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Presence on Facebook, Instagram, or other social media websites has become a norm nowadays with Facebook being the most popular of all. Speaking particularly about Facebook, there are several new and old-school tweaks that the users are requesting for a long like disabling the auto-play of videos, old sidebar navigation, in-app messenger, and many more. We don’t know about the official Facebook app, but the third-party app Facebook++ indeed has all these features. Let us talk more about Facebook++ in this post.

Facebook++ for iPhone - Facebook MOD
Facebook++ for iOS

Facebook++ is a tweaked or hacked version of the official Facebook app that brings in additional features not present in the official app and even removes certain restrictions thereby giving the users a phenomenal experience of the social media portal. Must check:SnapChat++ iOS FREE Download – [LATEST BEST MOD].

Facebook++ vs Facebook?

You might be curious to know what extra Facebook++ is providing that makes it better as compared to the official version. We have listed the provisions below.

  • You can download videos to the local storage on your device.
  • You can utilize Messenger within the Facebook++ application like in the old-school days.
  • Apart from downloading the videos, you can also choose to copy them on the clipboard and paste them anywhere to send.
  • By default, the Facebook newsfeed is set to show the most popular posts. However, in the tweaked version, you can default it to display the most recent posts.
  • Get the old sidebar navigation back.
  • You can choose to stop the auto playback of the videos that come up in the news feed.
  • On your iOS device, you can set up your bor Touch ID to prevent unauthorized access to the Facebook app.

Facebook++ Features – Image Gallery

More Information About the Facebook++ IPA for iOS

App Name Facebook++
Developer WuXu1
Category Social Media ( Tweaked )
Version v411.0
Size 121 MB
Required OS Version iOS 7.0 or Later
Device Compatibility iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch
Last Updated 04 July 2023
Language English
Age Limit 12+
Price FREE
Downloads 1000000+

If the above features have strengthened your thought to download Facebook++ on iOS, then continue reading below. Our favourite game out there: Tinder++ iPhone FREE Download – [Premium MOD UNLOCKED].

Download Facebook++ iOS on iPhone/iPad [STEPS]

You cannot get Facebook++ from the official App Store. You require accessing the services of TutuApp, which is a third-party App Store. Those who don’t have TutuApp on their iOS device can check out the below-embedded link for the download and installation steps. Please note that you don’t require jailbreaking your iPhone/iPad to utilize the services of TutuApp.

   Download TuTuApp

TuTuApp Lite (Stable Version):

   Download TuTuApp Lite

Once you have installed TutuApp on your iPhone/iPad, please go through the following steps to download and install Facebook++ Hack on iOS.

Download Facebook++ on iOS using TutuApp

  • Tap on the TutuApp icon to launch the platform.
  • Directly type in Facebook++ in the search bar and hit.


  • Tap on Facebook++ from the search results to go to the installation screen.
  • From this screen, tap on Get or Install to initiate the installation process.

install facebook++

  • Your iPhone/iPad will pop up a warning stating that TutuApp wants to install Facebook++ on your iOS device. You require tapping on Allow or Install to continue with the process.

Download fcebook++

  • After successful installation, make sure you trust the profile of Facebook++ from Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management.

That’s it! Facebook++ is installed on your iOS device now. You will have the icon ready on the home screen. Tap on the same and log in with your Facebook creds to enjoy the tweaked experience

Install FaceBook++ IPA on iPhone with AltStore

  • Visit https://altstore.io and install AltStore on your PC and iOS devices.
  • Download the Facebook++ IPA file from the link given below.

   Download the Facebook++ IPA file

  • Now, Open the AltStore application on your iOS device and Go to MyApps section.
  • You can see a + icon in the top-left corner, click on it and you can see a list of IPA files available on your device. Tap on the Facebook++ ipa file to start the installation process.

MyApps section on AltStore - Use the + icon to import IPA file

  • If you are sideloading an IPA file for the first time using AltStore, It will ask you for the Password Enter your Apple Password and submit.

AltStore's Sign in Page - Enter your Apple Credentials to Sign In

  • Within a few minutes, the Facebook++ IPA file will be installed on your device.
  • The installed app will be available from the device’s home screen and AltStore’s MyApps section.
  • Now, Go to Settings > General > VPN & Device Management on your device Tap on the Facebook++ Profile under the Enterprise App section and then tap on your Apple ID and Trust it.

Trust App's Profile on iOS device

  • Now you can start using the Facebook++ Application on your iOS device.

Facebook Alternatives on iOS

Facebook is really one of the most old-school social media websites available on the internet. The platform is famous for its availability, but as it is considerably used for socializing, people are searching for more options. So we have catered for a lot of alternatives for Facebook on iOS devices.


Instagram Application as an alternative to Facebook++

Instagram is owned by Facebook and yet has a great unique database of users. People love using Instagram for its simple user interface that is elegant yet simple. So if you want a perfect alternative, Instagram is your choice.

Filters and effects are one of the unique features that make Instagram the number one image-sharing platform in the world.


TikTok - free short video sharing platform for iOS

TikTok has taken trend in the recent days. The application allows you to post several short videos that will help you enjoy snoring around with followers enjoying your content.

TikTok is the source of the world’s short videos of any kind. Entertainment videos like movies, series, shows, comedy, memes, Sports, news, kids, cooking, tutorials etc available in less than 1-minute length.


World's best image source - Pinterest app for iPhone, iPad and iPod

Pinterest allows you to explore unique and new stuff every now and then. So if you are a fan of images and videos that gives you a lot of good ideas to explore, then Pinterest is your one-time stop.

Pinterest saves you a lot of time especially when you are looking for a summary of any topic or tutorial. It is a home to lot of cheat sheet tutorials. You can save them to your device in HD format for free.


Reddit for iOS - FREE download

Reddit is the second name of addiction. People love using Reddit for all the exploration features that filter content as per your interest. It is one great alternative for Facebook available on iOS.

Reddit is home to the world’s communities, here you can find a community related to any topic in the world. But there is also a lot of adult content being shared on Reddit and you should keep that in mind before using it.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q – Is jailbreak mandatory for installing Facebook++?

You don’t require a jailbroken iPhone/iPad to install and use Facebook++.

Q – Can I install Facebook++ with the original version of the app?

No! You require uninstalling the App Store version of Facebook to install Facebook++.

Q – Can I send an unlimited number of photos via Messenger on Facebook++?

Yes! The internal messenger of Facebook++ allows you to send an unlimited number of photos. You can even disable VoIP and view the timestamp for each and every text.

Q - Does Facebook++ show Ads?

This is one of the most frequent questions asked by our visitors and Nope, it won't show any ads in between the usage.

Tweaked Versions of Popular Social Media Applications

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Conclusion – Facebook++ Download on iOS using TutuApp

Enjoy the upgraded experience of Facebook with the Facebook++ app on iOS. Let us know your thoughts on Facebook++ and what more features you want in the tweaked version via the comments section provided below.

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