TuTuApp Lite | Download TuTuApp Lite on iOS(iPhone/iPad) (UPDATE)

Many third-party app stores were introduced for iOS to provide the users with all the modded, tweaked and paid apps for free. One of the most popular app installers was the TutuApp. It provided an immense database of a variety of apps and games that are not available on the Apple app store.

Recently, TutuApp was revoked and since then the users might be facing issues installing their favorite apps on iOS. The developers have come up with a new and better app installer for you. Introducing TutuApp Lite for iOS which offers you all the third-party modded, hacked apps and games for free on all iOS devices. You can avail the premium features for free. TutuApp Lite is a safe app and is the best app store to depend on as all others were revoked.

Using TutuApp Lite, you can easily install any app you wish without jailbreaking your iOS device. It also offers a bunch of paid apps for free. The app installer is tested to show high performance and speed while downloading the apps. Now you can give a whole new look and enjoy many advanced features on your iOS. Next time you wish to download your favorite streaming app or modded games and hacks, TutuApp Lite is where you have to search for. Go ahead and download TutuApp Lite on iOS and enjoy. Check Out: TutuApp APK | Download TuTuApp on Android Mobiles/Tablets (UPDATE).

 TutuApp Lite on iOS | Features: 

TutuApp Lite is the newly released app installer by the developers of TutuApp. As it got revoked, this is the best alternative that you can look for. Let us look at some of the features of TutuApp Lite for iOS (No Revoke).

  •  The app offers a huge database consisting of the best mods, tweaks and hacked apps for iOS.
  •  It is the safest source that you can rely on.
  • From entertainment to education, all the apps are for free.
  • No jailbreak is required to download third-party apps.
  • The app offers faster installation of your favorite apps.
  • The app is well designed to make your search process easier by organising the apps into different categories.
  • The user interface is amazing to provide you with the best performance and speed while installing.

Many new and exciting features have come up in TutuApp Lite that is not available elsewhere. It is the most suitable app installer for iOS. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity.

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Download TutuApp Lite on iPhone/iPad [No Jailbreak] 

For all those who wish to enjoy extra features and apps on iOS devices, TutuApp Lite is a must-have app. With the best user interface, quality and safety, TutuApp Lite is the best source to download third-party apps. Here is a simple procedure to download TutuApp Lite on iOS.

1) As a first step, you need to    Download TuTuApp Lite from Here or open lite.tutuapp.vip from the Safari Browser of your iOS. This will navigate you to the official webpage of TutuApp Lite. (Note: Use safari browser to clean installation of TuTuApp Lite on iOS Devices).

Update: After accessing the lite.tutuapp.vip address in your safari browser, you will see a lot of paid apps and games for free to install. You can directly install them through your Safari browser if you face any issues with above TuTuApp Lite File. And, the good news is that you will see 10 additionals apps or games every week as developers promised to deliver them every week.

Download TutuApp Lite on ios

2) It will display a pop-up window to download TutuApp Lite on iOS. You are required to click on Try Now option.

TutuApp Lite on ios

3) You will have to enable the permissions for the app. Simply tap on the Allow option when the permission window comes up and then close it.

Latest TutuApp Lite on ios

4) TutuApp Lite will start downloading on your iOS. Once it is done, you are required to take the Settings of your device. Under the General section, open the Profile & Device Management option.

Download Latest TutuApp Lite on ios

5) You will find the profile of TutuApp Lite in this menu. Tap on it and on the top right corner, you will see an Install option which you need to click.

TutuApp Lite on iPhone

6) An option will come up to enter the password. Enter this in the field and tap on Install.

Download Updated TutuApp Lite on iPhone

7) The TuTuApp Lite will be installed on iOS within some time.

App Interface of TutuApp Lite on iOS

Now you can access this brand new TutuApp Lite for iOS and enjoy all the awesome apps and features that they provide. The download process is easy and the app installer works without any issue on all iOS devices.

Latest Development on TuTuApp (TuTuApp Lite)

All the popular third-party app stores were revoked recently and TutuApp was one of them. However, the developers have quickly come up with a new and efficient alternative to provide users with the best services. That is why it has launched the all-new TutuApp Lite on iOS. This has made the iOS users happy and TutuApp Lite has become the favorite app installer in no time. You can access all the features you had on TutuApp and even more using this new version.

If you are an iOS user finding it hard to get apps without a jailbreak, all you have to do is to download TutuApp Lite on iOS. All kinds of third-party apps are right on your fingertips with this amazing app.

Fix the Errors in TutuApp Lite for iOS

Some of the iOS users who downloaded TutuApp Lite has reported a few issues like crashing, Not Installing and all while using the app. The developers have come up with an explanation for this.

For the users who are getting a blank page on the Safari browser, it is better to open the page using Wi-Fi. Also, some of the games are not currently available in the app. TutuApp Lite is now the emergency prototype to serve you if the original version is down. All the apps will be uploaded soon.

 If the download process is slow, it is because too many users are downloading apps at the same time.

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TutuApp Lite VIP Free on iPhone/iPad [No Jailbreak] (No Revokes)

TutuApp Lite is the most amazing third-party app store in the market right now. With this new version, TutuApp Lite is going to amuse you by providing hundreds of new mods and hacks for free. Make sure that you download TutuApp Lite on iOS immediately and explore the best out of your iDevices.

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  1. Pokego++ was downloading really really slow yesterday and today I managed to download it but I couldn’t open up the app.

    • He and when I almost downloaded it’s say it’s not verified I really want to download maincraft not just like tweak box it’s maincraft pe v1.2.someting

  2. Every time I download Minecraft it stays dark and stops loading. When I tap it it doesn’t do anything either.

  3. When i download db legends it stops downloading and says cannot be downloaded i am trying for a week and it says cannot be downloaded

  4. Downloading/Installing the tutuapp.vip on iPad 2 seems impossible after several attempts??? What’s the technique behind?

  5. I managed to download it but when I open it all it shows me is “500 | Internet Server Error”
    I tried using different internet connections but it still shows the same thing and I don’t know what to do.

  6. Return Tutuapp regular.I was think it was the best app ever but is not even Panda Helper better than Tutuapp.I wish you but Tutuapp regular like Panda Helper.Thanks, if u read this comment.

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