you face any issues while installing or using the hacked version of PUBG, please let us know about the same in the comments section provided below.

Thank you for Reading.

Super Mario Run Mod iOS Download – [FULLY UNLOCKED]

One of Nintendo’s most popular games is Super Mario. The game can also be hacked so you can get unlimited coins. To unlock all the features of Super Mario Run, you can download the Super Mario Run Mod Hack on IOS with TuTuApp. In other words, you won’t need to pay for a paid version of Super Mario Run since this game is free.

Super Mario Run Mod Hack on IOS with TuTuApp

Currently, the game is available for free both on the Appstore and on Google Play, but you can download the paid version for free from this page. 

It is an arcade action game. A running Marion collects coins while avoiding obstacles and navigating through different levels. Tutuapp mod for Super Mario Run lets you access the in-app purchases, unlimited coins, and premium features for free. Installing this hacked Super Mario Run is as simple as following the steps below. Check Out: WhatsApp++ Download on iOS with TuTuApp.

Super Mario Run Hack on IOS: Features

Before downloading Super Mario Run for iOS. Super Mario Run has some of these features which you should take a look at.

World Tour

  • Get the princess out of Bowser’s grasp by running and leaping in fashion.
  • Experience a world built on plains, airships, castles, and much more.
  • There are 24 brand-new courses in 6 worlds, all designed for easy one-hand play.

Toad Rally 

  • Demonstrate Mario’s stylish moves, compete with your friends, and take on others around the world. This sounds fun, since it will tie in with Pokemon Go.
  • You will always get a new challenge in the special challenge mode
  • If you earn high scores during a competition, toads may cheer you and come into your kingdom to cheer you on.
  • In addition to performing elegant moves, you can also play coin rush to fill your gauge.
  • Playing toad rally is possible with that. A multitude of ways can be used to accumulate rally tickets. It also includes clearing worlds and completing country-specific bonus video games.

Kingdom Builder

  • Toads and coins can help you build your kingdoms. You can build things and stuff like that.

Install Super Mario Run Hack on IOS with TuTuApp

In case you have never heard of TutuApp, it features all types of hacked apps and games, such as Super Mario etc. Unlike any other app, TutuApp promised Super Mario Run before the game launched. Thus, they expected to be able to hack it.

  • Using the Safari browser on your iPhone, you must visit the TutuApp website in order to download it.

   Download TuTuApp

TuTuApp Lite (Stable Version):

   Download TuTuApp Lite

  • Go into Settings after installing the tutuapp on your iPhone. Next, General. Next, profiles. Trusting the developer certificate of tutuapp is required here. Using the tutuapp on iOS 9/10 requires this option to be enabled.
  • Next, open tutuapp from the home screen. When tutuapp asks you to allow notifications, do not allow it. Enter the app by swiping to the left.
  • There is a good chance that Super Mario Run Hack will be featured here. Choose it. A search is required if it does not appear on the front page. Find it in the results and select it.

super mario hack

  • Press the Install button at the bottom of the page once you’ve located the Super Mario Run Hack. You can get it for free by clicking the green button.
  • An installation pop-up window will appear after the download has finished. Click the install button. Your iPhone will now have the game installed.

  • Then go to settings once you’ve seen the game icon on your home screen. Next, General. Select profiles. It’s now time to trust the game’s profile.

  • Super Mario Run MOD can now be accessed from the home screen. The hacked version of the game should not be used using your main account.

Check Out:

Super Mario Run Hack Download on IOS [MOD]

Installing Super Mario Run Mod Hack on IOS with TuTuApp is as simple as this. You should now be able to launch the game. This will unlock all levels and items in the full version as soon as possible. Feel free to comment on your suggestions and queries.

Cercube 5 for YouTube iOS Download – [PREMIUM MOD]

Lately, YouTube launched its premium services with a 30-day free trial. With YouTube Premium, you can enjoy ad-free videos, play videos in the background and tons of exclusive features. However, why go ahead and pay for these services when you can actually get them for free.
YouTube Cercube on iOS (iPhone/iPad)

YouTube Cercube is an amazing tweaked application for YouTube that provides you with all the premium features and much more for free. In this post, you will learn about the steps to download and install YouTube Cercube on your iPhone/iPad for free.

For downloading YouTube Cercube, you require installing TutuApp on your iPhone/iPad. TutuApp, as you all know, is a third-party application that houses tweaked iOS applications and games. Neither TutuApp nor YouTube Cercube requires you to jailbreak your iPhone/iPad. Moving on, let us have a look at some of the major features of the Cercube YouTube application. Check Out: WhatsApp++ Download on iOS with TuTuApp.

Features | Cercube 5 for YouTube

Well! Speaking about features, one of the coolest features of YouTube Cercube is that there are no ads in the application. Therefore, you can enjoy your YouTube videos without interruptions ad-free. No more boring ads at the beginning of the video and neither in-between a long video.

  • Play videos in the background while using another application.
  • You can download the videos to your iOS device in any of the available qualities.
  • A download manager allows you to easily share the videos.
  • Enable auto-reply for playback.

We are sure the features above, definitely, have convinced you that YouTube Cercube is one of the best-tweaked applications for YouTube. Going forward, the following are the steps to download and install YouTube Cercube on iOS via TutuApp.

Install Cercube 5 for YouTube on iOS [iPhone/iPad] using TuTuApp

  • Please download and install TutuApp on your iOS device from here or you can also download the stable version of TuTuApp Lite from the given link.

   Download TuTuApp

TuTuApp Lite (Stable Version):

   Download TuTuApp Lite

  • Trust the profile of TutuApp from Settings -> General -> Profiles.

Click on Trust TutUaPP

  • Launch TutuApp from the home screen and search for YouTube Cercube.
  • You can see the application among the search results.
  • Tap on the search result to navigate to the application information screen.


  • Hit ‘Get’ to download and install YouTube Cercube from TutuApp.
  • The process is similar as you download an app from the official App Store.


  • Trust the profile of Cercube 5 for YouTube after successful installation.
  • Launch the application and enjoy.

How To Uninstall Cercube 5 for YouTube on iOS?

If you want to uninstall the Cercube and install the normal version of YouTube, Just follow the below-given steps:

  • First of all, unlock your device and go to the App Library.
  • Go to the entertainment section.
  • Just tap and hold the Cercube icon.
  • You will get an option to delete the app, just click and delete it.
  • Now go to App Store and search for YouTube and install the same and enjoy watching your fav videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What is Youtube Cercube?

Youtube Cercube is a third-party modded app for iOS which provides additional features to your favorite, Youtube. It allows you to play videos in the background, download them to your device, etc. It is very easy to share the videos too.

Q - Is Youtube Cercube ad-free?

Yes, Youtube Cercube is completely free of ads. This makes it more fun to watch videos on this app.

Q - Does Youtube Cercube have dark mode?

Of course, Youtube Cercube has a dark mode which you can turn on. This mode is more comfortable in this modded version that in the original app.

Q - Is Youtube Cercube safe for iOS?

Youtube Cercude for iOS is safe to download and use. You can get the apps without jailbreaking iOS. Also, the app does not have any bugs or viruses. This makes it the most downloaded and safest source of videos for iOS.

Check Out:

Cercube 5 for YouTube Download  for iOS [iPhone/iPad]

This was all regarding Cercube 5 for YouTube on iOS. We will love to hear about your experience of using YouTube Cercube on your iOS device. If you have any questions in mind, feel free to put them down in the comments section provided below. You will get the required answers on a priority basis.

PokeGo++ iOS Download on iPhone/iPad [Pokémon GO Hack]

Pokémon GO Hack Download on iOS [iPhone/iPad]: TutuApp, the Chinese App Store, needs no introduction. It is a third-party App Store that provides you access to tons of hacked, modified, and tweaked applications and games.

PokeGo++ iOS Download on iPhone/iPad

Speaking about games, lately, Pokémon Go is enjoying a great deal of popularity among gamers worldwide. As you know, Pokémon Go is an augmented-reality game and you require walking around to catch Pokémon. Understandably, physically walking around is tough and there are reports of various accidents as well. Therefore, what is a solution to this? The answer is the hacked Pokémon Go game that is available on the TutuApp Chinese App Store.

In this post, we are going to share with you the steps to download the TutuApp Pokémon Go Hack(PokeGo++) on iOS

 PokeGO++ for iOS | Features:

The TutuApp Pokémon Go hacked version is entirely the same as the original Pokémon Go game. The only difference is that you can play the hacked version from the comfort of your couch, sitting in your home rather than wandering out on the streets.

  • In the TutuApp Pokémon Go tweaked version, you get a joystick in the game environment through which you can move the player around without having to physically move.
  • Another benefit of the TutuApp Pokémon Go hacked version(PokeGo++) is that you can play the game even if your location is not having a release of the same. This is possible as the Pokémon Go hacked version is completely capable to spoof your location.

Please note that you do require jailbreaking your iPhone/iPad and rooting your Android smartphone if you wish to play and experience the TutuApp Pokémon Go Hack (PokeGo++) on your device. The following are the steps through which you can download and install the Pokémon Go hacked version from TutuApp. You can also install this awesome app of WhatsApp++ Download on iOS with TuTuApp.

Install PokeGo++ (PokemonGO Hack)  for iOS [iPhone/iPad]

  • At first, you require installing TutuApp on your iOS device. You can easily do the same by following the steps mentioned in our previous posts.

   Download TuTuApp

TuTuApp Lite (Stable Version):

   Download TuTuApp Lite

  • TutuApp on iOS has an interface similar to the original application stores, so you won’t face any issue navigating through the application.
  • Search for Pokémon Go in TutuApp.
    Pokemon Go Hack - PokeGo++ on iOS
    Pokemon Go Hack – PokeGo++ on iOS
  • Download and install the hacked game from the search results in the same way you download an application from the original stores.
    Tap on Install PokeGo++ on iOS - TuTuApp
    Tap on Install PokeGo++ on iOS – TuTuApp
  • Confirm the Installation to complete the installation process.
    Install PokeGo++ on iOS - TuTuApp Pokemon Go Hack
    Install PokeGo++ on iOS – TuTuApp Pokemon Go Hack
  • Launch and enjoy the game. You will see a joystick in the game through which you can easily move around without leaving your home.

How To Uninstall PokeGo++?

If you want to uninstall the iSpoofer version and install the original version of Pokemon GO on your device, just follow the steps mentioned below:

  1.  First of all, you need to unlock your device and go to Home Screen.
  2. You need to swipe right and go to App Library.
  3. Now you will be able to see the iSpoofer Pokemon Go icon.
  4. Just TAP and HOLD it and you will get an option to delete it.
  5. Now just Delete and go back to the Play Store and search for Pokemon GO.
  6. Install it and enjoy the original version of the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Is TuTuApp Pokemon Go Safe ??

TuTuApp is a safe application and nothing malicious about it. It doesn't require any jailbreak too that damages the warranty of the device. TuTuApp is a third party application that provides a lot of apps and games for free. We can download Pokemon Go Hack without any second taught as it's a completely safe application.

Q- Does TuTuApp Pokemon Go Works on Android ??

Q - Is TuTuApp Pokemon Go Give You Virus ?

No! It won't give us any virus as we are using this for the last two years and nothing like harmful. It also respects 0ur privacy and never gonna reveal any of our data.

Q - How do You Get Pokemon Go Cheats with TuTuApp ??

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Final Words – Pokémon Go Hack Download (PokeGo++) on iOS

These were the simple steps through which you can download the Pokémon Go hacked version(PokeGo++) from TutuApp. For any kind of doubts, issues, questions, and queries, please use the comments section provided below.

Thank You.

TutuBox App Download on iOS(iPhone & iPad) – No Revokes

Download TutuBox on iOS: Looking for some tweaked apps with no revoke and no jailbreak on your iOS 15 and iOS 14 devices?  You have landed on the right page to end your search. Yes, the brand new third-party store TutuBox allows you to get tweaked apps on your iOS 15 and 14 respectively and that too with no jailbreak required.

TutuBox App Download
TutuBox App Download

The TutuBox gives you access to the most wanted emulators, games, jailbreak tools, and tweaked apps on your iOS device.  The Tutu app is completely free to use and so are all the apps and games it has to offer.

In this article, we will tell you how to download TutuBox on iOS. TuTuApp Download on iOS Without Jailbreak & No PC RequiredAlso, do check out: It’s one of the finest alternative applications to TuTuBox.

TutuBox App Features

 A quick look at the features of TutuBox might just give a reason to download it after reading the article.

  • No jailbreak and no revoke required.
  • Free to use to download unlimited Applications on your device.
  • Unlimited access to your favorite games and apps of HD quality.
  • Works on all the iOS versions as well.

Install TutuBox on iOS(iPhone & iPad) Without Jailbreak

Step 1:

Open the system app on your device and go to the Wi-Fi settings option.  Tap on the I button and then scroll down and tap on the Automatic option across the configure proxy option.  Now COPY-PASTE the URL and save.  You will find a separate section to keep the TutuBox apps signed with 4G and no ffapple proxy also.TuTuBox App - Settings

 Step 2:

Once you are done with setting the proxy, disconnect, and reconnect to the same Wi-Fi network.   Remember this is a crucial step to get TutuBox on iOS.Settings Options - TuTuBox

 Step 3:

Now clear the safari history cache with the help of settings in the app.

Clear Safari History - TutuBox App
Clear Safari History

 Step 4:

Now tap the safari browser on your device and find the official TutuBox website. OR

   Direct Download of TutuBox

(Use Safari Browser)

Alternative Link 2:

   Download TuTuBox

To begin downloading the app on your device tap the install button. If by any chance the TutuBox redirects you to another page, you will have to choose to install to start the installation process.

Note – The reason behind such an error is the certificate problem. On some devices some certificate works and while on some devices some certificates don’t work.  So you probably can try all the options available one by one and when you find a relevant option you can stop trying.  You will know which one is working when the device shows you install a popup and then tap and install the app.

Step 5: Once the application is installed on your device go to settings and trust the application.  

 Settings -> General -> Profile -> Device Management and open the TutuBox on your iOS device.

TuTuBox App UI Screen
TuTuBox App UI Screen

In case if your application isn’t working on your device kindly wait for a day or two because apps from TutuBox are loaded from a server. In any case, do let us know in the comment section.

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Install TutuBox on iOS (iPhone/iPad) – TutuBox Download for iOS

There is more than one method through which you can install TutuBox for iOS. The same has been listed below. Follow the one that suits you best.

Method 1 -> Through DNS App

At first, you require making sure that you have opened this post on Safari Browser on your iOS device. Please follow the below steps thereafter.

  • Tap here to install the DNS App file.

   Install DNS App File

  • Next, you require downloading the below 3 files and make sure you save them on your iOS device.

Download File 1

   Download File 2

   Download File 3

  • Please launch the DNS App and go to Menu. The Menu will be available as the Hamburger icon on the top-left corner of the application.
  • Toggle ON Connect on Demand option.
  • Now, scroll down on the menu and under the Blacklists and Whitelists, please toggle ON the option of Enable Blacklist.
  • After enabling this option, a screen will come up that will show the text files that you have downloaded above.
  • You require tapping on the second file Install Links2.txt.
  • Now, from the home screen of the DNS App, please go to the Search bar.
  • Conduct a search for Cloudfare and tap on the Use this Server option. Hit Allow option thereafter.
  • That’s it! Now, please tap on the below-provided link to Download and Install TutuBox on iPhone.

Click Here to Download TutuBox

  • This will download TutuBox Lite on iOS. After the installation is complete, please navigate to Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management. 
  • Make sure you trust the profile of TutuBox Lite for iOS.

Method 2 -> Via Siri Shortcut

  • As a first, please click here to install TutuBox Siri Short Cut.
  • You will get a warning for an untrusted shortcut. Please tap on Add Untrusted Shortcut.

Add TuTuBox Shortcut

  • Now, navigate to My Shortcut and tap on the Install TutuBox Shortcut.

TuTuBox App Install on iOS

  • From the popup menu that comes, please tap on Install TutuBox.

Install TuTuBox App on iOS

  • That’s it! The installation will complete in a few minutes.

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Method 3 -> Via AltStore

Before you proceed to install TutuBox for iPhone via AltStore, you need to take care of the following two things.

  • Please make sure that you have AltStore installed on your iOS device. If not, please tap on the below link to check everything about AltStore and AltServer and how to get them installed on your iOS device using Windows/MAC PC.

iTunes for Windows (64 Bit)

iTunes for Windows (32 Bit)

  • Download the TuTuBox IPA file on your iOS device from below.

   Download TuTuBox IPA File

  • After taking care of the above 2 steps, please follow the below steps to install TutuBox App on iOS via AltStore.
  • Launch AltStore on your iOS device.
  • Go to My Apps.
  • Tap on + symbol.
  • A list of downloaded IPA files will come up. Browse and select the TutuBox IPA file.
  • You might have to enter your Apple Creds for the installation to start.
  • Great! Now monitor the installation progress of the TutuBox App for iOS on your device’s home screen.
  • After the installation is complete, make sure you navigate to Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management.
  • Here TutuBox will be installed with the profile of the Apple Creds that you entered above. Tap on it and hit Trust.
  • That’s it! TutuBox App is successfully installed on your iOS device.

TuTuBox App Library

We have thousands of awesome apps in our TuTuBox store. You can few of them below.

  • Angry Birds 2 Hack
  • Sniper 3D Hack
  • PUBG Mobile Hack
  • Mobile Legends Hack
  • Pokemon Go Hack
  • Subway Surfers Hack
  • KineMaster Premium Hack for Free
  • Pandora++
  • Spotify++
  • 8 Ball Pool Hack
  • Hill Climbing Race 2
  • Talking Tom Cat 2
  • CucoTV
  • Chimera Jailbreak
  • H3lix Tool
  • Uncover Jailbreak
  • NFS: Need for Speed Hack

How to Fix TuTuBox iOS Errors

Issue #1 – TutuBox Not Installing on Your Device.

  • Download the TutuBox again on your device by following the same process mentioned above after deleting the already existing app on your device. Make sure that the ffapple proxy is enabled this time.
  • Make sure your VPN is on and you are connected to the adguard -DNS server, if you are using the DNSCloak VPN method, and also check if you have blacklisted the apple servers.  To check the VPN settings on your device tap on your Apple Id and figure out if your VPN is enabled or disabled.
  • Now follow the same process go to the safari browser and clear all the cache data.  Once you have done it go to the official website of TutuBox and download it again. In case if this does not work please solve the problem with the below-mentioned issue.

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Issue #2- Follow the Steps for Proper Installations.

  • After you tap on the install option on the website, it will display 12 download certificates (options). If the first one doesn’t work then you need to try all the options one by one to download the TuTuBox application. In case if you are not able to download the application on your device then follow issue no 3 to fix your problem.

Issue #3 – Unable to Install the TutTuBox on your device.

  • Go to the device setting’s option, Select your Apple Id, tap on the iCloud and scroll down to tap on the iCloud backup, and then tap on the backup and make the backup.
  • Find the reset option from the general settings and then select erase all the content and setting options and tap erase all in the popup thereafter.  Your phone will restart after erasing your phone if it doesn’t try doing the same once again.
  • If you wish to restore your data on the Apps & Data window tap on the first option on your device I.e. Restore from iCloud backup.  If you don’t want to do so you can tap on the last option and follow the further setup process to continue to download TutuBox.
  • After your device is set up, follow the same steps that are mentioned above in the article to download TutuBox on your iOS device 13 & 14. This time you will be able to surely be installed on the device.

Issue #4 – TutuBox is Crashing After Usage

  • Make sure the DNSCloak is correctly set up on your iOS device and also you have blocked the apple servers. 
  • Go to the general in your phone’s setting and then tap on the VPN option. In their enable the DNSClaok status.
  • After this delete the TutuBox app from your iOS device and then install it again using the same certificate you use it before downloading. 
  • If the TutuBox says unable to verify the app after downloading then go to Settings-> VPN-> Turn on the status toggle. Then go into the profile & device management option on your device and verify the app, then go back into the VPN and enable the DNScloak status on your device.
  • Kindly note that when you again download TutuBox on your device, to verify the app you need to disable the DNSCloak status in VPN, verify it and then again enable it. In case after disabling the status clip, it gets enabled itself on the device, Taps on DNSCloak below, and selects enable/disable from the connect on-demand toggle.

Issue #5 – TutuBox Store Not Downloading Apps on Your Device.

  • This issue is really simple, the reason you are not able to download apps from TutuBox is that you have the non- tweaked, non-modded app version already on your iOS device 15 & 14.  Just make sure that you delete the simple app version and then download the modded version from the TutuBox store. 
  • Also, you can keep the tutubox apps signed after you disable the ffapple proxy.

Check out these awesome apps from TuTuApp Store:

Conclusion: TutuBox Download on iOS(iPhone & iPad)

Now that you have learned all the way you can download the TuTuBox Store what are you waiting for go and explore the Apps and enjoy unlimited access to your favorite games and apps on your device at a one-touch button.  In case you are facing any trouble while downloading the application on your iOS device do let us know in the comment section!.

Thank You.

Tinder++ iOS Download on (iPhone/iPad) – [Premium MOD]

If you are a regular Tinder user, then you must be yearning to upgrade to Tinder Premium, which, as clear from the name, is a paid upgrade for Tinder. Tinder Premium comes with a plenitude of features that are not available in the normal version.

Tinder++ iOS Download on (iPhone/iPad)

How cool it will be if you could upgrade to Tinder Premium for free? Well! You, certainly, can do that. In this post, we are going to share with you the steps to do exactly that. We are going to tell you the steps to download and install Tinder++ on iPhone/iPad from TutuApp. Tinder++ is a tweaked version of Tinder that is fully loaded with all the features of Tinder Premium.

TutuApp is a third-party App Store. At an interface level, it is very much similar to the original App Store, with the only difference being that it contains tweaked, modified, and hacked iOS applications that are not available in the original store. The good thing about Tinder++ is that you do not require jailbreaking your iPhone/iPad for the installation of the same. Let us discuss the features of Tinder++ next. Check this: iTransmission TuTuApp iOS & Install TuTuApp iTransmission on iPhone/iPad.

Tinder++ on iOS | Features 

The entire services of Tinder Select are present in Tinder++. Moreover, the features that you get to enjoy with paid Tinder premium are available for free on Tinder++.

  • Get an infinite inventory of Super Likes.
  • If you happen to accidentally swipe a user, you can always go back to the previous user with Tinder++.
  • In short, if we say, all the premium features of Tinder are present in Tinder++.
Name Tinder++
Developer UnlimApps
Category Tweaked Apps
Version v12.3.0
Size 38.68MB

Now that you are aware of the features; the following are the steps to download and install Tinder++ on iPhone/iPad from TutuApp.

Install Tinder++ on iOS from TutuApp  [STEPS]

  • Launch Safari Browser on your iPhone/iPad and tap the below-given link to download and install TutuApp on your iOS device. Make sure you utilize Safari Browser for the purpose only.

   Download TuTuApp

TuTuApp Lite (Stable Version):

   Download TuTuApp Lite

  • After the successful installation of TutuApp, you must trust the profile of the same prior to launching it.
  • Next, launch TutuApp and conduct a search for Tinder++.

Tinder++ on iOS from TutuApp 

  • From the search results, tap on Tinder++ to navigate to the application information screen. Here, you require tapping on ‘Get’ to initiate the download and installation process of Tinder++ on iOS; the same way, you do on the original App Store.

Download Tinder++ on iOS from TutuApp 

  • After successful installation, prior to launching the application, make sure you trust the profile of Tinder++.

Download Latest Tinder++ on iOS from TutuApp 

Best Alternatives for Tinder on iOS


If you are looking for alternatives for the tinder iOS app then you should take a look at the bumble app. The speciality of the Bumble app is that it is perfectly safe for women. Only women using the app can send messages first. This move is to prevent unwanted messages/harassment from women.


The bumble app is completely free to use. You can also buy premium bumble apps like Bumble boost & coins.


OKCupid app will require you to answer few questions to find you the perfect match. You will get partner suggestions based on the percentage of matches you have with the person. The app is available on both the Google play store and the iOS app store.

The only thing that might restrain you from using the app will be the paid membership. You need to pay a subscription to use the app.

Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish dating app has around seventy million active users worldwide. You can view other people’s profiles and chat with them if their profile suits your interests. The easy interface of the app will let you use the app more and more.

You can upload selfies and write status too. Just like the other alternative apps, this app is also available in both the play store and the iOS app store.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Can We Use Tinder for Free ??

Tinder has these two options of free and paid subscriptions. In my opinion, Tinder free services are more than enough for an average human being, at the same, you can have paid subscription any time if you feel like using it more and want some enhanced features.

Q - What is Premium Tinder ??

Premium Tinder is something like you get unlimited likes, swipes, and chat with anyone around the globe. You can also take back any accidental swipe back if you are a user of Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus.

Q - Is Tinder Good for Dating ??

I would definitely say, Tinder is one of the finest applications for dating. People use it for both Dating and Hookup. I personally use it for dating and I strongly recommend this application for Dating and future plans.

Q - Can You Use Tinder Without Paying ??

You can use Tinder without paying any single penny, but you get some limited features. Still, You can use some tweaked versions like Tinder++ which offers all premium features for free using any third-party apps like TuTuApp Store and TweakBox Store. If you are ok with paying some little bucks, I would suggest you get the Tinder Premium and get all enhanced features for free.

Q - Can You Find Someone on Tinder With Phone Number ??

Unfortunately, you don't have this option to get anyone with just one phone number. All you can see in Tinder is Swipe Left and Swipe right to get the matching profiles. So, there is no way to get any person in Tinder with just a phone number.

How Do I Get Tinder Gold on my iPhone ??

It’s very simple.

  • First, Open your Tinder Profile, Tap on the Profile icon.
  • Next, Tap on the Settings of that profile.
  • Next, Hit on “Get Tinder Gold”.
  • Select your suitable plan and follow the on-screen instructions to confirm it.
  • That’s it. You are now a user of Tinder Gold on your iPhone and iPad.

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Conclusion – Tinder++ iOS on iPhone/iPad [Latest]

These are the features and the easy steps to download and install Tinder++ on iPhone/iPad. In case you happen to face any issues while downloading Tinder++, make sure you let us know about the same in the comments section provided below. We will help you on a priority basis.

MediaBox HD Download on iOS [iPhone/iPad] – [LATEST]

Watch Movies & TV Shows on iPhone/iPad With MediaBox HD – Download from TutuApp: Standing true to its name, MediaBox HD is, definitely, a box full of moves and TV series that you can stream free on your iPhone/iPad. The fact that you don’t require jailbreaking your iPhone/iPad for installing MediaBox HD further increases the popularity of the application.

Download MediaBox HD App iOS (iPhone/iPad)

The flawless user support team of MediaBox HD is another one of the primary reasons that the streaming application enjoys a large user base. In this post, we are going to share with you the steps to download and install MediaBox HD on your iPhone/iPad. For installing MediaBox HD, you require taking the assistance of TutuApp. TutuApp is a third-party App Store that houses a ton of hacked and tweaked iOS applications and games.

A very beautiful feature present in MediaBox HD on iOS is that it allows you to place a request with the content management team to add a particular title if the same is not available on the application. This way the team of MediaBox HD ensures that each and every title required by the users is present on the application. Check out, TikTok++ Download on iOS with TuTuApp VIP Free App.

MediaBox HD on iOS | Features

Did you know that you can stream content from MediaBox HD to the big screen of your television? The fact that MediaBox HD on iOS supports Chromecast does this trick. This is pretty amazing as it doesn’t take time to get bored with the small screen of your smartphone. Following are some more features of MediaBox HD.

  • You needn’t register or provide any kind of personal details to use MediaBox HD.
  • You needn’t avail any kind of subscription plan to use the application.
  • It is a lightweight application.
  • Subtitles support is present in the app.
  • The inbuilt player is powerful enough to play all the titles.
  • You can download your favourite content to local storage.
    Seller MediaBox HD Team
    Category Photo, Video, Movies & TV Shows
    Updated Date 2021-08-25
    Working version available in  TuTuApp

Now, that you are aware of the features of MediaBox HD, it is time to move forward to the steps to download and install MediaBox HD on iPhone/iPad. The tweaked version of YouTube: YouTube++ Download on iOS No Jailbreak.

Install MediaBox HD on iOS from TutuApp [STEPS]

  • Please download and install TutuApp on your iOS device from here:

   Download TuTuApp

Alternative Link1:    Direct Download Link 1

Alternative Link 2:    Direct Download Link 2

  • Use the Safari browser to start the direct installation of the MediaBox HD App on iOS devices.
  • Trust the profile of TutuApp.
  • Launch TutuApp and search for MediaBox HD.
    Search for MediaBox HD - TuTuApp
    Search for MediaBox HD – TuTuApp
  • Tap on the search result to navigate to the application information screen.
    Download MediaBox HD App - TuTuApp
    Download MediaBox HD App – TuTuApp
  • Hit ‘Get’ to download and install MediaBox HD from TutuApp.Get MediaBox HD App with TuTuAPP
  • It is exactly the same process you download an app from the official App Store.
  • Trust the profile of MediaBox HD after successful installation.
  • Launch MediaBox and start streaming your favourite content.

Download MediaBox HD on iOS [ALT METHODS]

with TweakBox App: (Safari Browser Recommended)

    MediaBox HD on iOS (Direct Download Link)

with AppValley VIP:

   MediaBox HD App iOS (Direct Download Link)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can we stream movies on Torrent using MediaBox HD?

No, MediaBox only allows direct streaming of movies using the streaming links collected from official or other streaming sources.

2. What are the add-ons available for the MediaBox HD app?

Some of the add-ons available for the MediaBox HD app include Real-Debrid,, etc. You can also add external media players like VLC players and MX players.

3. How to download movies using MediaBox HD app?

You can download all the movies in the MediaBox HD app using the download button at the bottom of the media player. Tap on the download button and choose the required quality to start downloading.

4. Can we use the MediaBox HD app on Roku Devices?

Yes, the MediaBox HD app is compatible with all devices including the Roku device. You can stream movies from various sources using the MediaBox HD app on a Roku device.

5. How to update the MediaBox HD app on iOS?

You can update the MediaBox HD app using the in-built updater. Open the menu and scroll down to the bottom and choose “Update” to update the app.

6. What is the subscription price of the MediaBox HD app?

The MediaBox HD app is completely free to download and install on your device. You need not pay for any subscription.

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Final Words – MediaBox HD on iOS [iPhone/iPad]

This was all regarding MediaBox HD on iOS. For any kind of additional questions that you might want to ask, you can reach out to us via the comments section provided below. We will be happy to answer your queries.

Thank You.