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Instagram++ started its humble journey from being a normal photo-sharing application. Over time, Instagram garnered immense popularity among the tech-savvy population. Nowadays, Instagram is an important element in every business’s digital marketing strategy. However, there is a myriad of features that can make your Instagram experience even better.

Instagram++ on iOS

Here comes into the picture the tweaked version of Instagram, known as Instagram++ that you can download for free on your iPhone/iPad from TutuApp. TutuApp is a third-party App Store that contains a ton of hacked, modified, and tweaked iOS applications. Hence, by installing TutuApp, not only you will get access to Instagram++, but a variety of other tweaked iOS applications as well.

The good news is that you do not require jailbreaking your iPhone/iPad for installing TutuApp or Instagram++. However, before you continue with this post, you must know that you cannot install Instagram++ without uninstalling the original Instagram application. Moving on, let us have a look at some of the major features of the tweaked Instagram application.

Instagram++ on iOS | Features

Some of the best features that you get with Instagram++ are that the application lets you download videos/photos directly to your iOS device’s camera roll. Now, you do not need to download a second application for downloading purposes. Moreover, Instagram++ provides flawless privacy as you can hide comments, hide your bio info in your profile, and protect your Instagram account with a password.

Name Instagram++
Developer Instagram
Category Tweaked Apps
Version v5.0
Size 122.68MB
  • You can share photos/videos directly from Instagram++.
  • In order to share/download a photo, you simply require double-tapping on its thumbnail.
  • You can enable an option to always play sound while scrolling through your feed.
  • Post double-clicking a photograph, the app will seek your confirmation whether you really want to like the photo/video or not.
  • You can disable the read receipts for the messages sent via DM.

The following are the steps that you require following for installing Instagram++ on iPhone/iPad without jailbreak.

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Install Instagram++ on iOS using TutuApp [STEPS]

  • Your first step is to download and install TutuApp on your iPhone/iPad. You can easily do the same by following the steps mentioned in our post linked here

   TuTuApp on iOS

  • Remember to trust the profile of TutuApp prior to launching the application.
  • Search for Instagram++ in TutuApp and it will, usually, come up as a first search result.
    Search Instagram++ on iOS - TuTuApp
    Search Instagram++ on iOS – TuTuApp
  • Tap on the search result to make your way to the application info screen where you require tapping on ‘Get’ to download.
Install Instagram++ on iOS
Install Instagram++ on iOS
  •  Tap Install Instagram++.
    Instagram++ Install on iOS
    Instagram++ Install on iOS with TuTuApp
  • Please note that you require trusting the profile of Instagram++ as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to download photos using the instagram++ app?

While using the instagram++ app, you can see a download button below every image and video in the feed. Tap on the download button to save the photo/video directly into the device’s local storage.

2. Is it possible to find the persons who view our profile?

With the instagram++ app, you can find all the persons who visit/stalk your profile.

3. How to install the instagram++ app without jailbreak?

You have to use third-party apps like TopStoreApp and TuTuaApp to install instagram++ without jailbreaking the device.

4. How to increase followers count on our profile using the instagram++ iOS app?

Go to Spoof settings in the instagram++ settings. Now enable the Follow spoof setting. After enabling, you can enter the number of followers required.

5. What are the steps to update the instagram++ app?

If you have installed the instagram++ app through a third-party app store, open the app store and click on the update button near the instagram++ app.

6. Can we use separate password protection for the instagram++ iOS app?

With the instagram++ app, you can set a separate password. Go to the settings in the instagram++ app and open security. Enable the password lock option and set a new password.

Alternative Apps to Get Instagram++

  • TweakBox: We have a very similar app to TuTuApp, which is TweakBox App. It almost works like TuTuApp only with a better user interface and fewer revokes. We have a very much active community for TweakBox and it always helps us whenever we face any issues with the app. I highly recommend this TweakBox application to get Instagram++ onto our iOS devices.
  • AppValley: AppValley is my second most favourite application after TweakBox to get Instagram Plus on my iOS devices. Developers of this application got separated and they both are developing the application individually, though you can use either of the application and get your favourite app or game for free. You can see a better user interface than TuTuApp, less crashing and a better list of apps here.
  • TopStore: TopStore is an application to get all ++apps, tweaked games and many more. We can consider this application as a similar application to TuTuApp. TopStore has this bundle of awesome apps and games for free of cost. Instagram++ (Instagram Plus) app is available of TopStore too, you can get it with just simple clicks the same as you did it in TuTuApp.
  • Ignition App: Ignition app is a recently boomed application to this third-party app’s market and I really enjoy using this application to get my favourite apps. Likewise, You can get this Instagram++ on iPhone/iPad with this Ignition App and Ignition got huge support from the TweakBox community.
  • Panda Helper: Panda Helper VIP free app is a completely free application like TweakBox and AppValley. I must say this is one of the finest applications with the majority of the applications are games. For game addicts like me, You must try out this application, now, you can install instagram++ on iOS without any extra charges by using this Panda Helper App.

[FIX] Instagram++ crashing TutuApp on iOS?

At times, you may face the issue of an app crash while using Instagram++ on iOS. This is not an error in the app. It is safe to download Instagram++ using TutuApp. However, it is a third-party source and is not allowed to access by the Apple servers. This is one of the reasons why you face an app revoke on iOS as a result of which the app gets crashed. To resolve the error, you should download a VPN on iOS and connect this before downloading any apps from TutuApp.

TutuApp iOS itself is downloaded from an outside source and the app certificate should be hidden from the servers. Even though it does not require jailbreak, revoking requires you to wait for a while until the certificate is issued again. By using a VPN, you can stop this error from occurring.

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Final Words –  Instagram++ Download on iOS (iPhone/iPad) [MOD]

We hope you are clear with the steps to download and install Instagram++ from TutuApp. In case you happen to face any issue during the installation process, please let us know about the same in the comments section provided below. We will love to hear about your Instagram++ usage experience as well.


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