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CarTube is an innovative app that revolutionizes the way you experience YouTube content by enabling you to enjoy it on the car display. If you enjoy using YouTube frequently and like to watch videos while you’re on the move, CarTube is the perfect solution for CarPlay that you have been searching for.

CarPlay is a convenient feature available in vehicles that enables drivers to seamlessly control their iPhone and its various applications using the car’s infotainment system. it provides hands-free navigation, calling, songs, and messaging features, along with Siri voice control. CarPlay offers a safer method for utilizing an iPhone while driving, effectively minimizing distractions. Check out this most recent and powerful IPA Installer Download Scarlet App (IPA Installer) on iPhone; Sideload IPAs for FREE.

CarTube - YouTube App for CarPlay
CarTube – YouTube App for CarPlay

One drawback of CarPlay is its limited compatibility with third-party apps. While it does support some apps like Netflix and YouTube, these video playback apps are restricted for safety reasons while driving. However, there is now a solution called CarTube. CarTube is a comprehensive YouTube app that enables you to use the video app on your car’s built-in display with CarPlay support.

What is CarTube – YouTube for CarPlay?

Now, let’s delve into the details of Cartube.

The Cartube IPA app for YouTube is an innovative application created exclusively for users of Trollstore. It allows them to easily use YouTube on CarPlay with no need to jailbreak their gadgets.  CarTube allows you to enjoy your preferred YouTube channels by providing the ability to both listen to and watch them directly in your car.

CarTube IPA YouTube to CarPlay Without Jailbreak
CarTube IPA YouTube to CarPlay Without Jailbreak

The app is currently in its free beta version and can be acquired from GitHub. Once installed, this application allows you to conveniently play YouTube videos through CarPlay. The app is fully featured, offering a range of functionalities such as video browsing, searching, and more. You can also, check out this best third-party apps store: TuTuApp VIP FREE Download on iOS (LATEST).

CarTube Features:

  • A fully-featured YouTube app, CarTube lets you watch videos using your car’s built-in display and Apple CarPlay.
  • CarTube makes it simple to find, view, and share movies while on the road.
  • The program not only enables you to skip the age restrictions but also offers an ad-blocking tool called SponsorBlock
  • You may easily navigate CarTube by swiping back and forth anywhere on the screen.
  • The “Play on CarPlay” sharing extension and the ability to instantly insert copied YouTube URLs make switching to CarTube a breeze.
  • CarTube is Compatible with all TrollStore-enabled devices.
  • With CarTube for TrollStore, you can use YouTube in your car without having to jailbreak your device.CarTube Features and Settings

Easy System integrations

  1. Broadcast your “Play on CarPlay” playlist.
  2. YouTube link copying and pasting in an instant.
  3. When you get in your vehicle after viewing anything on the YouTube app, it will automatically start playing on CarTube (Real-Time Syncing).

Install CarTube (YouTube to CarPlay) – TrollStore

CarTube was made available as an IPA package that can only be loaded on any iPhone device via the TrollStore IPA Installer. The software makes use of an iOS bug that gives it access to and modification rights.CarTube for TrollStore offers a seamless YouTube experience on CarPlay without the need for jailbreak.

This is how you install TrollStore on your ios device:

Download & Install TrollStore from the link given below.

   Download & Install TrollStore

  • Download the Latest CarTube IPA file from here 👇.

   CarTube Apple CarPlay YouTube

  • Tap and Hold on the CarTube IPA file, then select the Share option and Click on the TrollStore icon.
  • TrollStore will automatically install the CarTube App on your device.
  • Now You can see the CarTube App installed on your iOS device home screen.
  • Before opening CarTube on your device Trust its Profile from Settings.
  • Go to Settings > General > VPN & Device Management.
  • Select the email-based developer app and Trust the Profile.

Changelog :

  • CarTube has been upgraded to version 1.3.
  • The overall user experience is significantly improved in terms of smoothness.
  • To navigate backward or forwards, users can swipe left or right on any part of the screen.
  • The recently developed “Play on CarPlay” share extension is compatible with the YouTube application.
  • The implementation of a mechanism to circumvent age restrictions has been introduced.
  • The user has installed a beta version of an ad blocker.
  • The issue of poor scrolling has been rectified.
  • The issue regarding the Zoom feature on the Google signing page has been resolved.
  • The keyboard bar has been successfully rectified.
  • Minor adjustments have been made to the persistence helper.

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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q - What is Cartube?

CarTube is an innovative app that revolutionizes the way you experience YouTube content by enabling you to enjoy it on your car display.

Q - Is cartube safe to use?

yes, cartube is safe to use as you have installed it through trollstore

Q - What are the unique features of Cartube?

CarTube for TrollStore provides a smooth YouTube on CarPlay, eliminating the need for jailbreaking.

Q - Can cartube be installed without Trollstore?

no, you can install cartube without trollstore.

Q - What is a trollstore?

Trollstore is an alternative app store that allows IPA software sideloading and permanent installation on iOS devices.

Q - Is cartube for iOS available for download on the app store?

No, the cartube for ios is only available for download on trollstore.

Q - What is carplay?

Cars with Apple's CarPlay capability may be operated by the driver's iOS device through the car's own infotainment system.

Q - Does cartube for ios have an ad blocker?

Yes, cartube for ios has a beta version of an ad blocker

Q - Has cartube improved the “ uploader disabled embedding “ error?

Yes, cartube fixed this error.

Q - Does cartube for ios have a fix for Siri breaking the persistence helper?

Cartube has implemented minor modifications to its persistence helper in order to resolve the issue of Siri causing disruptions.

Q - Can I use cartube for ios without a jailbreak?

It is possible to utilize CarTube without the need for jailbreaking.

Q - how to use cartube?

To use CarTube with CarPlay, all you have to do is get in the vehicle, plug your phone in, and open the app.

Q - Is it illegal to watch videos while driving?

It is important to mention that in numerous states, laws prohibit drivers from watching videos while driving a motor vehicle. However, you can still use this attribute in a vehicle that is parked.

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Conclusion: CarTube IPA iOS (YouTube for CarPlay)

I hope this article gave a brief about Cartube, a guide to downloading a CarTube IPA (YouTube to CarPlay) using TrollStore, its features, and changelog, and answered all your doubts in FAQ.

Thank You.

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