TutuApp – Download TutuApp APK for Android, PC & iOS [GUIDE]

If the premium section of the Google Play Store or Apple App Store attracts you, then you are not alone on this planet. Each one of us has the desire to download a lot many paid Android and iOS applications for free. However, the fact that we need to spend money and if the app turns out to be useless scares us the most, and we refrain from downloading any paid application whatsoever. But, not anymore as in this post we are going to tell you about TutuApp which is an alternative to all the App Stores, be it in Android or iOS.


The beauty of TutuApp Helper is that it lets you download paid Android and iOS applications for free. Apart from providing paid apps for free, it also provides you access to tons of hacked and modified applications and games.

Well! We guess we have your attention. Continue reading ahead to learn the steps to download TutuApp VIP on Android, iOS & Windows PC/MAC Computer.

TutuApp VIP | Features :

Before we move ahead to the download and installation part, it is mandatory to share with you the amazing features of TutuApp. Well! The coolest feature is that TutuApp and its contents are free to download and you don’t require paying anything for them. Check out some more features of TutuApp below.

  • The user interface of TutuApp APK is similar to the Play Store in Android or Apple App Store in iOS. Thus, you won’t face any trouble navigating and utilizing the application.
  • TutuApp comes with an inbuilt cache cleaner as well as a mobile cleaner to help you get rid of all the junk and unwanted data from your smartphones and tablets.
  • The development team working behind the scenes ensures that you don’t have to look out for applications and games in any other alternative App Store by regularly adding new applications and games in TutuApp.
  • TutuApp on iOS is exceedingly lightweight and you won’t get any space woes by installing it.
  • The applications receive periodic updates to make sure that you have the latest version running on your device. You can choose to update as and when the update arrives or postpone the same to a more convenient time.
  • Please note that you don’t require rooting your Android phone and neither you require jailbreaking your iOS device to install TutuApp.

These are the major features of TutuApp. To get to know more about the application you must install the same. We have this awesome article on Tinder++ (Tinder Premium for Free) on iOS, for lovely strangers to make relationships. Let us move forward now to the download and installation steps of TutuApp on Android, iOS & Windows PC/MAC Computer.

TuTuApp APK VIP FREE Information

Application Name TuTuApp
Supported Platforms Android [APK]
File Size 23 MB 
Developers tutuapp-apk.org
Category Apps & Games
Price Free
Downloads 100000+

Install TuTuApp APK on Android Devices

  • First, since we are downloading a third-party application, please navigate to Settings -> Security of your Android device and turn on the option of ‘Unknown Sources.’

Enable Unknown Sources on Android FREE

  • Next, please download the TutuApp APK file from here.

   Download TuTuApp APK File

  • Wait for the APK file to finish downloading. Once the same is done navigate to the download location and tap on the APK file to initiate the installation process of TutuApp APK.
  • On-screen installation instructions will come up. They are pretty simple to follow. Please read and keep on moving ahead.
  • Next, on the last installation screen tap on ‘Install’ to allow the setup to start installing the Updated TutuApp APK on your Android mobile/tablet.

Download and Install TuTuApp APK on Android

  • Wait for the installation process to be over. Once the installation process is successful you will find the icon of TutuApp APK on the home screen of your Android smartphone.

TuTuApp Android APK User Interface

  • Launch TutuApp and either you can browse through the list of applications or directly search for the application that you require.

TuTuApp VIP Free on iOS

File Name  TuTuApp
Recent Update 2023
Developer TutuApp
Size iOS: Config File
Compatibility Android, iOS & PC/Mac
License Type Free
Category Modded Apps & Games
Downloads 1000000+

Download TutuApp VIP Free on iOS Devices

TutuApp is one of the best 3rd Party App that allows you to download and install apps on iOS devices. It provides access to a wide range of apps, including games, tweaked apps, and much more. Just follow the steps mentioned below to install TutuApp on iOS Devices.

  • To install TutuApp on iOS, you require the help of a 3rd party App Store. You can try TweakBox, vShare or AppValley. However, we recommend AppValley as downloading AppValley will give you access to the plenitude of other applications.
  • To install AppValley on your iOS smartphone, launch the Safari Browser and navigate here.

  Download TuTuApp Mobile Config iOS

  • Wait for the webpage to load up. Once the webpage loads completely tap on the ‘Install AppValley’ button.
  • You will be redirected to Settings wherein you are required to install the profile of AppValley. Simply press on ‘Install’ and your task is over.
  • Once the profile of AppValley is successfully installed, you will see the icon of AppValley on the home screen of your iOS device.
  • Launch the application and from the ‘Search’ section look for TutuApp. Once located, please tap on the search result to go to the application screen. Tap on ‘Get’ to install TutuApp on your iOS device.
    TuTuApp on iOS
    TuTuApp Installed on iOS
    App screen of TuTuApp on iOS
  • Enjoy paid iOS Apps for free on your iPhone/iPad with TutuApp.
    TuTuApp VIP Free
    TuTuApp VIP Free on iOS

Download TutuApp on Windows PC & MAC

  • People download an Android emulator, mostly for playing Android games on the big screen of their PC. However, if you wish to enjoy premium or paid Android games on your PC, you have to install TutuApp on your Android Emulator.
  • But first, you are required to download an Android Emulator for the purpose. You can go with BlueStacks or Nox App Player. The choice remains with you. Download Nox Player Offline Setup from here and download BlueStacks offline setup from its official site.
  • Once the offline setup successfully downloads tap on it to start the installation process. Follow the simple on-screen instructions and lastly press ‘Install’ to install the emulator on your PC.
  • Once the emulator’s installation is complete, please download the TutuApp APK file from here.

  Download TuTuApp APK for PC

  • Right-click on the APK file and from the pop-up menu that comes up; choose the option of Open with -> Nox App Player or whatever Android emulator you might have installed.
  • That’s it! The emulator will pick up the APK file and install the same on your Windows PC/MAC Computer.
TuTuApp on PC Using Nox App Player
  • Post successful installation you will find the icon of TutuApp on the home screen of the Android Emulator.
  • Launch the application and start downloading your favorite paid Android games for free.

Complete Tutorial: TuTuApp PC Free Download on Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Mac Laptop.

TutuApp – Best 3rd Party App Installer for iOS and Android

TutuApp is the best app installer to get hundreds of apps and games for all different platforms. What makes it unique is the safe and amazing user interface it offers. This makes it the most downloaded app installer. It is verified by Google and serves the purpose of downloading third-party apps safely on your devices. TutuApp offers a huge app library for you to explore.

New apps are coming up each day. There are a great lot of modded, tweaked, and hacked apps for free. Usually, in order to download these kinds of apps, you will have to root or jailbreak your devices. But with TutuApp, everything is safe. It doesn’t require any of these. You can access the apps and games easily and without any payment. It does not interfere with the functioning of your device either.

TutuApp is now the safest source of apps on Android, iOS, and PC as well. There is a great quality in the apps provided by this. Also, in the new version, the developers have fixed every minute error. TutuApp is free of bugs and that gives you a user-friendly app to operate on. You will not face any lag in the app either.  This way, you can use your devices without limitations. Now, you can safely download TutuApp on all your devices and enjoy your favorite apps without worrying about their safety. It is recognized to be the safest and fastest app store.

Check Out these awesome apps from TuTuApp Store:

TikTok (Gold for FREE) on iOS

WhatsApp++  (UNLOCKED Features) on iOS

KiK++ Free Download on iPhone

TuTuApp Lite for iOS & TuTuApp Lite APK for Android

We have updated the lite version of TuTuApp called TuTuApp Lite on iOS devices where you can download a number of amazing apps and games for free. This is the lite version of TuTuApp iOS on iPhone/iPad and you can download it from here.

   Download TuTuApp Lite iOS

As the same TuTuApp Lite was released for iOS Devices, it’s released for Android devices. TuTuApp Lite APK is one of the most downloaded applications in recent times and you can download tons of modded Applications and games from here. This is the latest version of TutuApp for Android devices.

   Download TuTuApp Lite APK

TutuApp VIP– Common Errors and Fixes

No matter how good an application is, it has its fair share of bugs and errors. The same goes for TutuApp as well. The following are certain common errors that users of TutuApp have faced and reported so far along with their fixes.

TutuApp Couldn’t Be Downloaded At This Time | TutuApp Won’t Download

First and foremost, you should reset the network settings of your device. For that, you can navigate to Settings -> Network -> Reset Network Settings.

Once you are done with this please restart your device and try downloading TutuApp once again.

TutuApp Not Installing Apps | Tutu App Servers Down

If the application developers have knowingly made the servers down for an important update then there is no fix to this problem. However, don’t get disheartened as servers are made up pretty quickly.

However, sometimes, it might not be a server issue at all. Go ahead and try clearing the cache in TutuApp. For this, you need to navigate to your device’s settings, and from the list of installed applications please find TutuApp. The same steps exist whether you are using TutuApp on your Android device iOS device or even on PC.  From TutuApp’s settings please tap on ‘Clear Data’ and thereafter tap on ‘Force Stop’ to stop the application. Now, wait for a few minutes, and thereafter try installing the applications once again.

TutuApp Not Launching on my iOS device

If this is the case then probably you are seeing an Untrusted Enterprise Developer error. This means you have not trusted the profile of TutuApp post successful installation.

Trust to fix the TuTuApp Error
Trust TuTuApp profile

Please navigate to Settings -> General -> Profiles & Device Management and trust the profile of TutuApp. Now try launching the application once again.

TutuApp Unable to Install on Android device

If you are unable to launch the installation process of TutuApp on your Android device then check whether you have toggled on the option of ‘Unknown Resources’ from Settings -> Security or not. If not, then please turn it on and try installing TutuApp once again.

Best TutuApp Alternatives (Similar Apps)

TuTuApp has a great variety of apps, especially in the gaming category. It became famous for its Pokemon Go modified version. But every application has its own limit. To break the limit, we are here to provide an extended range of lists that you can choose to select an alternative App for TuTuApp.


AppValley is a new-generation app store that comes with a good interface and app downloading options. People come along to share their APKs and IPA files, this allows them to get a good range of apps in availability. As the name suggests, get a good range of apps as smooth as a cake.

AppValley - TuTuApp Alternative


AltStore is a great alternative as it provides server-based application loading. You can enjoy all updates and application-based systems that will amaze you. So, AltStore is your one-stop destination for easy app downloading.

AltStore - TuTuApp Alternative iOS


It’s time to tweak and sneak a peek. EonHub provides a wide range of applications that are tweaked and modded. So you can use it as an alternative for TuTuApp. It has a great user interface and allows users to enjoy unlimited installation for free.

EonHub Apps Store Free Download on iOS


You can sense the installation of the app to be safe with the faith that people have in it. So if you are raising up thoughts on CokerNutX, it is one of the best third-party App stores that exists in the market. The app has a similar interface to that of AppStore and it provides a good range of applications.

TuTuApp Alternative - CokernutX Apps Store

If you want to know more about such apps, you should check and download them from the below link –

   Download 12 Best TuTuApp Alternatives


Q - Do we have to pay in order to access TutuApp?

Not at all! TutuApp is completely free to use. You can even get all the paid apps and games for free using this app installer. You can enjoy hundreds of premium, tweaked and hacked apps.

Q - Is TutuApp available for PC?

Yes, TutuApp can be installed on PC. You can get an awesome bunch of apps and games that are not found on the official app store using this.

Q - Does TutuApp for iOS require jailbreak?

There is no need to jailbreak the iOS device in order to install apps from TutuApp. It is the safest third-party app installer right now.

Q - What are the other app installers similar to TutuApp?

Many new third-party app installers are coming up every day. For iOS, you can use Zestia Estender to get a great database of apps and games. AppEven is a new app installer released for Android which shows good performance.

Q - Can you get TutuApp on Mac?

Of course, yes! You can get TutuApp on Mac. You can get hundreds of apps and games from different platforms on your Mac.

Q - What can you do if TutuApp is not getting installed on any devices?

You can try checking your data connection. The internet should be stable and fast so that you can get TutuApp without any errors. You are most likely to face an error if you are using WiFi for the process.

Q - Which is the latest version of TutuApp?

The developers have released a new and updated version. This is TutuApp 3.2.3

Q - Does TutuApp cause any damage to the device?

Of course not. TutuApp is a great app installer to download on any device platform. It ensures that you get third-party apps and games safely on your device. There are no bugs at all. This makes TutuApp even safer. You can get all the modded and hacked apps for free and without jailbreak using TutuApp.

How to Uninstall TuTuApp on iOS Devices:

We will be giving you a quick simple step to uninstall TuTuApp from your iOS Device.

  • First of all, unlock your iOS Device.
  • Secondly, go to the home screen and hold the TutuApp icon.
  • Then the screen will get a scatter effect with a cross sign on the app.
  • Just click on that and you will be able to selectively delete the app from the option.
  • You are done.

Best Apps Available on TuTuApp



MediaBox HD

GTA SanAndreas

Check out:

Conclusion: Download TutuApp on Android, iOS & PC

So, these were the features and download steps for TutuApp on Android, iOS & Windows PC/MAC Computer. If you have to face any issues during the installation process or have any questions to ask, please feel free to put them down in the comments section provided below. Working solutions for the issues you are facing will be provided on a priority basis.