Twitter++ iOS FREE Download on iPhone – [LATEST MOD]

Twitter ++ for iOS devices: The Bluebird of Twitter has spread its wings around the globe. The application has millions of users worldwide, with celebrities and other famous people using it to spread their ideas, making it a common platform to interact. Twitter++ is the tweaked version of this so much used app, with the tweaked version user get access to a whole bunch of new features that they missed out on earlier in the normal version.

Twitter++ App Free Download on iOS
Twitter++ App on iOS

Now share GIFs, vines, your thoughts, and ideas, or DM people with this amazing app. Twitter++ though is not available in the normal iOS app store and thus you need to get TutuApp to download it. Using this third-party app, you can get the application pretty easily.

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Features of Twitter++ App

Twitter++ is all about enhanced features, of Twitter, that make it an amazing app to have, list of some of the features is mentioned below.

  • Now share links and images directly from the tweets.
  • You can also share the tweets outside of the app.
  • Sharing and saving options for videos and images.
  • Option for YouTube integration and sharing DM’s.
  • Removing of follows button from a tweet.
  • Integration with the browser and Instagram is also available.
  • You can even go through the profile of the blocked users.

More Information About Twitter++

App Name Twitter++
Category Social Networking
Version 10.2
Size 74 MB
Language English
Updated Date 19th July 2023
OS Version Required iOS 10.0 or Later
Compatibility iOS 10 or later (iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch)
Price Free
Developer @UnlimApps
Age Limit 18+
Downloads 1000000+

Twitter Plus on iOS TuTuApp Download

This is not even the sophisticated list of features Twitter++ comes with, the app has got a long list of features ahead of it. Check out this complete guide on WhatsApp++ on iOS(iPhone/iPad) – Without Jailbreak & No PC Required.

Some Useful Tips for Using Twitter

Twitter is the most popular micro-blogging platform in the world. People on Twitter are the first to know about all the latest happenings in the whole world. But most people tweet once or twice a month & few people never tweet at all. These tips are useful for those who tweet regularly because it is very important to know Twitter’s full potential.

1. Know When to Post:

Though Twitter is the most popular social media platform in the World, User Engagement is not the same all the time. There will be fluctuation. People engage less on weekend days, with Monday, and Tuesday moderate whereas Wednesday to Friday are the most Engaged days on Twitter. 9 AM to 2 PM is the time when heavy traffic is drawn to Twitter according to Statistics.

2. Schedule Tweets to Most Engaged Days:

We have already known the best user engagement times on Twitter, and it is wise to tweet at the peak time so the tweet will be reached more users. The problem is that it may not be possible to go online every day at the same time and tweet, to overcome this problem there is a feature called Schedule Tweet.

Create a tweet and tap on the clock symbol to set a particular date and time. The Tweet will be automatically posted on the selected date.

3. Pin Important Tweets:

If you are posting new tweets every day, The older tweets will be hidden behind the new ones and if there is an important tweet you want everyone to read soon after entering your space it will be hard for you to ping everyone. The Pin Tweet feature is useful here.

To Pin a Tweet, First publish it and then go to the tweet on your timeline, You can see an upward-pointing arrow mark tap on it and choose Pin to Your Profile option.

4. Overcome the Word-Limit Hurdle:

Twitter is a micro-blogging site and as the name suggests it is not possible to publish more information at a time. Right now twitter’s text limit is up to 10000 characters. If you wish to post a longer tweet then click on the + icon near to tweet button. Then add the subsequent information and Publish it. The Tweet will be automatically polished as a multiple tweet in an organised manner.

Download Twitter++ on iOS – TuTuApp

For downloading Twitter++ you need to have TutuApp installed on your iOS, follow these steps to install Twitter ++.

  • First of all, you need TutuApp Store, go on to your Safari browser and get it to download from the internet. or
  • You can also try it on the stable version of Tutuapp called TuTuApp Lite. You can download it from the below link

   Download TuTuApp

   Download TuTuApp Lite iOS

  • Once downloaded, then you can go for the next step.
  • Now in the General settings, under settings, look for Device Management and let the trust Tutu app option on.
  • Look for Twitter ++ in the downloaded Tutuapp store by typing Twitter++ in the search bar at the top.
    Twitter++ on iOS - TuTuApp
    Twitter++ on iOS – TuTuApp
  • Download Twitter++ from there and wait for the app to get downloaded.
    Twitter Plus on iPhone and iPad - TuTuApp
    Twitter Plus on iPhone and iPad – TuTuApp
  • Tap on Install to get the Twitter++ application on iOS devices.
    Install Twitter++ App on iOS - TuTuApp
    Install Twitter++ App on iOS – TuTuApp
  • Hit on Install to get it on your home screen within seconds.
    Twitter Plus on iPhone and iPad - TuTuApp
    Twitter Plus on iPhone and iPad – TuTuApp
  • Once again similar to step 3, go to the device manager and this time turn trust on for Twitter++.
  • Launch Twitter++ and enjoy using the application.
    Twitter Plus Plus Features
    Twitter Plus Plus Features

Install Twitter++ on iOS (iPhone/iPad) with AltStore

Before you can start with the installation steps, make sure you have the Twitter++ IPA file available on your iOS device. You can save yourself some effort by downloading the Twitter++ IPA file from the link provided below.

   Download Twitter++ IPA File

  • Launch AltStore on your iOS device.
  • On AltStore’s interface, please go to My Apps.
  • Under My Apps, you require tapping on the + button.
  • This will invoke a list of downloaded files. Select the Twitter++ IPA file from the list.
  • If this is your first sideload attempt with AltStore, please enter the Apple credentials, utilized to set up AltStore, in the next screen.
  • This will start the sideloading process.
  • After the sideloading process is complete, you will have the icon of Twitter++ under My Apps in AltStore as well as on the home screen of your iOS device.
  • Prior to launching the app, make sure you navigate to Settings > General > Profile & Device Management and trust the profile of Twitter++.

Best Alternatives for Twitter iOS

Twitter is a great application that helps you socialize. Nowadays all the official announcements from celebrities or any issues in the world are shared through Twitter, but if you are looking for an amazing alternative, here we are with the best list.


Facebook - Social Media app for iOS

Facebook is one of the old-school social media platforms that allow you to put your point in front of the world. It allows you to share your thoughts with friends, allows you to socialize and keeps your social world neat yet elegant.

Users can even play online games with family and friends on Facebook, there is also a feature called Market Place which will allow users to interact with local people for trading.

PinterestPinterest for iPhone - Free

If Twitter allows you to share your thoughts through words, similar way Pinterest allows you to share ideas among people. Pinterest is the best app of its kind.

Pinterest is one such platform that will keep you fresh and entertain your choice of anything. You can try Cheatsheets on Pinterest if you are looking for useful information in a concise format.


Instagram - Popular Image Sharing App for iOS

Instagram is the new generation social media platform that will keep you posted with all the media content. People love to share their thoughts and socialize with the modern platform features through Instagram.

Instagram app has built-in filters and effects that can be used to enhance your videos and photos before publishing. It is the best photo-sharing social media platform in the world.


TikTok - Popular Short Videos Sharing app for iOS

TikTok took trend in the early 2019. The application took rise and people started using it to upload minute-long videos to showcase their skills and different media content that everyone loves to watch.

The app probably has the world’s largest collection of short videos including Entertainment, Sports, News, Kids, Vlogs, Gaming, Tours, Tutorials, and many others.

Twitter++ on iOS | How to Use?

Using Twitter++ on iPhone/iPad is simple. Once the installation is successful, please follow the below steps to start using Twitter++ on iOS.

  • After trusting the profile, please launch Twitter++ on your iOS device.
  • You need to enter your Twitter login credentials.
  • Tap on Login after entering the credentials.
  • You will notice that the interface of Twitter++ is better than the original app.
  • From the interface, you can easily share media files, post links to other app platforms, and even download posts.
  • There are options to improve your profile as well.
  • Start using Twitter with the additional features of Twitter++ free.

Twitter++ on iOS | How to Uninstall?

Uninstalling Twitter++ from your iOS device is simple. All you need to do is follow the below steps.

Uninstall Twitter++ From Home Screen

  • Please tap and hold on to the Twitter++ icon present on the home screen of your iOS device. (Select Twitter Instead of Instagram).

Uninstall Twitter++ on iPhone

  • Tap on Delete App.

Uninstall instagram++ on iPhone

  • Tap on Delete once more.
  • Uninstallation of Twitter++ is successful.

Uninstall Twitter++ From Settings

  • Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage, Find & tap on the Twitter++ app.

Uninstall an app on iOS from Settings

  • You can see all the details of the app, Scroll down to the bottom and Tap on Delete App Option.
  • You will get a popup asking for confirmation, Again tap on Delete App.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What is Twitter Plus Plus?

Twitter++ is a tweaked version of the original Twitter application. It gives you more freedom while social networking, like you, can download videos, can share links outside Twitter, easy link sharing, and many more.

Q - Is Twitter++ Safe?

Yes, It is a completely safe application. You can use Twitter back again even if you go want to back. It gives you full freedom to do whatever you want, and it never asks you for any Apple ID credentials or doesn’t need to jailbreak to get it on your device.

Q - Is Twitter++ Legal?

Yes, It is legal from the users’ point of view, but in the original developers’ point of view, it’s kinda not legal. If you still want to be in the more safe zone, I would suggest you all use any trusted VPN while using this tweaked app.

Q - How to download videos from Twitter?

Twitter++ | Download

To download photos and videos from Twitter, we highly recommend Twitter++ for your iOS devices. It’s been our favourite tweaked app to download whatever I want from the Twitter platform.

Q - Do I have to Jailbreak my device to install Twitter++?

No need to Jailbreak your device. You can install AltStore or any other IPA Installer to sideload Twitter++ on your iOS device.

Q - Is Twitter++ Free?

Yes. Twitter++ is a MOD version of Original Twitter and It is Cost Free and Ad-Free. No need to spend money.

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Conclusion: Twitter++ on iOS No Jailbreak & No PC

Twitter is already a world-renowned app, and with Twitter++ iOS and its enhanced features, it makes the app more unique and attractive for users. The app is not available directly for download and requires a third-party app store like TutuApp for download. In this article, we have discussed all these amazing apps and how to get them for your iOS device. We hope this article was of quite help to you.

Thank You.

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