PUBG Mobile Hack iOS Download on iPhone/iPad [ESP+AimBot]

The mobile gaming industry is progressing at a rapid pace. The craze of Pokémon Go and Clash of Clans is unparalleled and unequaled. This year, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) came up as one of the best online multiplayer games.

Launched by Tencent, positive reviews have come up for PUBG on Android as well as the iOS platform. However, at the beginning of the game, you, indeed, have to work hard to master a few skills like impeccable and immaculate timing, the ability to judge where the enemies are hiding, and the gun recoil mechanism.

As a consequence of this, players, especially beginners, are looking for PUBG Mod or PUBG Hack, which is a tweaked version of PUBG and players get to enjoy many features that ultimately ease the gameplay. The coolest feature, probably, is that there is no gun recoil in the PUBG Mobile Hack for iOS. Hence, you can aim and target your enemies quite easily. In this post, we are going to share with you the steps to download and install PUBG Latest Mobile Hack for iOS from TutuApp. Check this: iTransmission TuTuApp iOS .

PUBG Mobile Hack on iOS | Features:

TutuApp is the third-party App Store that contains a ton of hacked and modded iOS applications. You can download PUBG Mobile Hack for free from TutuApp on your iOS device. Moreover, the coolest thing is that you don’t even have to jailbreak your iOS device for the purpose. Following are the steps to download and install PUBG Mobile Hack on iPhone/iPad from TutuApp.

  • Please note that in order to install the hacked version, you have to delete/uninstall the original PUBG application from your iPhone/iPad.
  • Next, please download TutuApp on your iPhone/iPad from here:

   TuTuApp Download on iOS

  • Make sure you trust the profile of TutuApp prior to launching the application.
  • Launch TutuApp and conduct a search for PUBG Mobile Hack.


  • From here, tap on Get to download and install the PUBG Mobile Hack on your iOS device.

Latest PUBG Mobile Hack on iOS

  • Make sure you trust the profile of the PUBG Mobile Hack as well prior to launching the application.

Download latest Pubg Mobile Hack on iOS

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What are the cheats available in PUBG Mobile Hack?

PUBG Mobile Hack provides you with many options like auto aim, unlimited battle points, RP, etc. You can generate them easily. You can also get wallhack using which you can see through the walls and spot your enemies while staying hidden.

Q - Is PUBG Mobile Hack available for free?

Yes, PUBG Mobile Hack for iOS and Android are free. There are many cool features using which you can get more weapons, backpacks and have accurate aiming to give your best shot. It is a must-have for every gamer. Do download it and see for yourself.

Q - Is it safe to use PUBG Mobile Hack?

Yes, PUBG Mobile Hack is safe. It can be downloaded on both Android and iOS. There is no need to root the device or jailbreak your iOS. All the features can be accessed for free.

Q - Will you get banned on using PUBG Mobile Hack?

You will not get banned using PUBG Mobile Hack. You can win easily by making use of the best features. However, there is a chance that the hack will be banned once a new update for the game comes up.

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PUBG Mobile Hack on iOS [iPhone/iPad] – AimBot

These were the simple steps to get the PUBG Mobile Hack on iPhone/iPad from TutuApp. In case, you face any issues while installing or using the hacked version of PUBG, please let us know about the same in the comments section provided below.

Thank you for Reading.

TutuBox App Download on iOS(iPhone & iPad)

Download TutuBox on iOS: Looking for some tweaked apps with no revoke and no jailbreak on your iOS 15 and iOS 14 devices?  You have landed on the right page to end your search. Yes, the brand new third-party store TutuBox allows you to get tweaked apps on your iOS 15 and 14 respectively and that too with no jailbreak required.

TutuBox App Download
TutuBox App Download

The TutuBox gives you access to the most wanted emulators, games, jailbreak tools, and tweaked apps on your iOS device.  The Tutu app is completely free to use and so are all the apps and games it has to offer.

In this article, we will tell you how to download TutuBox on iOS. TuTuApp Download on iOS Without Jailbreak & No PC RequiredAlso, do check out: It’s one of the finest alternative applications to TuTuBox.

TutuBox App Features

 A quick look at the features of TutuBox might just give a reason to download it after reading the article.

  • No jailbreak and no revoke required.
  • Free to use to download unlimited Applications on your device.
  • Unlimited access to your favorite games and apps of HD quality.
  • Works on all the iOS versions as well.

Install TutuBox on iOS(iPhone & iPad) Without Jailbreak

Step 1:

Open the system app on your device and go to the Wi-Fi settings option.  Tap on the I button and then scroll down and tap on the Automatic option across the configure proxy option.  Now COPY-PASTE the URL and save.  You will find a separate section to keep the TutuBox apps signed with 4G and no ffapple proxy also.TuTuBox App - Settings

 Step 2:

Once you are done with setting the proxy, disconnect, and reconnect to the same Wi-Fi network.   Remember this is a crucial step to get TutuBox on iOS.Settings Options - TuTuBox

 Step 3:

Now clear the safari history cache with the help of settings in the app.

Clear Safari History - TutuBox App
Clear Safari History

 Step 4:

Now tap the safari browser on your device and find the official TutuBox website. OR

   Direct Download of TutuBox – with Safari Browser

To begin downloading the app on your device tap the install button. If by any chance the TutuBox redirects you to another page, you will have to choose to install to start the installation process.

Note – The reason behind such an error is the certificate problem. On some devices some certificate works and while on some devices some certificates don’t work.  So you probably can try all the options available one by one and when you find a relevant option you can stop trying.  You will know which one is working when the device shows you install a popup and then tap and install the app.

Step 5: Once the application is installed on your device go to settings and trust the application.  

 Settings -> General -> Profile -> Device Management and open the TutuBox on your iOS device.

TuTuBox App UI Screen
TuTuBox App UI Screen

In case if your application isn’t working on your device kindly wait for a day or two because apps from TutuBox are loaded from a server. In any case, do let us know in the comment section.

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Install TutuBox on iOS (iPhone/iPad) – TutuBox Download for iOS

There is more than one method through which you can install TutuBox for iOS. The same has been listed below. Follow the one that suits you best.

Method 1 -> Through DNS App

At first, you require making sure that you have opened this post on Safari Browser on your iOS device. Please follow the below steps thereafter.

  • Tap here to install the DNS App file.
  • Next, you require downloading the below 3 files and make sure you save them on your iOS device.
  • Please launch the DNS App and go to Menu. The Menu will be available as the Hamburger icon on the top-left corner of the application.
  • Toggle ON Connect on Demand option.
  • Now, scroll down on the menu and under the Blacklists and Whitelists, please toggle ON the option of Enable Blacklist.
  • After enabling this option, a screen will come up that will show the text files that you have downloaded above.
  • You require tapping on the second file Install Links2.txt.
  • Now, from the home screen of the DNS App, please go to the Search bar.
  • Conduct a search for Cloudfare and tap on the Use this Server option. Hit Allow option thereafter.
  • That’s it! Now, please tap on the below-provided link to Download and Install TutuBox on iPhone.

Click Here to Download TutuBox

  • This will download TutuBox Lite on iOS. After the installation is complete, please navigate to Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management. 
  • Make sure you trust the profile of TutuBox Lite for iOS.

Method 2 -> Via Siri Shortcut

  • As a first, please click here to install TutuBox Siri Short Cut.
  • You will get a warning for an untrusted shortcut. Please tap on Add Untrusted Shortcut.

Add TuTuBox Shortcut

  • Now, navigate to My Shortcut and tap on the Install TutuBox Shortcut.

TuTuBox App Install on iOS

  • From the popup menu that comes, please tap on Install TutuBox.

Install TuTuBox App on iOS

  • That’s it! The installation will complete in a few minutes.

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Method 3 -> Via AltStore

Before you proceed to install TutuBox for iPhone via AltStore, you need to take care of the following two things.

  • Please make sure that you have AltStore installed on your iOS device. If not, please tap on the below link to check everything about AltStore and AltServer and how to get them installed on your iOS device using Windows/MAC PC.

iTunes for Windows (64 Bit)

iTunes for Windows (32 Bit)

  • Download the TuTuBox IPA file on your iOS device from here.

After taking care of the above 2 steps, please follow the below steps to install TutuBox App on iOS via AltStore.

  • Launch AltStore on your iOS device.
  • Go to My Apps.
  • Tap on + symbol.
  • A list of downloaded IPA files will come up. Browse and select the TutuBox IPA file.
  • You might have to enter your Apple Creds for the installation to start.
  • Great! Now monitor the installation progress of the TutuBox App for iOS on your device’s home screen.
  • After the installation is complete, make sure you navigate to Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management.
  • Here TutuBox will be installed with the profile of the Apple Creds that you entered above. Tap on it and hit Trust.
  • That’s it! TutuBox App is successfully installed on your iOS device.

How to Fix TuTuBox iOS Errors

Issue #1 – TutuBox Not Installing on Your Device.

  • Download the TutuBox again on your device by following the same process mentioned above after deleting the already existing app on your device. Make sure that the ffapple proxy is enabled this time.
  • Make sure your VPN is on and you are connected to the adguard -DNS server, if you are using the DNSCloak VPN method, and also check if you have blacklisted the apple servers.  To check the VPN settings on your device tap on your Apple Id and figure out if your VPN is enabled or disabled.
  • Now follow the same process go to the safari browser and clear all the cache data.  Once you have done it go to the official website of TutuBox and download it again. In case if this does not work please solve the problem with the below-mentioned issue.

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Nekkoto App (Aniko) Free Download on iOS – Invite Codes Included.

Issue #2- Follow the Steps for Proper Installations.

  • After you tap on the install option on the website, it will display 12 download certificates (options). If the first one doesn’t work then you need to try all the options one by one to download the TuTuBox application. In case if you are not able to download the application on your device then follow issue no 3 to fix your problem.

Issue #3 – Unable to Install the TutTuBox on your device.

  • Go to the device setting’s option, Select your Apple Id, tap on the iCloud and scroll down to tap on the iCloud backup, and then tap on the backup and make the backup.
  • Find the reset option from the general settings and then select erase all the content and setting options and tap erase all in the popup thereafter.  Your phone will restart after erasing your phone if it doesn’t try doing the same once again.
  • If you wish to restore your data on the Apps & Data window tap on the first option on your device I.e. Restore from iCloud backup.  If you don’t want to do so you can tap on the last option and follow the further setup process to continue to download TutuBox.
  • After your device is set up, follow the same steps that are mentioned above in the article to download TutuBox on your iOS device 13 & 14. This time you will be able to surely be installed on the device.

Issue #4 – TutuBox is Crashing After Usage

  • Make sure the DNSCloak is correctly set up on your iOS device and also you have blocked the apple servers. 
  • Go to the general in your phone’s setting and then tap on the VPN option. In their enable the DNSClaok status.
  • After this delete the TutuBox app from your iOS device and then install it again using the same certificate you use it before downloading. 
  • If the TutuBox says unable to verify the app after downloading then go to Settings-> VPN-> Turn on the status toggle. Then go into the profile & device management option on your device and verify the app, then go back into the VPN and enable the DNScloak status on your device.
  • Kindly note that when you again download TutuBox on your device, to verify the app you need to disable the DNSCloak status in VPN, verify it and then again enable it. In case after disabling the status clip, it gets enabled itself on the device, Taps on DNSCloak below, and selects enable/disable from the connect on-demand toggle.

Issue #5 – TutuBox Store Not Downloading Apps on Your Device.

  • This issue is really simple, the reason you are not able to download apps from TutuBox is that you have the non- tweaked, non-modded app version already on your iOS device 15 & 14.  Just make sure that you delete the simple app version and then download the modded version from the TutuBox store. 
  • Also, you can keep the tutubox apps signed after you disable the ffapple proxy.

Check out these awesome apps from TuTuApp Store:

Conclusion: TutuBox Download on iOS(iPhone & iPad)

Now that you have learned all the way you can download the TuTuBox Store what are you waiting for go and explore the Apps and enjoy unlimited access to your favorite games and apps on your device at a one-touch button.  In case you are facing any trouble while downloading the application on your iOS device do let us know in the comment section!.

Thank You.

Dead Trigger 2 Hack iOS Download on iPhone/iPad [Levels Unlocked]

For those who love playing high graphics and FPS shooting games, Dead Trigger 2 Hack is a complete package for them to play on their iOS device with all upgrades opened already.

Dead Trigger 2 Hack is a wonderful first-person game with the motive of killing a bunch of zombies and completing the missions. A perfect game for those who love playing RPG and FPS games, dead trigger 2 Hack sure does give you a chilling excitement with its gameplay.

Download Dead Trigger 2 Hack iOS

The game is a hack version of the Dead Trigger 2 MOD thus providing the user with a fully upgradable and collection of unlimited resources, thus making the game more easy and amazing. Must Read: Subway Surfers Hack iOS & Unlimited Keys &  Coins.

Dead Trigger 2 Hack | Features:

Any game depends on the features it comes with, and a death trigger hack adds other features to the game’s list as well. The game’s hack version has a lot of features some of which are as mentioned below:

  • An amazing FPS game for real gamers who love shooting games.
  • No reload, yes you read that right with the help of the hack version of dead trigger 2 you can shoot as long and as much you want without any reload.
  • Infinite ammo makes your character a lot powerful and amazing.
  • You even unlock the god mode with this hack version
Name Dead Trigger 2
Seller DT
Category Action
Updated Date 2021-07-24

Download Dead Trigger 2 Hack on iOS [STEPS]

The installation of the game is pretty easy and can be done for free with the help of TutuApp without any alteration or any jailbreak to your device:

  • First and foremost you need to download TutuApp from here on your iOS device.

   TuTuApp on iOS 

  • Next, you need to give permission to the application by going into the settings and turning on the trust TutuApp option. You will find this option in the device manager of your device’s settings.
  • After this you need to open the app and then download the Dead Trigger 2 hack from it, you can easily search for it in the application.

Download Dead Trigger 2 Hack on iOS using TuTuApp

  • Once you are redirected to the page, click on download.

Download Dead Trigger 2 Hack on iOS

  • Now TutuApp will ask for an install confirmation, click on install and continue.

Dead Trigger 2 Hack on iOS using TuTuApp

  • Once the installation is done, then you can open the game and start enjoying the application thereafter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Do we need to jailbreak our iOS device?

No, with the help of TuTuApp you won’t need to do any Jailbreak and can download and install the hack version easily and directly into your iOS device.

Q - What does Dead Trigger 2 Hack offer?

Dead Trigger 2 Hack provides you with cheats to survive the zombies in the game. You can get unlimited coins and money using this hack. This will help you buy items from the game store for free. You will get unlimited resources to survive the battle. There is no need to waste your time collecting them.

Q - Do you have to pay in order to access the hacks in Dead Trigger 2 Hack?

No, Dead Trigger 2 Hack is completely free of cost. You will get virtual money and gold in the game that will get automatically refilled. All the resources and hacks are free to access.

Q - Is Dead Trigger 2 Hack safe to use?

Yes, Dead Trigger 2 Hack is safe. You can get hacks without rooting or jailbreaking your device. There are no bugs in the app either. This makes it the best hack to rely on.

Q - What devices are compatible with Dead Trigger 2 Hack?

You can download Dead Trigger 2 Hack on all iOS and Android devices. The process requires no rooting or jailbreaking. Hence, you can use the hack safely on all device platforms.

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Final Words – Dead Trigger 2 Hack on iOS [Latest MOD]

Dead Trigger 2 is surely a high graphics and time-killing game with a lot of missions and weapons. With TutuApp you can easily download the Game’s hack, and you won’t even need to make any changes to your device and enjoy the amazing game anywhere and anytime you want with the help of this. We have discussed the steps of downloading the game also. Thus you may have no problem and can easily enjoy the fun game.

TuTuApp VIP Free iOS Download on (iPhone & iPad)

TuTuApp VIP Free iOS: Tutuapp contains tons for an app that is available for iOS. Tutuapp contains apps that are not available in the play store or apple store, why do we need the TutuApp? There are freelancers and developer worked on some apps which give additional features and functionality which are not available with the apps available in the apple store.

TuTuApp Download
TuTu VIP Free iOS Download

Apple store has apps with the restriction, boundaries and particular guideline which has to be followed.

if we want to break through the restrictions IOS device has to be a jailbreak for that additional features, the jailbreak can cost your IOS device warranty which most of the users won’t like to do, but now you don’t need to jailbreak your IOS device with the help of Tutuapp you get the additional feature app from this app store and it won’t cost your warranty also.

Install TuTuApp VIP Free iOS on [iPhone/iPad]

Tutu offers tons of games, video streaming, music, and much more free of cost. Let’s have a detailed and simple tutorial on “the best and easiest way to installTuTuApp on iOS” devices that too without doing any jailbreak. 

Here we are going to pull off the easiest installation steps to download and install TuTuApp iOS on iPhone/iPad without much hassle. TuTuApp is one of the best available third-party app stores in the market, where you will be able to download lots of apps and games for free. Here we go:

  • First, on Your iOS device, open the Safari browser and from here. We have added both TuTuApp VIP and Regular versions here.

   TuTuApp on iOS

  • Next is to install the downloaded file, installing it results in the popup as shown in the screenshot.
TuTuApp Installed on iOS
TuTuApp Installed on iOS
  • As we proceed a  security pop will show up saying untrusted enterprise developer .its an error displayed on your home screen saying that it’s an untrusted application is been installed. To fix this issue,
    Untrusted Enterprise Developer TutuAPP
    Untrusted Enterprise Developer
  • Go to settings ->select General -> Device management ->TutuApp a pop-up will show with an option of Trust and Cancel.
  • Click on Trust, Now Go back to the downloads where TutuApp VIP is downloaded and start the installation again.
Click on Trust to fix the TuTuApp Error
Click on Trust to fix the TuTuApp Error

But nowadays the latest IOS update made this easy, it lets u install the app as the installation is finished you can the error pop of an untrusted enterprise developer.

  • Navigate to settings ->select General -> Device management ->L.b.becker consulting Inc->click on trust L.b.becker consulting Inc -> this will result pop of Trust “L.b.becker consulting Inc apps on this phone -> click on Trust to give them access to Run on your iPhone.
Click on Trust to fix the TuTuApp Error
Trust TuTuApp | TuTu Helper

Why TuTuApp VIP is the Best?

Tutuapp comes with a package of plenty of apps with feature-loaded and gives an additional and handy feature that enhances the user experience, as it is free of cost. In short for the IOS users it’s a  3rd party marketplace with restriction-free apps. After the download of Tutuapp, you can see the apps with different functionality, features, and hacked games.

It’s the premium functionality of the app which gives the user more additional features of the app and some apps are paid app which is not accessible by free users, but if you are a TutuApp VIP user then u can access these premium apps like hacked games.

TuTuApp VIP Free on iOS
TuTuApp VIP Free on iOS

TutuApp VIP even provided the paid apps available in the apple store for free of cost and for installation of those paid apps does not require any kind of jailbreak or warranty violation action. Most of the IOS users have the space issue in there phone and Icloud is very expensive, for that the TutuApp VIP store has an alternative cloud storage space available. 

Android Users: Download TuTuApp APK on Android.

PROs & CONs 

Apple app store does not have everything that we need, so Tutuapp comes to the picture with almost everything we required.


  • App has to offer so many useful and handy apps that are free access to the user.
  • It’s free of cost.
  • User-friendly interface.


  • It’s a 3rd party application security issue is surely a question mark.
  • The specific application requires your personal data, which means we have to look at terms and conditions.
  • As its, an open-source cannot assure about the virus or malware.

Best Apps of 2021

Snapchat++ modified


Pokemon Go

Instagram ++


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to update apps installed using TuTuApp on iOS?

Launch the TuTuApp. On the homepage of the app, you can see the list of the app installed using TuTuApp. If any update is available for those apps you can find an update button near the app. Tap on the update button to install the app.

2. What are the special features of TuTuApp VIP?

If you install apps using TuTuApp, you will get protection against Apple Certificate to revoke problems. There will be no annoying ads in the app.

3. What is the TuTuApp moderate app?

If you don’t want to pay for TuTuApp VIP but want to use the app for free with fewer features then you can install TuTuApp moderate.

4. Why can’t I open TuTuApp iOS?

You cannot open the TuTuApp if the certificate is revoked by Apple. You can use it again only when the certificate is re-issued.

5. How to solve the Apple certificate revoke problem?

In order to solve the Apple certificate problem, you need to wait for few days until TuTuApp gets a new certificate or you can use TuTuApp VIP.

6. Does TuTuApp contain malware?

No, TuTuApp is completely free from malware and safe to use.

7. What is the subscription price for TuTuApp VIP?

If you subscribe to TuTuApp monthly then you have to pay $7 or you can pay $28.99 for a year.

8. How to delete apps using TuTuApp?

To delete apps using TuTuApp, you have to open the app. From the list of installed apps, select the app and tap on the delete button. The app will be deleted along with the data.

How to fix “TutuApp Could Not be Installed at This Time”

Fix 1- Date and Time

Tutuapp may or may not be working in the future, to fix that you can change the date to the updated date of this article and try to install the app. But small take care has to be taken that is automatic timezone should be turned off.

Fix 2- untrusted enterprise developer is the error

It’s an error displayed on your home screen saying that its an untrusted application is been installed. To fix this issue

[Go to settings ->select General -> Device management ->TutuApp a pop up will show with an option of Trust and Cancel].

TuTuApp VIP Free Download on iOS [GUIDE]

That’s how we covered almost every piece of information about TuTuApp on iOS devices. If you have any queries please do let us know, we are happy to assist you all here on our page.

Thank You.

Best TutuApp Alternatives [Similar Apps-2021]

With the rising number of third-party apps and games in the market, there should be trustworthy sources to get them as well. One of the best ways to download third-party apps on your iOS devices is TutuApp.

It has the best collection of modded and tweaked apps. You can download them onto your iDevices for free. 

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Best Alternatives for TuTuApp [ 2021]

It is safe and easy to get apps from TutuApp for iOS. However, if you wish to try another app store on your iDevice, we have listed some of the best ones that you can totally rely on.


If you are looking for that one source to get all kinds of apps for your iOS device, then TweakBox is the right app store to get. It has the largest database of third-party, tweaked, and hacked apps for iOS.

tweakbox download

You can get these apps in the best quality and that too for free. TweakBox for iOS is safe and does not require a jailbreak. Download TweakBox from here: []


AppValley is one of the most popular app store alternatives for iOS. Thousands of iOS users have downloaded the app installer and the audience is increasing every day. It is a great source where you can find free mods, tweaks, etc.


There is no app crashing caused by downloading apps from AppValley iOS. The latest AppValley is completely free of errors which makes it more suitable. Install Latest AppValley from (


TopStore is one of the upcoming third-party app installers in the market. Even though it does not have such a huge library of apps, the ones provided are of great quality. You can download them easily because of the simple user-friendly interface.


Do check out this app store on iOS. Download the latest TopStore on iOS (


Emus4u is well known for the amazing collection of emulators they offer for iOS. You can find a wide range of game emulators in Emus4u iOS as well. Using this, you can get games from various game consoles like SNES, PS, GBA, etc for free.


Emus4u is a must-have if you wish to transform your iDevice. It even has an in-built cleaner to clear app data easily. Install Emus4u from the link (

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iOSEmus is another app store alternative that gives you mods, hacks, and emulators so that you can enjoy your iDevices without limits. This could take your device to the next level. Any app can be downloaded within seconds.


There is no jailbreak involved in the download process. Download iOSEmus from here: []

Panda Helper

If you are a gamer, you should definitely get Panda Helper on iOS. The games available in the official app stores are very less.


With the help of game emulators in the Panda Helper iOS app store, you can get all your favorite apps from old to new. Download panda helper from here: (

Ignition App

You can access a great app library for free by downloading the Ignition App store. The database is not so huge. However, there are many amazing mods in the app. You can download them faster and safer using Ignition on iOS.


The developers are updating the contents every day. Download Ignition App from: []


AppEven is one of the newest names on the list. Even then, the app store has made a great impact. The apps you download from AppEven iOS will never get revoked. It is the safest alternative for TutuApp that you can ever use.


The database of the app store is still expanding. Download AppEven from: (


If you are looking for the best Windows application that can be used to jailbreak your iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad then you can definitely use the PPHelper. PPHelper application is developed by Chinese developers for the purpose of jailbreaking your iPhone to utilize the device resources completely. To jailbreak a device using PPHelper, you need to download the PPHelper application from the official website and install it on your Windows PC.


PPHelper is specially designed to work with Windows OS. After installing the application, connect your device to the PC. Then follow the instructions to jailbreak the iOS device. The default language in the application is Chinese and you can change the language to English.


As the name implies, Apps4iPhone is a third-party app store where you can get apps that are not even available in the official app store. Apps like Spotify++, Twitter++, Instagram++, modded APKs, tweaked games are also available in the Apps4iPhone app. If you are looking for a way to install tweaked apps without jailbreaking your iPhone then the only way is to install a third-party app store like Apps4iPhone and install those apps directly from the app store.


Like installing, you can also update an app via Apps4iPhone. If an updated version is available for an app installed through Apps4iPhone then you can see the update button near the app. Tapping on the update button will update the app within Apps4iPhone itself. []


Official app store for iOS devices never allows apps that are cracked, tweaked, or modded. So apps like Subway surfers Hack, CoC Hack, Pubg Hack can never be found in the official app store. To install this kind of apps, you need to install a third-party app store like vShare. The vShare app is well known among users for installing premium apps for free.


The best thing about the vShare app is that it can be installed on Windows PC also. To install the vShare app on PC you have to download the installation file (.EXE) from the official website. Along with installing the apps, you can also update and delete the apps directly from the vShare app.


Many apps in the official app store are paid ones. Not everyone can afford these apps. But if you still want to install and use the apps on your devices then you can do it with the help of the AppCake app. AppCake app is a third-party application that resembles the official app store but has all the tweaked apps, cracked apps, and modded applications.


Even paid games are also available in the AppCake. If you like ad-free games and apps then you can get them in this AppCake application. AppCake installs other apps on your device as an IPA file. You need not jailbreak your device to install the AppCake app and the other apps through AppCake. [].

SnapChat++ Download on iOS(iPhone/iPad) (UPDATED).

WhatsApp++ (Tweaked Version) on iOS(iPhone/iPad) No Jailbreak 2019.

Conclusion: Download the Best Alternatives of TuTuApp

TutuApp is a great app store alternative for iOS. So are the alternatives. All these have an excellent and clean user interface. Download app stores according to your preference and enjoy the amazing range of free apps.

All your favorite apps are just a few clicks away.

Injustice 2 Hack iOS Download on iPhone/iPad [GOD MOD]

Well! The name Injustice 2 Hack on iOS doesn’t need any kind of introduction. It is an ultimate 3-on-3 battle game featuring the characters from the DC Universe. Therefore, you can have Harley Quinn, Batman, Wonder Woman, or others on your team.

The game is, indeed, amazing to play. However, there comes a level for every gamer out there which feels impossible or exceedingly difficult to cross. The same is the case for Injustice 2. So, how do you tackle a seemingly impossible to clear level on Injustice 2? It is simple! You download Injustice 2 hacked version on your iPhone/iPad. In this post, we are going to share with you the benefits of the hacked version along with a way to download it on iOS.

You need TutuApp on your device for the purpose. TutuApp, as you all might know, is an amazing 3rd party application store housing a ton of hacked/modified/tweaked iOS applications and games. Dream League Soccer 2019 Hack on iOS with TuTuApp is one of the fabulous games which got released this year.

Injustice 2 Hack on iOS | Features:

The fact that you don’t require jailbreaking for TutuApp or for any application downloaded from TutuApp makes it immensely popular among the iOS users, who like to enjoy little extra features and functionality on normal applications. Basically, three features are made a part of the Injustice 2 MOD version that changes the entire story altogether.

Through the inclusion of these features, you can pass, almost, any level available on the game and be the DC Champion. Following are those splendid features. Pokemon Go lovers, do check it out to get TuTuApp Pokemon GO Hack on iOS with PokeGo++ and Joystick.

  • Instant Skill.
  • Instant Swap.
  • God Mode/Enemy Doesn’t Attack.
    Name Injustice 2 Hack
    Category Action
    Updated Date 2021-07-14

If you are already playing Injustice 2, we don’t believe we require explaining how these features can revolutionize your gameplay. Following are the steps to download Injustice 2 hacked version from TutuApp. Please note that you require deleting the original version of the game prior to downloading the hacked version. Last Day on Earth Hack on iOS with TuTuApp is the best game that got released recently into the market.

Install Injustice 2 MOD on iOS on iPhone/iPad [STEPS]

Become a DC Champion – Play Injustice 2 Hacked Version – Free Download from TutuApp

  • Please download and install TutuApp on your iOS device.  If you are looking for the latest stable version of tutuapp, I would recommend you all check here to start installing Injustice 2 Hack on iOS.

   TuTuApp Download on iOS 

  • Trust the profile of TutuApp and launch the application.
  • Search for Injustice 2 Hack.
    Search for Injustice 2 Hack on iOS TuTuApp
    Search for Injustice 2 Hack on iOS
  • Tap on the game icon from the search results.
  • Hit the ‘Install’ button.
    Hit download among the list of results Injustice 2 Hack on iOS
    Hit download among the list of results
  • Hit the ‘Download’ button again on the pop up that comes up next.
    Install Injustice 2 Hack on iOS
    Install Injustice 2 Hack on iOS
  • The game will download and install on your iOS device now.
    Injustice 2 Hack Installed on your Device
    Injustice 2 Hack Installed on your Device
  • Trust the profile of the hacked version of Injustice 2 before launching.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q - How many iOS devices support Injustice Hack 2?

Most of the iOS devices support Injustice Hack 2 game. You can install the game on devices such as iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7s plus, and also iPad versions such as iPad Air, iPad Mini 2, etc. Latest devices such as iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max also support the Injustice Hack 2 game.

Q - How to install Injustice Hack 2 on a non-jailbroken device?

To install the Injustice Hack 2 on a non-jailbroken device you need to install a third-party app store first. Then you have to download the Injustice Hack 2 using that third-party app store.

Q - How to update the Injustice Hack 2 game?

If you have installed the game on a jailbroken device, then you have to delete the old version of the game and install the new one using the latest .plist file of the game. If you have downloaded using the third party app-store then you have to open the app and update the Injustice Hack 2 game.

Q - Is it safe to install the Injustice Hack 2 on iOS?

It is developed by a team of well-known developers. So thousands of gamers are already using the game without any errors. So you can install it without any doubt.

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Conclusion – Injustice 2 Hack on iOS [iPhone/iPad]

These are the very steps to acquire Injustice 2 Hack on iPhone/iPad. If you face any issues or have any additional questions to ask, feel free to ping us the same in the comments section provided below.

Thank You.

Happy Chick iOS Download on (iPhone & iPad) -[LATEST]

Support Multiple Gaming Environments on iOS with Happy Chick Emulator – Free Download from TutuApp: Gaming is a never-ending phase in our lives. It might have evolved from simple classic games to the more advanced ones; the nostalgia associated with games like Super Mario, Contra, and Dragon Ball Z remains the same.

It will be an exceedingly charming emotion if we could play all these games on our smartphones. Well! Who told you can’t? With Latest Happy Chick Emulator, you can enjoy all the games that you used to play as a child, on your iPhone/iPad. In this post, you are going to learn about the steps to download and install Happy Chick Emulator on your iOS device.

Though there are various gaming emulators available in the relative market, none compares to the performance given by Happy Chick. Moreover, it is an all-in-one gaming emulator. It supports more than 18 systems in one application including FAB/MAME/MAME PLUS, PS, PSP, FC (NES), SFC (SNEC), GBA, GBC, MD, NDS, etc. Want to know another coolest thing? The emulator is free to download and doesn’t require you to jailbreak your iOS device. Check out, Last Day on Earth Hack on iOS “.

Happy Chick on iOS  – Features

Did you know that Happy Chick Emulator downloads pretty quickly over a good internet connection? This is because it downloads in the form of a compressed package. Therefore, you don’t need much data to download the emulator on your iOS device. Check out some more amazing features of Happy Chick Emulator.

  • Happy Chick Emulator can emulate more than 18 gaming systems.
  • You can play arcade and PSP games in online multiplayer mode as well.
  • The emulator boasts a humongous collection of over 5000 classical games.
  • Cloud saving is present in the emulator.
  • You can synchronize the cloud backup over multiple devices.
  • The emulator supports both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices.

Happy Chick on iOS – Info:

Name Happy Chick
Category Games
Compatibility iPhone, iPad, and iPod
iOS Versions All works on iOS 6.0+

Moving on, the following are the steps to download and install Happy Chick Emulator on your iPhone/iPad. Also, check out this “Dream League Soccer 2019 Hack on iOS with TuTuApp – Free“.

Install Happy Chick Emulator on iPhone/iPad [STEPS]

  • As a first, please download and install TutuApp from here on your iOS device. 

   TuTuApp on iOS 

  • Alternative Link1:    Direct Download Link 1
  • Alternative Link 2:    Direct Download Link 2
  • Alternative Link 3:    Direct Download Link 3
  • TutuApp is a third-party App Store that houses tweaked iOS applications.
  • Trust the profile of TutuApp after successful installation.
  • Launch TutuApp and search for Happy Chick on it.
    Search Happy Chick iOS TuTuApp
    Search Happy Chick iOS TuTuApp
  • Tap on the search result to go to the application information screen.
    Download Happy Chick Emulator TuTuApp
    Download Happy Chick Emulator TuTuApp
  • Click on “Download” to proceed with the installation of our Happy Chick on our iOS devices.
    Happy Chick iOS - TuTuApp
    Happy Chick iOS – TuTuApp
  • Click on ‘Install’ to initiate the download and installation procedure of Happy Chick on your iPhone/iPad.
    Install Happy Chick on iPhone/iPad TuTuApp
    Install Happy Chick on iPhone/iPad
  • After successful installation, you require trusting the profile of Happy Chick as well.
  • Launch the emulator and start enjoying your favorite childhood games.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q - Is Happy Chick compatible with Gamesir devices?

Yes, the latest version of the Happy Chick emulator is compatible with Gamestir devices such as X1, Z1, and G5. Not only the three models it also supports other latest Gamestir models too.

Q - Is it required to jailbreak our iOS device to install the Happy Chick emulator?

No, it is not required. Use any third-party app installer to install the Happy Chick emulator on your iOS device. So that you can install the app without jailbreaking your iOS device (iPhones and iPads).

Q - Can we play retro games in Happy Chick Emulator?

You can both types of games in Happy Chick Emulator. It consists of 19 different emulators that support all types of gaming. You can play trending games like Clash of clans, COD, Pubg, and also old retro games like Mario, Pokemon, etc.

Q - What is cloud saving in Happy Chick Emulator iOS?

Cloud saving in Happy Chick Emulator in iOS means saving the game progress on your device. Even if you change the device you can restore the game progress from cloud saving.

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Happy Chick Emulator Download on iOS – Conclusion

This was everything that you require to know about Happy Chick Emulator. For any additional questions that you might have, let us know about the same in the comments section provided below. We will love to answer your queries.

Thank You.

iTransmission iOS Download on (iPhone & iPad) -[LATEST]

Understandably, it will be awesome if you could download torrents on your iPhone/iPad without requiring a PC for the purpose. The good news is that iTransmission application on iOS is present for this purpose only. It is a native Bit torrent client for iOS devices including iPhone and iPad.

Through iTransmission, you can download torrents directly on your iPhone/iPad. In this post, we are going to share with you the steps to download and install iTransmission on your iOS device from TutuApp.

TutuApp, as you might already know, is a 3rd party App Store and houses a plenitude of hacked, modified, cracked, and third-party iOS applications that are not present on the official Apple App Store. Moreover, its user interface is similar to the App Store; hence, you won’t have a hard time using TutuApp. Get premium music for free: Spotify++ on iOS No Jailbreak .

iTransmission on iOS | Features:

The coolest thing about the iTransmission app is that it doesn’t allow only torrents but also allows you to add a magnet, URL as well as web tasks. Another good thing is that you have complete control over download and upload speed and set the same in accordance with your internet connectivity.

  • You don’t require to be connected with Wi-Fi as you can download torrents on cellular data as well.
  • With iTransmission, it is not the case that if you switch to another application, the download will stop. The application supports background downloading as well.
  • The app comes with an inbuilt browser so that you can search and add torrents directly from within the application.
  • You do not require jailbreaking your iPhone/iPad to install iTransmission.

Moving forward, let us check out the download and installation steps of iTransmission on iPhone/iPad from TutuApp.

Install iTransmission on iOS [iPhone/iPad] [STEPS]

  • At first, you require installing TutuApp on your iOS device. Please click here or the same.

TuTuApp Download on iOS 

  • After successful installation, prior to launching TutuApp, please make sure that you trust the profile of TutuApp.
  • Next, launch TutuApp and search for iTransmission on it.

iTransmission on iOS using Tutuapp

  • Thereafter, simply tap on the search result to navigate to the application information screen where you have to press ‘Get’ to download and install iTransmission.


  • Please don’t forget to trust the profile of iTransmission as well once the installation is over.
download and install iTransmission on iOS
Trust The profile of iTransmission on iPhone/iPad.

Launch iTransmission from the home screen of your iOS device and start downloading torrents.iTransmission on iOS Tutuapp

Best Alternatives for iTransmission App on iOS

iTransmission is a BitTorrent client app used to download movies or files from torrent files. If you are looking for alternatives to the app iTransmission for some reason then I will suggest four apps that are used by many as BitTorrent clients.


dTunes app is the best alternative for the iTransmission app on iOS devices. You can use this app to download music files, video files from torrents. You can also open .torrent extension files using dTunes. The dTunes app is just like a spoof of the iTunes app. It can be installed only on jailbroken devices since the app is not directly available in the app stores for iOS devices. If you like to install the app without jailbreaking your device then you have to install the dTunes app using any third-party app store. To update the dTunes app you have to delete the old version and install the new version if you are installing the app directly.


MediaGet is a lightweight application that can be used tO search and download files from the torrent to your iOS device like iPad and iPhone. You can also install the MediaGet app directly to your Mac device. All you need to do is to use the search box in the app to locate your favorite file. Then click the download button to download the movie or document file directly to the local storage of your device. You can also choose to stream movies directly using the torrent file. MediaGet lets you see the insides of the torrent just like other torrent clients just to make sure the file is safe to download.


Among the very few torrent downloaders available on iOS, LibreTorrent is a notable application. LibreTorrent is considered a perfect alternative to the iTransmission app because it encrypts all the incoming and outgoing traffic making it difficult to track. So it is safe to download any movies or files from the internet using the LibreTorrent. You can also schedule your downloads using the LibreTorrent app. Theme customization, choosing the downloads folder, setting download limit can be done using the app settings. LibreTorrent is completely free of ads and other malware. You can safely install LibreTorrent on your iOS device without any second thought. LibreTorrent is also not available in the official app store so download and install directly or install using any third-party app store.

Vuze BitTorrent Client:

If you are looking for an iTransmission alternative for iOS which is here for a long time then choose Vuze BitTorrent Client without any second thought. Vuze is a multiplatform compatible app that supports Mac, Windows, and also Linux operating systems. Magnetic links are supported by the Vuze BitTorrent clients on desktops. Using the high sophisticated search box you can search and download your favorite movies. The device playback feature is also available with the Vuze BitTorrent client. There are two versions of the Vuze app available. The lite version is free to download and install. But the Pro version of Vuze BitTorrent Client is a paid app and you need to pay for it to use. The Lite version has ads but the pro version is free of ads.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Q - What Do I Use iTransmission for ?

It is BitTorrent mobile client for iOS devices, to install your .torrents files directly on our iPhone & iPad devices.

Q - Is iTransmission Safe to Use ?

We are not jailbreak our iDevice to install our favorite iTransmission App. It's completely safe application as long as you download trusted sources from internet and we recommend you to use VPN to increase safety to furthermore.

Q - Where are downloaded files stored in iTransmission App ?

Usually, it stores the downloaded files at var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/iTransmission(bundle)/Documents/Downloads.

Q - iTransmission App Has Stopped Working - Why ?

We usually face this error when certificate has been revoked. If you want a very quick fix, Go to settings and trust the 'iTransmission' app once again. It surely works, if it doesn't work, uninstall the complete app from your device and install the fresh app again from above links.

Q - Do I Need to Jailbreak my Device to Install iTransmission App ?

No, You don't need to jailbreak your iOS device, you can simply tap on above direct installation buttons mentioned above. or, You can select iPA file way to sideload the app directly to your device.

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Final Words – Download iTransmission on iOS [iPhone/iPad] 

These are the simple installation steps of iTransmission on iPhone/iPad from TutuApp. For any kind of issues, please write to us via the comments section provided below.

Thank You.

GTA: San Andreas Hack iOS Download on iPhone/iPad [MOD]

Remember the thrill of playing GTA San Andreas, well today we will tell you about how you can install the game in your iOS or Android device and once again enjoy going through the city of San Andreas and exploring yourself to those missions once again. A full-pack action-adventure game of GTA San Andreas takes you through the city, completing various missions throughout.

Pack with weapons, car chase, and a lot of action GTA San Andreas is for sure the game to give you goosebumps and chills. The goto game, some years back, GTA San Andreas MOD iOS is one of the game parts of the GTA series likewise to GTA Vice City. Now with modern technology getting better, you can now play this game even on your Android or iOS device anytime and anywhere you want.

Set within the state of San Andreas in the US  the game consist of adventure through three major cities namely Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas that are actually based on Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Las Vegas. As Carl Johnson, who is also called ‘CJ,’ you are back to your home in Los Santos from Liberty City after the murder of your mother. A success in the game’s franchise because of its wonderful story, music, graphics, and gameplay the game was an instant success and also the bestselling video game in the year 2004, with over 27.5 million copies of its sold worldwide. Must Read: Subway Surfers Hack iOS.

Features | GTA San Andreas Hack

The discussion of a game is a waste without going over its features and characteristics, the wonderful game of the GTA series has loads of features that attract a user.

GTA series has always been one of the top franchises in terms of the game providing some of the best games of the series. San Andreas, one of the popular GTA games, is sure a game with exciting features giving you a real-world experience filled with action and many other features.

  • With its amazing quality of graphics and detailing the game is sure to seek the attention of the user, for a long.
  • Dual stick controls provide you with better control of the character and camera movements.
  • Graphics can also be adjusted according to the requirements and the capacity of the device.
  • Also supporting a bunch of language GTA San Andreas MOD on iOS makes it more interactive and user-friendly.
  • You can even run it on various platforms thus adding to another feature of the game.

Install GTA San Andreas MOD on iOS [iPhone/iPad]

The installation of the game is pretty easy and can be done for free with the help of TutuApp without any alteration or any jailbreak to your device:

  • First and foremost you need to download TutuApp into your device.

   TuTuApp Download on iOS 

  • Next, you need to give permission to the application by going into the settings and turning on the trust TutuApp option. You will find this option in the device manager of your device’s settings.
  • After this you need to open the app and then download GTA San Andreas from it, you can easily search for it in the application and then start the installation.

Install GTA San Andreas Using TutuApp

  • Once the installation is done, then you can open the game and start enjoying the application thereafter.

GTA San Andreas Using TutuApp

That’s all and now you can open up the application and enjoy the game.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q - Is it possible to play GTA San Andreas on iPad?

Yes, GTA San Andreas is supported on iPads. But you should have the latest iPad model with recommended configuration. The iPad must have at least 2GB RAM and it should run iOS version 9 and above.

Q - Can we download GTA San Andreas for free?

As of now, you cannot download GTA San Andreas for free. You need to pay a one-time price to download the game on your iOS device.

Q - Can we use the MOGA controller unit with GTA San Andreas?

The latest GTA San Andreas for iOS version supports the use of a MOGA controller unit with your iPhone or iPad to play the GTA San Andreas game.

Q - How to solve frequent crashes of the GTA San Andreas game in iOS?

To avoid frequent crashes of the game you need to clear cache in your iOS device. If still, the problem persists then try reinstalling the game.

Check Out:

Final Words – Download GTA San Andreas MOD on iOS

With TutuApp you can easily download the Game, and you won’t even need to make any changes to your device and enjoy the amazing game anywhere and anytime you want with the help of this. We have discussed the steps of downloading the game also. Thus you may have no problem and can easily enjoy the fun game.

Deezer++ iOS Download on (iPhone & iPad) for Free

Music never fails to fascinate us. Music streaming apps are here to provide you with music tracks from all over the world. If you are wondering as to which is the best among these apps, then go for Deezer++. It is a tweaked version of Deezer. It offers a great variety of music of different genres.

You can get all the international hits within seconds using Deezer++ iOS. Though the app is not much popular, it has the largest database of music. You can now get the tweaked Deezer++ on iOS for free.

Deezer++ is the only music streaming app you will need as it provides you with soundtracks from different languages. It is easy to install Deezer++ on iOS. You will need a third-party app store for this as it is a tweaked app. Here, we are using TutuApp which is the safest platform to get third-party apps on iOS. You can get them without jailbreak. Look into the instructions given in the coming section to install Deezer++ on iOS using TutuApp.  Check it out: Download Smule VIP Free on iOS.

Features | Deezer++ on iOS

Latest Deezer++ on iOS is an amazing tweak that gives you good music for free. You can get all the features of the premium version of Deezer for free using this app. New features are also offered by the app. Let us look at some of them.

  • You will get an extensive collection of music of different genres from international players.
  • The app has an option to download music tracks for free.
  • The sound quality is equally great to offer you the best experience.
  • You can import mp3 from your device also.
  • It provides a simple and sleek user interface to enjoy content online.

Deezer++ is going to amaze you with its tremendous library of over 50 million songs. Because of this, the number of users has also increased exponentially. It works fine on your iOS devices.

How To Install Deezer++on iOS using TutuApp

Deezer++ offers unlimited music on iOS. It is a great way to listen to international music. There are many new features in the app yet to explore. Now, you can install Deezer++ on iOS using TutuApp. The installation process is given below.

  • Using the Safari Browser, you need to open the link given below. It will take you to the download page of TutuApp.

   TuTuApp Download on iOS


Dezzer++ iOS

  • Hit the Install button to initiate the installation.
  • When the installation is complete, you have to open the Settings, tap on Profile & Device Management. Enable the Trust for TutuApp.
  • Now, launch TutuApp and find Deezer++ from this.

Deezer++ TuTuApp

  • Tap on the Install button in here to download Deezer++.

Click on install Deezer++ TuTuApp

  • Navigate to Settings and take the Profile & Device Management option. Trust Deezer++ has to be enabled.

Deezer++ on iOS using TuTuApp (FAQ)

Q - What are the latest features in Deezer++ iOS?

The latest version of the Deezer++ app lets you stream unlimited songs for free without ads. You can enjoy all the songs at a high bitrate.

Q - How to solve untrusted enterprise developer issues while installing Deezer++?

You need to trust the Deezer++ app after installing it on your iOS device. Go to settings -> General Settings -> Device Management -> Profile. There you can find the button near the Deezer++ app. Click on it. Now the Untrusted Enterprise Developer error will be solved.

Q - How to stop the Deezer++ certificate revoke?

Every 7 days Deezer++ certificate will get revoked since it is not an official app. You have to install a VPN app to prevent certificate revoke.

Q - Is it safe to use Cydia impactor for Deezer++ installation?

Yes, Cydia impactor is a well-known app and it is completely safe to use it to install Deezer++ on your device.

Check Out:

Conclusion- Deezer++ Download on iOS Using TuTuApp

That’s all you have to do. You can install Deezer++ on iOS safely using TutuApp. It is a must-have app for everyone who loves music. You cannot find such a huge collection of soundtracks anywhere else. You can even get a collection of karaoke using Deezer++.