12 Best TutuApp Alternatives [Similar Apps – 2024]

With the rising number of third-party apps and games in the market, there should be trustworthy sources to get them as well. One of the best ways to download third-party apps on your iOS devices is TutuApp.

Best TutuApp Alternatives on iOS

It has the best collection of modded and tweaked apps. You can download them onto your iDevices for free. 

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Best Alternatives for TuTuApp [ 2024]

It is safe and easy to get apps from TutuApp for iOS. However, if you wish to try another app store on your iDevice, we have listed some of the best ones that you can rely on.

1. AppValley

AppValley is one of the most popular app store alternatives for iOS. Thousands of iOS users have downloaded the app installer and the audience is increasing every day. It is a great source where you can find free mods, tweaks, etc.


There is no app crashing caused by downloading apps from AppValley iOS. The latest AppValley is completely free of errors which makes it more suitable. Install Latest AppValley from (https://appvalley-apk.com).

2. TopStore

TopStore is one of the upcoming third-party app installers in the market. Even though it does not have such a huge library of apps, the ones provided are of great quality. You can download them easily because of the simple user-friendly interface.


Do check out this app store on iOS. Download the latest TopStore on iOS (https://topstorevipapp.com/).

3. Emus4U

Emus4u is well known for the amazing collection of emulators they offer for iOS. You can find a wide range of game emulators in Emus4u iOS as well. Using this, you can get games from various game consoles like SNES, PS, GBA, etc for free.


Emus4u is a must-have if you wish to transform your iDevice. It even has an in-built cleaner to clear app data easily. Install Emus4u from the link ( https://emus4u-app.com/).

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4. iOSEmus

iOSEmus is another app store alternative that gives you mods, hacks, and emulators so that you can enjoy your iDevices without limits. This could take your device to the next level. Any app can be downloaded within seconds.


There is no jailbreak involved in the download process. Download iOSEmus from here: [https://iosemus-app.com/]

5. Panda Helper

If you are a gamer, you should get Panda Helper on iOS. The games available in the official app stores are very less.


With the help of game emulators in the Panda Helper iOS app store, you can get all your favorite apps from old to new. Download Panda Helper from here: (https://pandahelperdownload.com/)

6. Ignition App

You can access a great app library for free by downloading the Ignition App Store. The database is not so huge. However, there are many amazing mods in the app. You can download them faster and safer using Ignition on iOS.


The developers are updating the content every day. Download the Ignition App from: [https://ignitionapp.fun/]

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7. AppEven

AppEven is one of the newest names on the list. Even then, the app store has made a great impact. The apps you download from AppEven iOS will never get revoked. It is the safest alternative for TutuApp that you can ever use.


The database of the app store is still expanding. Download AppEven from: (http://appevendownloads.com).

8. TweakBox

If you are looking for that one source to get all kinds of apps for your iOS device, then TweakBox is the right app store to get. It has the largest database of third-party, tweaked, and hacked apps for iOS.

tweakbox download

You can get these apps in the best quality and that too for free. TweakBox for iOS is safe and does not require a jailbreak. Download TweakBox from here: [https://tweakbox-download.com/]

9. PPHelper

If you are looking for the best Windows application that can be used to jailbreak your iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad then you can use the PPHelper. PPHelper application is developed by Chinese developers to jailbreak your iPhone to utilize the device resources completely. To jailbreak a device using PPHelper, you need to download the PPHelper application from the official website and install it on your Windows PC.


PPHelper is specially designed to work with Windows OS. After installing the application, connect your device to the PC. Then follow the instructions to jailbreak the iOS device. The default language in the application is Chinese and you can change the language to English.

10. Apps4iPhone

As the name implies, Apps4iPhone is a third-party app store where you can get apps that are not even available in the official app store. Apps like Spotify++, Twitter++, Instagram++, modded APKs, and tweaked games are also available in the Apps4iPhone app. If you are looking for a way to install tweaked apps without jailbreaking your iPhone then the only way is to install a third-party app store like Apps4iPhone and install those apps directly from the app store.


Like installing, you can also update an app via Apps4iPhone. If an updated version is available for an app installed through Apps4iPhone then you can see the update button near the app. Tapping on the update button will update the app within Apps4iPhone itself. [https://apps4iphone.net/]

11. CokernutX

Official app store for iOS devices never allows apps that are cracked, tweaked, or modded. So apps like Subway Surfers Hack, COC Hack, and PubG Hack can never be found in the official app store. To install this kind of app, you need to install a third-party app store like CokernutX. The CokernutX app is well known among users for installing premium apps for free.

TuTuApp Alternative - CokernutX Apps Store


The best thing about the vShare app is that it can be installed on Windows PCs too. To install the CokernutX on PC you have to download the installation file (.EXE) from the official website. Along with installing the apps, you can also update and delete the apps directly from the CokernutX.

You can download the CokernutX App Store from here –


12. EonHub

Many apps in the official app store are paid ones. Not everyone can afford these apps. But if you still want to install and use the apps on your devices then you can do it with the help of EonHub. EonHub App is a third-party application that resembles the official app store but has all the tweaked apps, cracked apps, and modded applications.

EonHub Apps Store Free Download on iOS
EonHub Apps Store Free Download on iOS


Even paid games are also available in the EonHub. If you like ad-free games and apps then you can get them in this EonHub application. EonHub installs other apps on your device as an IPA file. You need not jailbreak your device to install the EonHub App and the other apps through the EonHub Store.

Why TutuApp is the best among the above ones?

One of the biggest reasons why TutuApp is so popular is its vast selection of apps and games for iOS and Android devices. No matter what type of app or game you’re looking for, you can find it on TutuApp. It also offers various categories, ranging from productivity and lifestyle to entertainment. This makes it easy to find what you’re looking for without wasting time searching through hundreds of different apps, and it is free. You will be able to use the premium versions without any hassle.

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Conclusion: Download the Best Alternatives of TuTuApp

TutuApp is a great app store alternative for iOS. So are the alternatives. All these have an excellent and clean user interface. Download app stores according to your preference and enjoy the amazing range of free apps.

All your favorite apps are just a few clicks away.

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