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The uYou tweak delivers these capabilities and more for iOS 13, iOS 14, iOS 15, and iOS 16-compatible jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices. There are several changes available to remove advertising from the YouTube app and add essential features like Picture-in-Picture and background playback.

Download uYouPlus on iPhone for Free
uYouPlus on iPhone

What is uYou? 

With a variety of helpful features to improve your video-watching experience, uYou is a patch for the official YouTube app on the App Store. The developer also made an uYou IPA file for non-jailbroken devices available in addition to the original jailbroken device version. Try this popular YouTube client as an alternative to uYouPlus:  Cercube 5 for YouTube iOS Download – [PREMIUM MOD].

The uYou tweak adds a new icon button to the dock navigation bar after installation and flawlessly integrates with the stock YouTube app. Notably, this change works with YouTube versions 16.30.2 and later. YouTube is already included in the uYou IPA bundle.

What is uYouPlus?

For the official YouTube app, which is available on the App Store, uYouPlus is a YouTube tweak. With this modification, you have access to a tonne of extra capabilities that YouTube does not offer. The finest aspect about uYouPlus is that it gets care of the adverts that frequently appear in between the videos. It was made for iOS devices that had been jailbroken. But afterwards, an IPA file was added so that it could also be sideloaded on a device that wasn’t jailbroken.

What is uYou+?

The new uYou+ iOS 16 ipa is an update to the original uYou tweak. The software has improved with the addition of additional features. Additionally, the uYou+ in this iteration has become one of the most well-liked and extensively utilised YouTube tweaks.

uYouPlus on iPhone | Features

  • Eliminates YouTube advertising with iSponsor Block.
  • Enables recording of voice and video to the camera roll.
  • Enables downloading of YouTube clips, audio, and video, Shorts in up to 4K quality.
  • Enable Background Playback for YouTube Videos.
  • Videos that display dislike numbers.
  • Supports all video formats, including MP4 and WebM, in the 30/50/60 frame rates, 144p to 4k quality
  • Play downloaded videos in an external video player.
  • Allows you to watch any YouTube video.
  • Share/Export downloaded videos into Camera Roll or any other 3rd party app
  • Makes Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode available.
  • Has mini-player support.
  • Has controls for the playback speed & Users can set speed up to 3x.
  • Enables scrubbing or Control Centre controls.
  • Enables the iPad layout.
  • Gesture controls for videos (Swipe controls for brightness, volume, and seek.)
  • Provides IPA that is sideloaded.
  • Offers settings within the app.
  • Includes assistance with both Cercube and DLEasy migration.List of Features from uYouPlus app Settings iPhone

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More Information About uYouPlus IPA 

App Name uYouPlys
Developer qnblackcat
Category Entertainment
Size 118.1 MB
Version v18.14.1(T3.0)
OS Requirement iOS 14.0 or Later
Device Compatibility iPhone/iPad
Price Free
Downloads 1000000+

Install uYouPlus on iPhone with AltStore, & Sideloadly

Install AltStore on macOS: 

  • AltServer for macOS can be downloaded from the official website
  • To install the AltServer software, double-click
  • Add the AltServer app to the /Application folder.
  • To open the AltServer, simply double-click on it. It will show up in the toolbar on the top right.
  • In the Mac menu bar, select the AltServer icon. Select “Install Mail Plug-in” from the menu now.
  • Enter your password here. Open the Mail app now.
  • In the top left corner, click Mail. To manage plugins, go to Preferences >> General >> Manage Plugins. Take a look at AltPlugin.mailbundle >> Permit Access >> Apply, then relaunch mail.
  • Trust this computer while connecting your iPhone or iPad to your Mac. If necessary, enter the passcode.
  • Activate WiFi sync. Activate “Sync with this iPhone/iPad over Wi-Fi” for your device in iTunes after opening it. (macOS 10.14 Mojave or Previous Versions)

AltStore Installation procedure on macOS

  • Enable “Show this iPhone/iPad when on WiFi” for your device in Finder after opening it. (Mac OS 10.15 Catalina and Newer)

AltStore Installation process on macOS

  • Install AltStore >> desired device can be selected by clicking on the AltServer icon in the Mac menu bar.
  • Your Apple ID and password must be entered. To begin installing AltStore on your connected device, click the Install button. This makes sideloading possible.
  • Open Profiles & Device Management under Settings >> General. To confirm, tap “Trust [Your Apple ID],” then tap “Trust” once more.

Trust apps profile on iOS

  • You must activate the Developer Mode in iOS 16 or later under Settings >> Privacy and Security.

Enable Developer Mode on iOS from Settings

  • Finally, Install uYouPlus.

Sideload uYouPlus using AltStore:

  • Download the uYouPlus IPA file from the link given below.

   Download the uYouPlus IPA file

  • Now, open AltStore on your iOS device. Go to Settings and sign in with Apple ID. If AltStore displays an error saying Could not find AltServer Check your USB cable connection.

Configure AltStore

  • Go to MyApps Section.

AltStore app on iPhone

  • Tap on the + symbol in the top-left corner.
  • Select the uYouPlus IPA file from the list of displayed IPA files & Tap on the Keep Extensions option.

Sideloading process through AltStore

  • Enter the Passcode if it asks.
  • The uYouPlus IPA file will be installed on your device in a few moments.
  • Then, Navigate to Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management.
  •  Tap on uYouPlus Profile And Trust it.

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How to Install uYouPlus on iPhone with Sideloadly

  • Download & install Sideloadly for macOS from the link below.

   Download Sideloadly For Mac

  • Download the uYouPlus IPA file from the link below.

   Download the uYouPlus IPA file

  • Connect your iOS device to your PC through a USB cable.
  • Open Sideloadly on your PC & Click on the Yes button if you are prompted to install Mail-Plugin.

Drag IPA file into Sideloadly

  • Select your device under the iDevice section.
  • Enter your Apple ID under the Apple Account section.
  • Drag & Drop the IPA file into the Sideloadly window
  • Click on Advanced Options & select Use Anisette Authentication Check box.

Sideloadly IPA sideloading process

  • Click on the Start button.
  • Enter Password.

Sideloadly IPA Installation Process

  • The uYouPlus App will be installed in several minutes. You can see the App installed on your home screen.

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How to Enable Wi-Fi Sideloading 

  • First, Connect your computer and iOS device to the same network.
  • Now Unlock and connect the iOS device to the computer through a USB cable.
  • Now Open and Navigate to iTunes > Connected Device > Summary > Options.
  • Select Sync with this iDevice over Wi-Fi Checkbox.
  • Then Tap on Sync & Done.

Frequently Asked Questions – [FAQs]

Q - Without a jailbreak, can IPA be installed?

You may install. ipa Apps without a jailbreak with the help of several of them, like AnyTrans. The programme was created by iMobie to make it quick and simple for iOS users to manage and move content from their devices to computers, iPhones, and Android devices.

Q - I don't have a jailbreak, how can I get free access to paid iOS apps?

Try AppValley if you want to use your jailbroken iPhone to download paid apps for free. AppValley is a one-stop location for games, unapproved apps, and customisations for the iPhone that are available through Cydia.

Q - How safe are IPA files?

For developers and testers, sideloading IPA files might be helpful, but it also puts devices at risk for security issues. It is advised, for safety and security reasons, to only download and install iOS apps from the official App Store or through reputable MDM programmes.

Q - What is side loading?

For the first time ever, sideloading will let iPhone users download apps from places other than the Apple App Store using different app stores. In order to prevent malware on iPhones, Apple's approach to security and privacy has so far been to not permit sideloading.

Q - Is IPA the same as APK?

iOS applications come in IPA format. Android apps come in APK format. Both of them were created to run on many hardware platforms using various operating systems.

Q - Why is AltStore using 3 Apple IDs to install uYouPlus ?

This is because uYouPlus IPA file comes with 2 Extensions preloaded into it. It is not recommended to remove these Extensions, If you do so, uYouPlus will lose the ability to open in YouTube Shortcut & YouTube.

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Conclusion – uYouPlus App Free Download on iPhone

YouTube undoubtedly offers excellent service and satisfies the majority of our needs in terms of streaming services. However, if you don’t have a premium account, the constant advertisements that run in between the films could ruin your experience. Our lives are thankfully made easier by modifying apps like uYouPlus.

Thank You.

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