Nekkoto App Download on iOS – [Aniko Invite]

Fans of anime are joined together to form a secret community to share amine movies and series among themself. They don’t want some other people who don’t know anything about anime to join them and spoil the fun. That why they formed this secret community for themself using this app Nekkoto on iOS.

In order to prevent these kinds of problems, they have introduced this new feature called Invite key. Only if you have the invite key you are welcomed to enter the Latest Nekkoto App. These invites can be given to you by the users who are already using the app.

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Nekkoto App Download on iOS

You need to have the Nekotto invite keys to login into the app and watch the anime videos. Previously this app was there only for android. But now the iOS version is also released. But you cannot directly install the Nekkoto app from the app store. You need to have apps like TutuApp to install the app on iOS devices. Check Out: Weyd App Download on iOS [iPhone/iPad] (.APK)

Nekkoto App on iOS | Features:

Here is the list of all the awesome features of the Nekkoto app. Nekkoto App on iOS is getting improved so much after each update. 

  • Unlike the previous versions, the latest version of the Nekkoto app has a built-in player which plays the movies and web series in very high definition.
  • Easy-to-use interface and no-ads make this app to be loved more.
  • All the genres of anime are available including action, comedy, ecchi, and adventure.
  • You need to worry about the subtitles since all the anime episodes have pre-downloaded subtitles in all the languages. You need to just choose and enjoy.
  • Completely free to use if you have the invite code. You need not pay anything as a subscription for the app.
App Name Nekkoto App
Developer Aniko
Latest Version v1.6
Category Tweaked Apps
Size 45 MB

Download and install Nekkoto using  TuTuApp

Since the Nekkoto APK on iOS is not available in the app store you need to install using a third-party app such as TuTuApp. The below is the method to install the Nekkoto app using TuTuApp in few simple steps:

  • You need to download the TuTuApp on your iOS device from the below-given link.

   Download TuTuApp

TuTuApp Lite (Stable Version):

   Download TuTuApp Lite

  • Now open the TuTuApp app and on the homepage, you can see a search box. In that search box type the app name Nekkoto.


  • From the list choose the Nekkoto app and tap on it to install.


  • Once the app is installed, you need to open the settings app from the iOS device.
  • Go to general settings there and choose device management.
  • In the device manager, you will get the list of apps that are installed on the device.
  • Near the Nekkoto app, you can see an option called Trust. Click on it to let the device run the app.


  • Now you can open the app Nekkoto. Now insert the invite key on the registration page and register.

invite keys

  • Ope the app and enjoy the shows.

Invite Keys for the Nekkoto app:

Here are some of the working invite keys / codes for the Nekkoto App. You can register using these.







 Nekotto Alternatives on iOS

Nekotto is one of the best application for streaming anime. It has a lot of anime content that you can stream and read. It is famous because of its features of anime reader. You can download all kind of anime content, also put bookmarks and create anime requests when needed. Here are some amazing alternatives of Nekotto.

Kissanime mobile

The application has a wide range of content that people have been looking forward at. You have almost all features on fingertip with Kissanime mobile app on iOS. You will not regret having this amazing app on your device.


Ah! This amazing app is on everyone’s lips as anYme has all the craving fulfilled. You can enjoy anYme for reading anime on iOS without any hassle.


The name explains what this amazing application is going to provide. FUNimation is one such app that gives you all the chills when experiencing an in-depth craving for anime content.


Something that’s out of the world, and considered as one of the best alternative of Nekotto app, Crunchyroll is one of the best anime-content app you would ever find. So, here you go to fulfil your mood swings of anime content.


Can I download videos from the Nekkoto app?

Yes, you can download it from the app but not for free. In order to download the shows from the Nekkoto app, you need to donate some money to the app. There is no minimum amount but you need to make some donation. If you just want to watch then you can watch it for free.

What are the available video quality options in the Nekkoto app?

At present most of the shows are available in 1080p format. You can choose to watch in low quality if you are running out of data. Also, some of the animes are available in Blu-ray quality.

Why the titles are in blue color sometimes?

If a special show is added to the series then the title is made blue to notify you about the new addition.


You can watch all the episodes for free in the Nekkoto app.

Check Out:

Conclusion – Nekkoto Download on iOS from TutuApp

Nekkoto app has many anime serials and movies that you can’t get elsewhere on the internet. These shows are exclusive for Nekkoto users. The previous app Anime Molecules was shut down due to copyright issues. These are the steps to install the Nekkoto app in iOS using the TuTuApp. Never miss this app if you are a huge anime fan.

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