Brawl Stars Hack on iOS – Download from TutuApp No Jailbreak: If you are here then you are familiar with Brawl Stars. It is a fantastic multiplayer shooter game. Coming from the developer of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, Brawl Stars is an absolute hit among gamers.

Brawl Stars Hack for iPhone
Brawl Stars Hack for iPhone – Unlimited Gems

In this post, we are going to share with you the steps to install Brawl Stars Hack on iOS that will give you an edge over your opponents in the game.

We tried our best to deliver our personal experience with our favorite “Brawl Stars Hack” which I have in my iPhone 11 Pro, It’s completely our personal experience and you can try it out without any doubts. You can also check out: Tap Titans 2 Hack Download on iOS.

Brawl Stars Hack | What’s there?

It is definitely your favorite Brawl Stars game but the hacked version comes with a few incentives not available in the original version. The following are the additional resources that Brawl Stars Hack provides you.

  • Unlimited gems help you to pass levels easily.
  • Avail as many star tokens as you require for playing.
  • Know the target location of your shot even before you have fired it.
  • Progress faster to higher levels.
  • All in-app purchases are available at your disposal.

Brawl Stars MOD (UNLOCKED) Information

App Name Brawl Stars Hack
Category Games
Compatible with iOS & Android
Current Version v48.326
Need Jailbreak ?? No
Previous Version v48.304
App Size 316MB
Price Free
Downloads 1000000+

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Download Brawl Stars Hack on iOS (UNLOCKED)

For downloading the hack, you require TutuApp. TutuApp is a third-party iOS installer that hosts various hacked, modified, and tweaked iOS apps and games that are not available on the Apple App Store. If you are not having TutuApp on your iOS device, make sure you install the same. 

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Install Brawl Stars Hack on iPhone (Unlimited Gems)

The coolest part of this hack is that you don’t require a jailbroken iPhone to make it work. After you have installed TutuApp, follow the below steps to install Brawl Stars.

  • Launch TutuApp and an interface almost similar to the official App Store will greet you.
  • Navigate to the ‘Search’ section and search for ‘Brawl Stars Hack.’
    Brawl Stars Hack on iOS - TuTuApp Lite
    Brawl Stars Hack on iOS – TuTuApp Lite
  • Tap on the search result and click on ‘Get’ to initiate the download and installation procedure.
    Brawl Stars Hack Game on iOS TuTuApp
    Brawl Stars Hack Game on iOS
  • Tap on ‘Install’ on the dialog box that comes up next.
    Install Brawl Stars Hack on iPhone & iPad
    Install Brawl Stars Hack on iPhone & iPad
  • Monitor the installation progress from the home screen of your iOS device.
  • Once the installation is over, make sure you trust the profile of the hack.
  • Launch Brawl Stars Hack and be prepared to impress your friends with your unstoppable progress.

Introduction to Brawl Stars (Game Play):

Brawl stars is a multiplayer TPP game where you compete against other players online. There is variety of Events available in this game where each event has an unique objective. You can play this game in both Multiplayer mode where you can team up with your friends and also solo.

Brawl Stars Hack - Unlocked Levels FREE

Game Controls:

  • To move your character in different directions, swipe on left hand side of the virtual joystick.
  • To start attacking enemies use right hand side of the side of the virtual joystick. Tap and drag it in which direction you want to fire and release the button to fire.  Tap and release randomly to fire quickly at the nearest enamy of object.
  • You can also customize virtual joystick positions on screen according to your wish.

Multiple Events Of Brawl Stars:

As mentioned earlier there is variety of events and each event has it’s own objective. This makes the game even more interesting.

  • Solo Showdown And Duo Showdown:

In Solo Showdown there will be total of 10 players all of them fighting themselves to be the last one standing. You can obtain power cubes when you defeat enemies. Duo Showdown is also same as Solo showdown but here you can have a teammate to help each other in hard times. There will be a total of 5 teams and you have to defeat other 4 teams to win the game.

  • Gem Grab:

In the Gem Grab event there will be 2 teams each team containing 3 players. These 2 teams fight against each other to obtain a gem which will be produced in the middle of the battlefield. Whoever collects 10 gems and sustains countdown time will be the winner.

  • Bounty:

In this mode also there will be 2 teams with 3 players each.  There will be bounty on each players head, you have to defeat opposite team players and collect bounty on their head in order to earn stars for your team. And whenever you defeat someone from the opposite team bounty on your head will increase. Whichever team holds more stars in 2 minutes time will be the winner.

  • Heist:

In heist mode also there will be 2 teams with 3 players on each side. There will be a safe on each side of the battlefield, you have to protect the your safe at the same time destroy the opposite side safe. Whoever succeeds first becomes the winner.

  • Knockout:

In knockout mode 2 teams will participate with 3 players on each side. You must eliminate the enemy team within 3 rounds. There will be no respawns.

Brawl Stars Unlocked Skins, Gems & Brawls iPhone

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Best Brawl Stars Alternatives on iOS

You may have at least played Brawl stars or seen it with your friends and family once. The game has great gameplay and is super attractive. You can choose your favorite Chromatic Brawlers. Now, just stand up and fight against AI or other competitors. Here are some alternatives for Brawl Stars.

Space Pioneer

Space pioneer for iOS

If you are a fan of space games and more likely shooting ones, then Space Pioneer is your one time choice. You travel in space place to place colonizing hostile galaxies. The adventure just begins!

Fury Wars: Online

Fury Wars Online for iPhone

No one can beat the graphics of Fury Wars. You choose your hero and built a team to fight against enemies. The weapon disposal is just amazing.

Wild league: Top Down

Wild League Top Down for iPhone

It is a multiplayer game, 3×3 top down shooter genre. Fly around and search for heavily armed animals. You will have pre-selected weapons with special abilities. Your duty is to stand right and kill all the enemies.


Zooba For iOS

Zooba is a free to play battle royale game designed especially for MOBA fans. You will be in an arena with 15-35-45 players. Last man standing wins! So show your skills with this amazing Brawl Stars alternative game.


Q - How to unlock a character in Brawl Stars?

To unlock a new character you need the loot box. But it is not very easy to get the loot box. You need to use coins to purchase a loot box or you need to be lucky to get a loot box in the game. But with brawl stars hack you can get an unlimited loot box for free. You can unlock all the 38 characters in the game.

Q - Will I get banned for using Brawl Stars Hack iOS?

No, this Brawl Stars Hack for iOS runs in the private server and it has no connection to the official server. All the loot boxes, unlimited coins, unlimited skins are generated on our server. So you won’t be banned. Keep enjoying the game.

Q - Is Brawl stars Hack exclusive to iOS ?

No, Brawl stars hack is available for both iOS and Android platforms. Android users can also enjoy the Tweaked version of Brawl Stars.

Q - Why I can't install Brawl Stars Hack on my iPhone ?

In order to install Brawl Stars on your iPhone, your iPhone should have running on iOS 11 or higher. Otherwise you can't install Brawl Star on your phone. If you are an Android user minimum Android 7.0 is required.

Q - Can I play Brawl Star in FPP mode with my friends ?

No, Brawl Stars is a Multiplayer TPP game. You can team up with your friends and also enjoy solo mode. But only in TPP.

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Final Words: Brawl Stars Hack Download [MODDED]

These were the simple steps to acquire Brawl Stars Hack on iOS from TutuApp. For any kind of confusion and queries, utilize the comments section provided below.

Thank You.

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