CucoTV App Download on iOS [iPhone/iPad] – (.APK)

If you need to stream a movie in high definition on your mobile or tablet then the CucoTV app is your choice. This app has a lot of movies and TV series which are broadcasted around the world. Not only English language movies but also all the language movies are available in the app to watch.

CucoTV APK Download
CucoTV APK Download

If you need to watch them later then you can download the movies into your mobile or tablet. Not all streaming apps let you download movies into your mobile phone.

All the movies and TV shows are free to watch in the CucoTV APK on iOS. Check out: Weyd App Download on iOS [iPhone/iPad].

CucoTV on iOS | Features:

There are a lot of features in this app. Many apps are available in the iOS store app to stream videos for free. But this CucoTV app has some unique and important features that will make you choose this app rather than others.

  • Very simple and easy to navigate UI makes this app favorite for all the users. The ad-free experience is the cherry on top.
  • Some apps will let you download only one file at a time. You can download one movie at a time but the CucoTV lets you download many files at once in the background. Also, you can watch and download at the same time.
  • Multiple video quality to choose from. There are a lot of video formats available to choose from. Formats like 480p, 720p, 1080p are available to choose from. You can make the choice depending on the available data on your mobile.
  • The app is also available in more than 150 languages. You can choose the required language in the app settings -> language.
  • Subtitles for movies are also available for all languages. You need not download and add the subtitles to the movies. It’s available in the app itself.
  • You can cast this app on almost all the casting devices such as Firestick, Chromecast, Roku devices, and also on Android TV.

These are the most notable features of the app. Along with these features, there are some other features that are useful and unique from the features that are available in the other streaming apps.

Install CucoTV APK on iOS using TuTuApp 

Since this app streams movies for free this app is not available in the app store. You need to use the TutuApp to download the app into your iOS device.

  • Install the TuTuApp from the App store. To install the CucoTV app you need to install the TuTu App first.

   Download TuTuApp

TuTuApp Lite (Stable Version):

   Download TuTuApp Lite

   CucoTV APK Download

  • Open the TutuApp and on the homepage, you can see a search box. In that search box type Cuco TV App and click search.
  •  In the search result, you can see the Cuco TV app. Click on the app to start installing the app.
  • Once the app is installed you need to open the phone settings.
  •  On the settings page, you can see the general settings. Go to general settings.
  •  In the general settings, tap on device management. In the device management you can see the apps are listed out.

tutuapp IOS

  •  In that app list near the Cuco TV app, you can see a small button that reads “Trust”.


  • Click on the trust and launch the app from the home page. Enjoy the movies.


Follow all the steps without skipping any steps to install the CucoTV app on your iOS device.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is CucoTV safe to use on my iOS device?

Yes, It is safe to use CucoTV on iOS device. You can directly use it to stream unlimited TV shows and movies. You can tag along other various media on the application.

2. Do I need to jail break my device to download CucoTV on my iOS device?

No, you do not have to jail break your device to download CucoTV on your iOS device. You can directly download it from any third-party source. We recommend downloading only from trusted sources to avoid any issues in future.

3. What is CucoTV on iOS device?

CucoTV is all about amazing media on internet. As OTT platforms are charging a lot of money online to stream movies and TV shows, you can use CucoTV to stream all these features online. It is a free OTT platform to stream all the online media content.

4. CucoTV crashed, what to do?

If CucoTV is crashing on your iOS device, then don’t worry. Simply reboot your device first. Now if the application is still not opening, simply reinstall the application from a trusted source. The CucoTV application will then run smoothly on your iOS device.

Check Out:

Conclusion – Latest Cuco TV APK Download on iOS from TutuApp

The above are the steps to install the CucoTV app on your iOS device using the TutuApp. If you got any errors during the installation then you can do comment below. We will help to solve the error and install the app.

Thank You.

Smule VIP Modded iOS Download on (iPhone & iPad)

Be a VIP user on Smule and get a chance to get access to unlimited songs for singing solos or duets. The app helps users singing songs and also provides you with some other features making you sound even better.

 A perfect app to enjoy with your friends now you can have entertainment anytime you want and enjoy life by singing songs.

Smule VIP Free on iOS
Smule VIP Free on iOS

The VIP version of the app gives the user access to some premium stuff and features. Must Read: Subway Surfers Hack iOS & Unlimited Keys &  Coins (TuTuApp Download).

Features of Smule VIP App

The amazing application Smule VIP has got a bunch of features that are efficient to attract users for singing solos or duets to some great songs. Some of these features are listed below:

  • Providing you with unlimited songs so now sing as much as your heart desires.
  • You get complete songbook access.
  • Otherwise costing you money out of your pocket, with the help of tutuapp you can get the VIP app for free.
  • No ads and access to some of the premium audio filters, everyone can sing now with Smule VIP.
  • Customization of your profile is another option you get with the app.
App Name Smule VIP Modded
App Size 54.51 MB
Categories Tweaked Apps
License Type Free
Available on  TuTuApp Store
Downloads 10000000+


Also, check out – KineMaster Premium Mod Hack on iOS(iPhone & iPad) – FREE.

How To Download Smule VIP Free on iOS – TuTuApp

The downloading process of the Smule VIP is actually pretty easy, and the app can be easily installed by anyone if he just follows the following steps:

  • First and foremost you need to download TuTuApp through the browser into your device; you can easily find it below and download it.

   TuTuApp Download on iOS

  • Next, you need to give permission to the application by going into the settings and turning on the Trust TuTuApp option. You will find this option in the device manager of your device’s settings.
  • After this you need to open the app and then Download Smule VIP from it, you can easily search for it in the TuTuApp and then start the installation.

Download Smule VIP on iOS using TuTuApp

  • Once the installation is done, then you can open Smule VIP and start enjoying and playing unlimited songs on this free-to-use application.

Smule VIP on iOS using TuTuApp

Smule VIP Alternatives on iOS

Smule is one of the best renowned application for Karaoke. If you are interested in playing this amazing application to stream music and play amazing content, we know Smule will be your choice. But for many reasons such as collection of songs, you may be looking for an alternative. Here we go with some amazing content online with best Smule Alternatives for iOS device.


It is time to add some twist on your audio content. Smule just provides you a Karaoke feature, but AnimojiStudio helps you create your own animated videos to enjoy streaming all time long.


PhonicMind is doing a great job in making vocal free music on internet. It is really trending among all music lover space. You can create high quality Karaoke music of your own choice through this app.

Karaoke Nite

Ah! Stuck with your friends and do not have something interesting to do? Karaoke Nite will do your job by offering best Karaoke experience on internet, on-the-go.


Break all records with FreddieMeter, it is one of the best application for music entertainment. Do not wait and try this amazing Smule alternative application called FreddieMeter now.


Q - How Do I Delete Smule Chat?

You can tap on the three dots in the upper right-hand corner of your screen and choose to delete the chat.

Q - What’s the way of doing a Collab in the app?

Tap on the song you want to sing in the songbook. Click on the “View Invites” option after this. You’ll see a list of invites to join a collab. Click on the join button to collab and sing with someone else.

Q - How Do I Unlock VIP on Smule for Free?

You can use any genuine stores to download tweaked version of the app. We strongly recommend TuTuApp and the above guide to get it for free.

Q - Is Smule VIP Worth?

Yes, It's a high-quality app and very much addictive if you are really interested in singing your favorite songs. Don't mind paying for this small subscription if you love music. If it's too costly for you, we recommend you to use the Mod version of Smule VIP and enjoy the music.

Q - Is Smule VIP Trusted App?

Yes, it's very much trusted and highly popular among different music brands.

Q - Can you see who viewed your Smule ?

No, you can't see who viewed your Smule. It will show you how many times it's been played, but not who has been playing it. You can see if the people like your song or do any comment on it.

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8 Ball Pool Hack on iOS – MOD UPDATE on (iPhone & iPad)

Final Words – Download SMULE VIP FREE on iOS – TutuApp

The amazing Smule VIP Free App provides you with the ability to sing some great solos and duets with the application, otherwise costing you out of your pocket you can get the app without any fee paid and not even Jailbreaking your device. Now sing unlimited solos with the help of this app.

Thank You.

Download Subway Surfers Hack 2 on iOS (iPhone/iPad) – [Unlimited Coins]

Subway Surfer Latest [2022] Hack – Unlimited Keys & Coins – Download from TutuApp: Admit it! Subway Surfer is one of the most addictive games and is present, almost, on every smartphone. In Subway Surfer, as you know, you just have to run, protect yourself from the police officer, and prevent colliding with obstacles, and collect keys and coins on the way. However, as the speed of the game increases, things become difficult.

Subway surfers Hack
Subway surfers Hack on iOS

In this post, in order to make things easy, we are going to share with you the steps to download and install Subway Surfers Latest Hack through which you can get access to unlimited keys and coins.

With unlimited resources, you can buy new characters and unlimited hoverboards thereby decreasing the difficulty level of the game, enabling you to set new records. Flash update here: PUBG Mobile Hack on iOS.

Subway Surfers Hack Info:

You can download Subway Surfers Hack for free from TutuApp. TutuApp is a third-party App Store that provides access to a variety of tweaked and modified iOS applications, which are not present in the original App Store. From TutuApp, you can download hacks for various other popular iOS games as well.

Game Name Subway Surfers iOS
Seller Kiloo
Category Tweaked Apps & Games
Price Free
Downloads 10000000+
Last Updated On 2022/04/12
Compatible With iOS 8 and Later(iPhone, iPad, & iPod Touch)
Languages English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, & Spanish

Install Subway Surfers Hack on iOS [iPhone/iPad]

Good thing is that you do not require jailbreaking your iOS device for this purpose. Both TutuApp and the apps available in TutuApp don’t demand a jailbroken device for download and installation.

  • Please note that in order to install Subway Surfer Hack, you require uninstalling the original gaming application from your iPhone/iPad.
  • As a first, please download and install TutuApp on your iOS device. Those who are unaware of the steps to download and install TutuApp can check our post on the same from here

   TuTuApp on iOS

  • After successful installation of TutuApp, please do trust its profile.
  • Next, launch TutuApp and an interface similar to the original App Store will greet you. Search for Subway Surfer Hack in the search section.

subway surfers hack

  • Tap on the search result to go to the application information screen.
  • Here you can read more about the hack. Tap on ‘Get’ to initiate the download and installation process of Subway Surfer Hack on your iOS device.

subway surfers hack latest

  • After successful installation of the hack, please trust the profile of the hack as well.

subway surfers hack updated

  • Launch Subway Surfer Hack and enjoy the power of unlimited keys and coins.

Best Alternatives of Subway Surfers on iOS

We all have spent hours playing Subway Surfers. This amazing game doesn’t need any introduction at all. What are we still missing? We are here to give you the best alternatives of Subway Surfers on iOS.

Temple Run 2

The classic Temple Run 2 has paved its way through been the most competitive game against Subway Surfers. Enjoy playing the game right away and experience the vibes of the jungle.

Sonic Dash

Speed! That’s what comes to our mind listening about Sonic. The game revolves around similar game play to Subway surfer but with a unique crush of Sonic. So what are you waiting for? It is time to dive in the speed now.

Crossy Road

It is time to experience the vibes of city and chaos that we see in our daily life. Crossy road it a simulation of Subway surfer gameplay where you have to cross through        street of traffic.

Zombie Highway 2

Graphics isn’t the matter, but it indeed keeps you on track. Zombie Highway 2 is one of the best alternative of Subway surfer, defend yourself from various Zombie simulation made in-game while you defend yourself from vehicles.

Most Asked FAQs | Subway Surfers Hack iOS

Q - How to get Unlimited coins in Subway Surfers iOS hack?

Subway Surfers iOS hack makes it easy to get unlimited coins for free. You need not purchase them. All you need to do is to download and install the hack on your iOS device. Then open the game and go to the store. There you can see the option to buy Stack of Coins, Bag of Coins, Chest of Coins, etc. Click on any button. Without paying coins will be added to your account.

Q - How to update the Subway Surfers iOS hack app?

You need to download the latest version of the game and install it on your device manually after deleting the old version. If you have installed the hack using any third-party app store like TuTuApp, you can open the TuTuApp and tap on update near Subway Surfers iOS hack app.

Check Out:

Final Words – Subway Surfer Hack Download on iPhone/iPad

These were the steps to download and install Modded Subway Surfer from TutuApp on your iOS device. If you happen to face any kind of problems during the installation process, let us know about the same in the comments section provided below.

Download HDO Box on iOS [iPhone/iPad] – (OFFICIAL)

HDO Box app is the world’s largest tool for tracking movies, Tv series, and web series. With the HDO Box app, you can track all your favorite movies and get the latest news about them. You can also find out the release dates of the movies, episodes in TV series, etc.

HDO Box app has a huge list of movies to watch. Every day high quality streaming links for new movies are added.

HDO Box app can be installed on all the devices such as Android mobiles, tablets, Firestick devices, FireTv, and also PCs. Must check: Injustice 2 Hack Game on iOS(iPhone & iPad) No Jailbreak.

 HDO Box iOS | Features:

The app also has various pre-defined filters which you can choose to pick your favorite genre movies and here are some of the amazing features of the HDO Box on iOS.

  • Ad-free clean UI: The user interface of the app is very simple and light. It is easy to use and has zero ads. You can easily navigate through the menus and search for your favorite Tv series.
  • integrated: is integrated with the HDO Box app which makes it easy for users to track the movie details, sync their watchlist history and add favorites.
  • 100% free to use: HDO Box app is 100% free to use and you need not even register to use the app. You can simply install and start watching.
  • Save your favorites: option to save your favorite movies and TV shows is available. When you open the app next time you can directly open the favorites tab and start watching movies without searching all of them again.
  • Watch history: All the movies, web series episodes you watch will be stored in the watch history which you can access later.

Install HDO Box App on iOS using TutuApp

Because of some copyright issues HDO Box APK is not available in the app store and can’t be directly installed on your iOS device from the app store. You need to install the app using a third-party app installer like TuTuApp. Here are the steps to download and install the HDO Box app on iOS using TuTuApp.

  • You need to install the TuTuApp first. Download the TuTuApp config file.

   Download TuTuApp

TuTuApp Lite (Stable Version):

   Download TuTuApp Lite

Or directly download from here – 

   HDO Box

  • Downloading the TuTuApp config file will install the profile on the device.
  • Now go to Settings -> General -> Profile and Device Management. There you can find the installed TuTuApp profile.
  • Click Install on the TuTuApp profile. After installing click the “Trust” button on the right side of the TuTuApp. Go back to the home screen.

Click on Trust

  • Now open the TuTuApp from the home screen. In the search bar type “HDO Box app”.


  • Select the HDO Box app from the result and tap on the “GET” button near the app.
  • Once the HBO Box iOS is installed, now you have to go back to Settings -> General -> Profile and Device Management.
  • Now click on the “Trust” button adjacent to the HDO Box profile.


  • Now you can open the HDO Box app and enjoy watching your favorite TV shows and movies.

UPDATE: HDO Box is available on the app store right now, we are giving the direct download link given below. Just in case if it’s not working, check the above method and install it using Tutuapp.


Best alternatives of HDO Box

If you love watching movies at the comfort of your home, then you would surely know about HDO Box. This amazing application has provided thousands of movies and entertained users over the years. But if you are bored using the same streaming application, don’t worry. We are here to cater your needs and give this best alternative for HDO Box.

Titanium TV

Titanium TV is the clone of the legendary application Terrarium TV. It has one of the best remote control friendly feature with an amazing user-interface for all your movie needs. It is time to come back to the traditional streaming now with Titanium TV.

Titanium TV - HDO Box Similar App

Pluto TV

You can watch live TV and access to all the features that were available on HDO Box. The benefits of Pluto TV is its flexibility and compatibility. You can watch sports, live TV, movies, and TV series through just one application i.e. Pluto TV.

PlutoTV - HDO Box App

PlayBox HD

It is time to stream HD with PlayBox HD. Do not compromise on high quality content with this amazing application. Now, stream your favourite movie and TV shows on your device in HD quality with PlayBox HD for free.


Stremio is one of the best alternative of HDO Box. You can stream all the movies and TV shows within this one application. The application has best user-interface that will amaze you to the core. Stream your favourite content with Stremio and cater all your streaming needs.

Stremio - HDO Box Alternative

HDO Box on iOS | FAQs 

Q - Why do I get an “Untrusted Enterprise Developer” error when I try to open HDO Box iOS?

If you have not enabled the “Trust” button in the HDO Box app profile then you will encounter this error. So go to Settings -> General -> Profile and Device Management and enable the trust button on the HDO Box app.

Q - Is HDO Box App free to use?

Yes, the HDO Box app is available to use for free. You need not pay anything as a subscription fee. If someone asks you to pay for the app you can report the developer.

Q - How to update the HDO Box app?

You can update the HDO Box for iOS using the TuTuApp. Since you have installed the app using TuTuApp, you have opened the TuTuApp and click on update near the HDO Box app name.

Check Out:

Conclusion – Latest HDO Box Download on iOS from TutuApp

These are the steps to install HDO Box on iOS devices. HDO Box app is compatible with all the iOS devices such as iPhones, iPads, Mac, etc. If you have any trouble installing the app then you can let us know by leaving a comment below. We will help you solve it.

Garena Free Fire Hack iOS on (iPhone/iPad) – [Unlimited Diamonds]

Garena Free Fire is a popular survival shooter game available on the iOS platform. Though similar to PUBG, Garena Free Fire has far fewer storage requirements than PUBG. The aim of the game is simple. Find your enemies, kill them, and survive.

In this post, we are going to share with you the steps to download Garena Free Fire Latest Hack on your iPhone/iPad from TutuApp. With the hacked version, you get to enjoy features like No Fog, No Grass, Aim Assist, and more. Overall, your gameplay becomes much easier and simpler with the hacked version enabling you to become the undisputed leader of the game.

Garena Free Fire Hack on iOS
Garena Free Fire Hack Game on iOS

The coolest thing about the hack is that you do not require jailbreaking your iOS device for installing and utilizing the hack. Moving forward, let us discuss the steps to download and install Garena Free Fire Hack on iOS from TutuApp. Must Read: Subway Surfers Hack iOS & Unlimited Keys &  Coins (TuTuApp Download).

Garena Free Fire Hack on iOS [Info]

For those who don’t know, TutuApp is a 3rd party App Store that provided the popular Pokémon Go Hack. Apart from Pokémon Go, TutuApp has a plenitude of other hacked games available as well.

Game Name Garena FreeFire HACK
App Size 354.51 MB
Categories Tweaked Games
License Type Free
Available on  TuTuApp Store
Downloads 10000000+

You need to check out: Download PUBG Mobile Hack on iOS (iPhone/iPad) with TuTuApp.

Install Garena Free Fire Hack on iOS(iPhone & iPad) [STEPS]

  • A first, you require installing TutuApp on your iOS device. For that, please check out our post by tapping here.

   TuTuApp Download on iOS

  • Make sure you do not forget to trust the profile of TutuApp, prior to launching, after successful installation.
  • Launch TutuApp and an interface similar to the original App Store will greet you.

TuTuApp iOS

  • Make your way to the ‘Search’ section and conduct a search for Garena Free Fire Hack.

GArena Free Fire hack iOS

  • The hack will come up, usually, as the first search result. Tap on the same to navigate to the application information screen.
  • From here, just like what you do in the original App Store, tap on ‘Get’ to download and install the hack on your iPhone/iPad.

Download Latest Free Fire Hack on iOS using TutuApp

  • Post successful installation of the hack; make sure you trust the profile of the hack before launching the same.

FreeFire Alternatives on iOS

Have you played the FreeFire game on iOS? It’s been on trending since past few months. But few core gamers aren’t loving the animation as compared to other games. So by looking at the demand, here we are with the best alternatives of FreeFire on iOS.

PUBG – Battle Ground

The first battle game that came into trending was PUBG, it changed the gaming interest of majority iOS users, and got them into addiction for true handy device gaming. We recommend giving it a try for sure.

Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty popularly known as COD made its fame on console for ages, and after the demand of players asking for a mobile version, here it is. Give the game a try, and you will enjoy the gameplay to the core. Sit back and enjoy.


Fortnite is the game that people love playing for its game play. The additional features such as object and building mode makes it unique. Do give it a try.

ScarFall: The Royale Combat

If you are loving to play battle royale game, then surely give a try to ScarFall. It runs on low compatible devices, and tags along amazing fun time on-the-go.

Garena Free Fire Game Hack – Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Q - What does Garena Free Fire Hack provide?

Garena Free Fire Hack on iOS using TuTuApp provides you with unlimited weapons and resources to fight your opponents. You can easily spot and kill your enemies with accuracy using this amazing hack. Unlimited coins are also available in Garena Free Fire Hack. You can get the items in the game store for free. It also helps you automatically complete missions and gets more rewards.

Q - Is Garena Free Fire Hack free to use?

Yes, Garena Free Fire Hack is free of cost. You don’t have to waste your time collecting weapons on the way. All the features are accessible to everyone.

Q - Will the account get blocked on using Garena Free Fire Hack?

Of course not. Download Garena Free Fire Hack does not violate the terms and conditions of the original version. It does not require rooting or jailbreaking your devices. So, there is no way your account will get blocked.

Q - Can you get unlimited diamonds on Garena Free Fire?

Yes, unlimited diamonds are available for free with Garena Free Fire Hack on iOS using TuTuApp. You simply have to download it on your device. The hack will automatically generate as many diamonds as you need.

Garena Free Fire Hack Free Download on iOS – TutuApp

These were the simple steps to download and install Garena Free Fire Hack on iOS from TutuApp on iPhone/iPad without jailbreak. Please drop a comment in the comments section provided below if you are facing any kind of issues while installing or using the hack.

Thank You.

KiK ++ iOS Download on iPhone/iPad – [MOD]

Messenger apps have made it easy to connect with people from all parts of the world. Kik is quite a new name in the list of messenger apps for iOS. However, you may face a few limitations while using this app. In order to give enhanced features, a modded version of the app was introduced.

KiK ++ iOS Download on iPhone/iPad

Kik++ is an amazing instant messenger that lets you chat with people without even sharing your phone number. Kik++ gives a username for its users, which you can share with anyone. You can have the best video calling experience using this app.

Kik++ is a mod and is not available in the Apple app store. You need to download Kik++ on iOS from external sources and the best one to rely on is TutuApp for iOS. You can download mods, tweaks and hacks on iOS for free using this app store alternative. The detailed procedure to download Kik++ on iOS is given in the coming sections. Must Read: Check out: Tinder++ Download on iOS (iPhone/iPad) .

Kik++ on iOS | Features

Kik++ for iOS is one of the best instant messaging apps right now. With this, you can easily connect with your contacts and friends, no matter where you are. Listed below are some features of Updated Kik++ iOS.

  • You can text anyone in your contacts or be a member of the Groups of your interest.
  • Video calls are available in the best quality.
  • You can connect with contacts by simply scanning the QR code.
  • Unlimited media files can be sent to contacts.
  • You can play online games too.
  • Online, Delivered and Read receipts can be hidden.
App Name KiK++
App Size 87 MB
Categories Tweaked Apps
Version v3.0.1

There are many features in the latest Kik++ for iOS that are free to access. Your privacy is also maintained while using it. Kik++ also secures your private chats with passcodes. Check Out: TuTuApp Deezer++ Download on iOS(iPhone/iPad) No Jailbreak.

Download Kik++ on iOS using TutuApp

Kik++ for iOS is the best messenger app because of the amazing user interface it offers. It is very easy to download Kik++ on iOS. All you need is TutuApp.

  • Go to the Safari Brower and open the provided link.

   Download TuTuApp

TuTuApp Lite (Stable Version):

   Download TuTuApp Lite

  • Tap on the Install button on the home page to download TutuApp.
  • When it is downloaded, open the Settings and tap on the Profile & Device Management option.
  • Enable Trust for the TutuApp profile.
  • Open TutuApp and search for Kik++ app.

KIK++ on iOS

  • Select the app and hit the Install button to get the app.

kik++ Install on iOS

  • After downloading Kik++, go to Settings and take the Profile & Device Management option.
  • You need to tap on the Trust option for Kik++ to turn it on.

Best Kik alternatives on iOS

Kik is one of the best chatting application that you would enjoy using. It is a new way to communicate and has tons of unique features, but if still you are looking for an alternative of Kik, you are at the right place. Let’s proceed by looking at some amazing options.


WhatsApp is one of the oldest communicative application that you may look at. The app provides with all the features that aren’t easily available. You can trust at the security encryption of this app.


The present generation social media i.e. Instagram provides option to all the users to enjoy chatting and talking. You can proceed by catering some media to share with your friends, and chat along.

Facebook Messenger

Messenger by Facebook is indeed a quality chatting application. You can create chat head to scroll around and navigate while doing anything on your device. The app extends various features similar to Kik and much more.


SnapChat is unique, and it tends to put up with user privacy. People can send messages and video, and as per privacy it will disappear after seeing once. Isn’t it amazing? We recommend giving it a try for sure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What is Kik++ on iOS?

Kik++ is the tweaked version of the well-known application called Kik. It allows users to chat, create rooms, attend voice and videos calls, etc. The tweaked version extends a series of features that are restricted for the users on the normal application.

Q - Is Kik++ safe to use?

Yes, it is totally safe to use Kik++ on iOS, the privacy policy and other features are similar to the normal version of Kik. So, you do not have to worry about data breach and other security glitches on Kik++ app.

Q - Do we need to jail break our device to install Kik++?

No, you do not have to jail break your device to install the tweaked version of Kik i.e. Kik++. You can install the application through various websites or Alternatives stores (of apple) available.

Q - Can we use both Kik and Kik++ on same iOS device?

If you are planning to use both the versions of the application for different users, then you are good to go. But we do not recommend using both Kik and Kik++ on same iOS device as the media and other features may merge along each other.

Check Out:

Final Words: Kik++ Download on iPhone/iPad [MOD]

Kik++ gives you a whole new experience of instant messaging. The privacy settings of the app make it everyone’s favourite. You can download the latest Kik++ iOS using TutuApp for free and without jailbreak. Download Kik++ and check out the amazing user interface offered by the app. You can share media files without any limitation using Kik++. It is a safe messenger app for iOS.

Thanks for Reading.

WhatsApp++ Download on iOS [iPhone/iPad] – [MODDED]

It has become an unwritten law that a smartphone cannot exist without WhatsApp. Every person who is carrying a smartphone definitely uses WhatsApp to stay in touch with the loved ones. However, there are features that users long for in the official application, but due to certain rules and regulations, they simply cannot be entertained in the official version.

The same is true for WhatsApp as well. Users want features like hiding last seen, disabling read receipts, and disabling delivery receipts, however, they are not present in the official application. Here comes the entry of hacked, modified, and tweaked applications. Going by the name WhatsApp++, the tweaked version of WhatsApp has all the features that you will love to have in the original version. In this post, we are going to share with you the steps to download and install WhatsApp++ on iOS from TutuApp.

It is free to download and install WhatsApp++ using TutuApp. Moreover, you do not require jailbreaking your iPhone/iPad for this purpose. However, you do have to uninstall the original version of WhatsApp from your device, if you wish to install the tweaked version of WhatsApp++. Before we share with you the steps to free download WhatsApp++ please have a look at the amazing features that come with the tweaked version.

WhatsApp++ on iOS | Features:

WhatsApp++ is like a dream come true. The major advantage of installing WhatsApp++ is the unparalleled and unequaled privacy that it provides. You can hide the last seen as well as the ‘Online’ stamp which comes up when you are active on WhatsApp. Hence, with WhatsApp++ TuTuApp you can be online without making your contacts know about the same. Following are some more fantastic features of WhatsApp++.

  • You can disable read receipts either for all or selectively disable the same for particular contacts.
  • Along with reading receipts, you can disable delivery receipts as well.
  • The most irritating part of using the original version is that you have to crop a picture in order to keep it as your profile picture. However, the same is not true for WhatsApp++ as you can keep a complete picture as your profile DP without having to crop the same.
  • There is no limit on how many photographs you can send at once.
  • You can lock WhatsApp++ using Pass Code or Touch ID.
App Name WhatsApp++
Developer WP
Latest Version v9.8
Category Tweaked Apps
Size 74MB

These are not all but only some of the fantastic features of WhatsApp++ on iOS using TuTuApp. Following are the steps to download and install the same on your iOS device.

Install WhatsApp++ on iOS (iPhone/iPad)

  • Your first step is to download and install TutuApp on your iOS device. TutuApp is a 3rd party App Store that houses a ton of tweaked, modified, and hacked iOS applications. Please click the below-given link to read the steps to download and install TutuApp on your iOS device.

   Download TuTuApp

TuTuApp Lite (Stable Version):

   Download TuTuApp Lite

  • After successful installation of TutuApp, make sure that you trust the profile of the same prior to launching the application. For that, simply navigate to Settings -> General -> Profiles & Device Management.

Click on Trust

  • Thereafter launch TutuApp and navigate to the ‘Search’ section. Conduct a search for WhatsApp++. It will, usually, come up as a first search result. Tap on the search result to navigate to the application info screen. Here you can read more about WhatsApp++.

WhatsApp++ on iOS

    • Tap on ‘Get’ to initiate the installation process of WhatsApp++. Tap on ‘Install’ on the pop-up that comes up to continue with the installation process.

UPDATED WhatsApp++ on iOS


  • Within a few minutes, the icon of WhatsApp++ will be present on the home screen of your iOS device. Make sure you trust the profile of WhatsApp++ as well prior to launching the application.

Best Whatsapp++ Alternatives on iOS

WhatsApp is an amazing social platform that helps you socialize with your friends on the go. People love using WhatsApp are many of them are addicted to using it. Currently with the business features, the application is trying to bond people with them. But if you are looking for some amazing alternatives, here we are sharing the best ones.


Telegram is an amazing application that allows you to keep your identity private. You can use this application to manage your business or service without revealing the actual information of your intent.


Instagram is the new generation call for social media platform. The application doesn’t just provides a good socializing place, but allows you to create and share content with your friends, family, and fans.


Messenger by Facebook is another great application that holds the power of sharing quality socializing features that aren’t seen easily on any other platform. The speed is optimized and the platform is safe and secured to use.


Discord originally became through gaming platforms. It is one of the best alternative of WhatsApp++. You can use the application to get bigger access to your group discussion and hold power.


Q - What features does WhatsApp++ offer?

WhatsApp++ is a modified version of the most popular instant messenger, WhatsApp. This mod offers you many privacy settings. You can hide sent and Delivered receipts, send unlimited media files, and share stories without size restriction. You can even set a password for your WhatsApp account. It also lets you hide online and typing receipts which is everything that you are looking for in an instant messenger.

Q - Does WhatsApp++ for iOS require jailbreak?

No, WhatsApp++ for iOS can be downloaded without jailbreaking your device. It is safe and works without breaking any security policy of Apple.

Q - Are there bugs in WhatsApp++?

WhatsApp++ was tested several times and found to be completely free of bugs. This improves the performance of the app. You can connect with anyone from across the world using this amazing mod.

Q - Will the account get banned on installing WhatsApp++?

There is no way for your account to get banned on installing WhatsApp++. None of the terms and policies of the app or the Apple server is violated on using this modded version. WhatsApp will only report or ban users if the security or user policies are broken.

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Final Words – Download WhatsApp++ on iOS using TutuApp

We hope you are able to follow the steps and download WhatsApp++ using TutuApp. In case you face any issues during the process, simply drop us a note in the comments section provided below. We will help you out in resolving the issue that you might be facing.

OnlyFans++ Download on iOS (iPhone/iPad) – [UNLOCKED]

OnlyFans++ is one of the premium adult application that allows user to get subscription based services of images and video content of some famous celebrities and creators. The application does have a lot of security as it doesn’t allow many users to get access for free. The application demands users to pay and use the services.

OnlyFans++ Download on iOS (iPhone/iPad)

After understanding the situation dropping of hands, third-party developers developed this amazing application called OnlyFans++ iOS. It is a mod version of the normal application.

This application is developed in order to access to all the content and unlock various restricted features. It may be sounding normal, but make sure to read the features of OnlyFans++ below. Check out: Tinder++ Download on iOS (iPhone/iPad) .

Features | OnlyFans++ iOS:

The application offers several features on the app, but we have sited the best ones:

  • Unlocking premium accounts: Now you do not have to pay to unlock paid content. You can simply download OnlyFans++ version to access all the features of the app.
  • Best quality: Quality does matter right? The application tries to enhance the user experience by providing maximum quality of the content.
  • Using location to find OnlyFans account: This is one of the premium features that comes along OnlyFans++ application, you can easily track accounts from the location.
  • No jail break required: Unlike other applications in market, you do not have to jail break the device. You can simply download it from trusted website and source.

Wow, just wow! So if you are amazed looking at this amazing features, let’s proceed to step by step guide on downloading OnlyFans++.

Install OnlyFans++ on iOS using TutuApp

It is not possible for us to directly download OnlyFans++ from Appstore. As the application is tweaked, we have to download it using third-party app store called TutuApp.

  • First go to browser and navigate to the below given link.

   Download TuTuApp

TuTuApp Lite (Stable Version):

   Download TuTuApp Lite

  • Navigate through the website and search for ‘download’ button.
  • Download the application and go to Settings > General and select profile. Click on TutuApp, and change the profile of TuTuApp to ‘trusted’.
  • Now, open TuTuApp, and search for OnlyFans++.

tutuapp IOS 15

  • You can find all the information and exactly near the description, you can find a ‘get’ button.
  • Click on the ‘get’ button to initiate download.

  • After the OnlyFans++ application is successfully downloaded, go to Settings > General and search for ‘profile’. Change the profile of ‘OnlyFans++’ to ‘trusted’.

You can now start using the OnlyFans++ application on your iOS device without any hassle.

How To use OnlyFans++ on iOS device?

The application will have a lot of options same to the normal one. Just open the application, go to settings and change the feature that you want to.

You can enjoy all the features that we have mentioned above in this article. We recommend using the app moderately to no cause any issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Do we need to jail break our device to download OnlyFans++?

No you do not have to jail break your iOS device to download OnlyFans++. You can do it simply by using third-party application such as TuTuApp. Follow our guide above to download.

Q - Is it free to use OnlyFans++?

Yes, the application is free as you can use it directly without any payment. Download it using TuTuApp to make it more convenient.

Q - OnlyFans++ crashed, what to do?

If the OnlyFans++ crashes on your device, then try to restart the device or reinstall the application completely. This will make sure that the article is easily used on your device.

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Final Words – Install OnlyFans++ on iOS [iPhone/iPad]

We hope that our guide on how to download OnlyFans++ is clear and easy to follow. If you have any queries, please comment below. We would love to help you. OnlyFans++ is a tweaked version of normal app, so use the application moderately. Enjoy unlimited applications without jail break using TuTuApp. We ensure that you will love using this third-party App store.

Reddit++ iOS Download on iPhone/iPad – [via AltStore]

Reddit++ is another social media website yet addictive enough to have a stable fan base to date. It is one of the oldest social media websites with some amazing features like news aggregation, sharing of media content, ratings, discussions among people, etc. This makes it interesting and at the same time often makes people visit again and again.

Reddit++ iOS Download on iPhone/iPad

Some of the third-party developers have developed the tweaked version of Reddit called Reddit++. It allows users to access all the restricted features that are not usually available on Reddit. Isn’t it amazing? So let’s look at some of the features that come along with the tweaked version after all.

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Reddit++ iOS | Features

Here are some come-along features of Reddit++ that are enabled for users on the go.

  • You can hide awards and streams
  • Download images and videos in high definition quality
  • Get a handful of security authentication (to protect your account)
  • Enable display of NSFW posts
  • Undo scrolling if the top bar is tapped

Now, let’s begin our guide to download Reddit++ iOS using TuTuApp.

Download Reddit++ iOS on iPhone/iPad [TuTuApp]

  • To begin with, we have to first install the old version of Reddit from our iOS device.
  • Now, go to TuTuApp official website, and download the application.

   Download TuTuApp

TuTuApp Lite (Stable Version):

   Download TuTuApp Lite

  • After the application is installed, go to Settings > General and change the profile of TuTuApp to ‘trusted’.

TuTuApp install profile ios 1514

  • Now open the application, and search for Reddit++.

tutuapp IOS 15

  • Click on ‘get’ so that the application starts to download the Reddit++ application.

  • After the Reddit++ application is installed, follow step 3 for Reddit++ as well.
  • Now, you can securely open the application and start using it.


Well, isn’t it easy to install the Reddit++ application safely? Some of us have AltStore on our iOS device and maybe the above application isn’t working fine. So, let’s take a look at how to install Reddit++ on iOS using AltStore.

Download Reddit++ iOS on iPhone/Ipad – [Alternate Method]

AltStore as the name suggests is the alternative store of Apple traditional App Store. It allows you to install various applications that are usually not available on the App Store. In other ways, if people are bored using the same old store again and again, then they can use AltStore for a change in their iOS device user interface.

  • Firstly, install the AltStore application on your iTunes device (on your desktop/laptop).
  • Now, after the AltStore is installed, enter your Apple ID and password (it is secure) so that it gets information for updating the application whenever required.

  • Install the AltStore application on your iOS device from their official website.
  • Now, go to Settings, click on General, and change the profile of AltStore to ‘trusted’.
  • After the AltStore application is installed, connect your iOS device with same as your desktop one (so that it can fetch information of the application using AltServer).

  • Now, in your iOS device search for Reddit++, click on ‘get’ and start installing the application.
  • The AltStore on your iOS device will connect with AltServer of the AltStore on your desktop and begin the installation.
  • After the Reddit++ application is installed, finally go to Settings > General and change the profile of Reddit++ to ‘trusted’ as well.

You have successfully installed the Reddit++ application through AltStore.

Best Alternatives for Reddit on iOS

Reddit stands to be one of the most addictive social media application since decades. You just can’t stop scrolling. But if you are still looking for some amazing applications that will compete with Reddit, here are some best ones.


Pinterest loads your idea and boost your thinking. It is one such platform that allows you stream through various ideas in almost everything. People love Pinterest for sharing new ideas and to get some new ones on the go.


Instagram is the new generation social media application that will fill your media appetite. It allows you to share images and videos with friends and fans. You have total control over your privacy.


From 2019, TikTok is one of the most surfed social media platform. It allows you to stream through various content creators and prioritize talent as you want. You can enjoy using the app for free and earn money through your own content as well.


Imgur took its name and fame from years of online service. It is one of the oldest image sharing application that exists. If you want to stream through random image media, then Imgur fulfils your wish.

How To use Reddit++ on iOS

Just open the application in the similar way you use to for the normal application. The majority of features will be enabled on the mainframe of the app. You can access some of the security-based features in the settings of the Reddit++ application.

So, sit back and relax to explore various amazing application features and let us know how they are.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Is Reddit++ safe to use?

Yes, Reddit++ application is safe to use, it is just the tweaked version that enables restricted features to users. All your privacy data and other information stands safe.

Q - Do I need to jail break my device to install Reddit++ on iOS?

No, you do not have to jail break your iOS device to install Reddit++. You can simply download it using TuTuApp or AltStore. Follow the steps and methods we have mentioned above for more information.

Q - Can I download media from Reddit++ iOS application?

Yes, in the tweaked version of Reddit, you can simply install high definition videos and media from app directly.

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Final Words – Install Reddit++ on iOS [iPhone/iPad]

Isn’t it amazing to explore such a great application with all features enabled? Reddit++ is just another addictive addition to all our social-media needs. Do comment on your experience of the Reddit++ application with us.

Twitter++ iOS Download on iPhone/iPad – [MOD]

Twitter ++ for iOS devices: The Bluebird of Twitter has spread its wings around the globe. The application has millions of users worldwide, with celebrities and other famous people using it to spread their ideas, making it a common platform to interact. Twitter++ is the tweaked version of this so much used the app, with the tweaked version user get access to a whole bunch of new features that he missed out earlier in the normal version.

Twitter++ App Free Download on iOS
Twitter++ App on iOS

Now share Gif, vines, your thoughts, and ideas, or DM to people with this amazing app. Twitter++ though is not available at normal iOS’ app store and thus you need to get TutuApp to download it. Using this third-party app, you can get the application pretty easily. 

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Features of Twitter++ App

Twitter++ is all about enhanced features, over Twitter, that makes it an amazing app to have, list of some of the features is mentioned below.

  • Now share links and images directly from the tweets.
  • You can also share the tweets outside of the app.
  • Sharing and saving option for videos and images.
  • Option for YouTube integration and sharing DM’s.
  • Removing of follows button from a tweet.
  • Integration with browser and Instagram is also available.
  • You can even go through the profile of the blocked users.
    App Name Twitter++
    Category Social Networking
    Language English
    Updated Date 25/2/2022
    Compatibility iOS 10 or later (iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch)
    Price Free
    Developer @UnlimApps

    Twitter Plus on iOS TuTuApp Download

This is not even the sophisticated list of features Twitter++ comes with, the app has got a long list of features ahead of it. Check out this complete guide on WhatsApp++ on iOS(iPhone/iPad) – Without Jailbreak & No PC Required.

Download Twitter++ on iOS – TuTuApp

For downloading Twitter++ you need to have TutuApp installed on your iOS, follow these steps to install Twitter ++.

  • First of all, you need TutuApp Store, go on to your safari browser and get it to download from the internet. or
  • You can also try it on the stable version of Tutuapp called TuTuApp Lite. You can download it from the below link

   Download TuTuApp

   Download TuTuApp Lite iOS

  • Once downloaded, then you can go for the next step.
  • Now in the General settings, under settings, look for Device management and let the trust Tutu app option on.
  • Look for Twitter ++ in the downloaded Tutuapp store by typing Twitter++ in the search bar at the top.
    Twitter++ on iOS - TuTuApp
    Twitter++ on iOS – TuTuApp
  • Download Twitter++ from there and wait for the app to get the download.
    Twitter Plus on iPhone and iPad - TuTuApp
    Twitter Plus on iPhone and iPad – TuTuApp
  • Tap on Install to get the Twitter++ application on iOS devices.
    Install Twitter++ App on iOS - TuTuApp
    Install Twitter++ App on iOS – TuTuApp
  • Hit on Install to get it on your home screen within seconds.
    Twitter Plus on iPhone and iPad - TuTuApp
    Twitter Plus on iPhone and iPad – TuTuApp
  • Once again similar to step 3, go to the device manager and this time turn trust on for Twitter++.
  • Launch Twitter++ and enjoy using the application.
    Twitter Plus Plus Features
    Twitter Plus Plus Features

Install Twitter++ on iOS (iPhone/iPad) with AltStore

Before you can start with the installation steps, make sure you have the Twitter++ IPA file available on your iOS device. You can save yourself some effort by downloading the Twitter++ IPA file from the link provided below.

   Download Twitter++ IPA File

  • Launch AltStore on your iOS device.
  • On AltStore’s interface, please go to My Apps.
  • Under My Apps, you require tapping on the + button.
  • This will invoke a list of downloaded files. Select the Twitter++ IPA file from the list.
  • If this is your first sideload attempt with AltStore, please enter the Apple credentials, utilized to set up AltStore, in the next screen.
  • This will start the sideloading process.
  • After the sideloading process is complete, you will have the icon of Twitter++ under My Apps in AltStore as well as on the home screen of your iOS device.
  • Prior to launching the app, make sure you navigate to Settings > General > Profile & Device Management and trust the profile of Twitter++.

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Best Alternatives for Twitter iOS

Twitter is a great application that helps you socialize. Now-a-days all the official announcements from celebrities or any issues in world is shared through Twitter, but if you are looking for an amazing alternative, here we are with the best list.


Facebook is one of the old-school social media platform that allows you to put your point in front of world. It allows you to share your thoughts with friends, allows you to socialize and keeps your social world neat yet elegant.


If Twitter allows you to share your thoughts through words, similar way Pinterest allows you to share ideas among people. It is one such platform that will keep you fresh and entertain your choice of anything.


Instagram is the new generation social media platform that will keep you posted with all the media content. People love to share their thoughts and socialize with the modern platform features through Instagram.


TikTok took trend in the early 2019. The application took rise and people started using it to upload minute long video to show case their skills and different media content that everyone loves to watch.

Twitter++ on iOS | How to Use?

Using Twitter++ on iPhone/iPad is simple. Once the installation is successful, please follow the below steps to start using Twitter++ on iOS.

  • After trusting the profile, please launch Twitter++ on your iOS device.
  • You need to enter your Twitter login credentials.
  • Tap on Login after entering the credentials.
  • You will notice that the interface of Twitter++ is better than the original app.
  • From the interface, you can easily share media files, post links to other app platforms, and even download posts.
  • There are options to improve your profile as well.
  • Start using Twitter with the additional features of Twitter++ free.

Twitter++ on iOS | How to Uninstall?

Uninstalling Twitter++ from your iOS device is simple. All you need to do is follow the below steps.

  • Please tap and hold on to the Twitter++ icon present on the home screen of your iOS device.
  • Tap on Delete App.
  • Tap on Delete once more.
  • Uninstallation of Twitter++ is successful.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What is Twitter Plus Plus?

Twitter++ is a tweaked version of the original Twitter application. It gives you more freedom while social networking, like you, can download videos, can share links outside twitter, easy link sharing, and many more.

Q - Is Twitter++ Safe?

Yes, It is a completely safe application. You can use Twitter back again even if you go want to back. It gives you full freedom to do whatever you want, and it never asks you any Apple ID credentials or doesn’t need to jailbreak to get it on your device.

Q - Is Twitter++ Legal?

Yes, It is legal from the users’ point of view, but in the original developers’ point of view, it’s kinda not legal. If you still want to be in the more safe zone, I would suggest you all use any trusted VPN while using this tweaked app.

How to download videos from Twitter?

Twitter++ | Download

To download photos and videos from Twitter, we highly recommend Twitter++ for your iOS devices. It’s been our favorite tweaked app to download whatever I want from the Twitter platform.

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Conclusion: Twitter++ on iOS No Jailbreak & No PC

Twitter is already a world-renowned app, and with Twitter++ iOS and its enhanced features, it makes the app more unique and attractive for users. The app is not available directly for download and requires a third-party app store like TutuApp for download. With this article, we have discussed all these amazing apps and how to get them for your iOS device. We hope this article was of quite a help to you.

Thank You.