TutuApp for iOS | Download TuTuApp VIP Free on iPhone/iPad No Jailbreak

TuTuApp iOS: Tutuapp contains tons for an app which is available for iOS. Tutuapp contains apps which are not available in the play store or apple store, why we need the TutuApp? There are freelancers and developer worked on some apps which give additional features and functionality which are not available with the apps available in the apple store.

TuTuApp Download
TuTuApp Download

Apple store has apps with the restriction, boundaries and particular guideline which has to be followed. if we want to break through the restrictions IOS device has to jailbreak for that additional features, the jailbreak can cost your IOS device warranty which most of the users won’t like to do,but now you don’t need to jailbreak your IOS device with the help of Tutuapp you get the additional feature app from this app store and it won’t cost your warranty also.

Also, Android users, Please do check this UPDATED TuTuApp APK to get all your platform premium apps and games. For further Regular updates, Check it out: Latest TuTuApp.

How to Download & Install TuTuApp on iOS

Tutu offers tons of games, video streaming, music, and much more at free of cost. Let’s have a detailed and simple tutorial on “the best and easiest way to installTuTuApp on iOS” devices that too without doing any jailbreak. 

Here we are going to pull off the easiest installation steps to download and install TuTuApp on iOS iPhone/iPad without much hassle. TuTuApp is one of the best available third party app stores in the market, where you will be able to download lots of apps and games for free. Here we go:

  1. First, on Your iOS device, open Safari browser and   Download Latest TuTuApp on iOS from here. We have added both TuTuApp VIP and Regular versions here.
  2. Next is to install the downloaded file, installing it results in the popup as shown in the screenshot.

    TuTuApp Installed on iOS
    TuTuApp Installed on iOS
  3. As we proceed a  security pop will show up saying “untrusted enterprise developer” .its an error displayed on your home screen saying that its an untrusted application is been installed. To fix this issue,

    Untrusted Enterprise Developer TutuAPP
    Untrusted Enterprise Developer
  4. Go to settings ->select General -> Device management ->TutuApp a pop up will show with an option of Trust and Cancel.
  5. Click on Trust, Now Go back to the downloads where Tutu is downloaded and start the installation again.

    Click on Trust to fix the TuTuApp Error
    Click on Trust to fix the TuTuApp Error

But nowadays the latest IOS update made this easy, it lets u install the app as the installation is finished you can the error pop of untrusted enterprise developer.

  • Navigate to settings ->select General -> Device management ->L.b.becker consulting Inc->click on trust L.b.becker consulting Inc -> this will result pop of Trust’ “L.b.becker consulting Inc” apps on this phone -> click on Trust to give them access to Run on your iPhone.

    Click on Trust to fix the TuTuApp Error
    Trust TuTuApp | TuTu Helper

And there you have the TutuApp

More about TutuAp VIP Free on iOS | TuTuApp Download

Tutuapp comes with the package of plenty of apps with feature loaded and gives an additional and handy feature which enhances the user experience, as it is free of cost. In short for the IOS users it’s a  3rd party marketplace with restriction-free apps. After the download of Tutuapp, you can see the apps with different functionality, features, and hacked games.

There is a 2nd part of the app which is called Tutu VIP:

It’s the premium functionality of the app which gives the user more additional feature of the app and some apps are paid app which is not accessible by free users, but if you are a Tutu Vip user then u can access these premium apps like hacked games.

TuTuApp VIP Free on iOS
TuTuApp VIP Free on iOS

The Tutu Vip users are allowed to request for a new app or game and after, approval of other users or uploader of the app. Tutu Vip even provided the paid apps available in the apple store for the free of cost and for installation of those paid apps does not require any kind of jailbreak or warranty violation action. Most of the IOS users have the space issue in there phone and Icloud is very expensive, for that Tutu Vip App store has an alternative cloud storage space available. Tutuapp does not require space or does not consume much ram while using the app, even it has inbuild cc cleaner that automatically clear cache.

for Android Users: “Download TuTuApp APK on Android (LATEST UPDATED APK Provided)“.

Why TutuApp? 

Apple app store does not have everything that we need, so Tutuapp comes to the picture with almost everything we required.


Looking at the pros of Tutu 

-App has to offer so many useful and handy apps which are free access to the user.

-it’s Free of cost

-user-friendly interface

-5 best apps in TutuApp.

1)Snapchat++ modified


3)Pokemon Go


5)Youtube++TuTuApp Features or Pro's at one Place

Is Tutuapp Safe?

According to the users of Tutuapp, some said it is safe, but apps on the Tutu may not be safe. The Tutuapp is a 3rd part app when u install the application from Tutu, the specific application requires your personal data, which means we have to look at terms and conditions. Otherwise, the application works fine.


As good and bad things come on small packages

-it’s a 3rd party application security issue is surely a question mark

-The specific application requires your personal data, which means we have to look at terms and conditions.

– As its, an open source cannot assure about the virus or malware.

for PC Users: “Download Latest TuTuApp on PC Windows 10/7 & Windows 8.1/8/Mac Laptop“.

How to fix “TutuApp Could Not be Installed at This Time”

Fix 1- Date and Time

Tutuapp may or may not be working in the future, to fix that you can change the date to the update date of this article and try to install the app. But small take care has to be taken that is automatic timezone should be turned off.

Fix 2- untrusted enterprise developer is the error, It’s an error displayed on your home screen saying that its an untrusted application is been installed. To fix this issue

-Go to settings ->select General -> Device management ->TutuApp a pop up will show with an option of Trust and Cancel.

Fix 3- Reset the network setting if all the above solution did not work.

That’s how we covered almost every information about “TuTuApp on iOS” devices. If you have any queries please do let us know, we are happy to assist you all here on our page.

Thank You:).

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  1. Still can’t download TutuApp VIP I was told try and download in 6 days that was 10 days ago still nothing now apple are its saying because of upgrade I’ve got a iPad Pro 9.7 then today it’s ”we’re fixing the issue,regarding users feedback” Due to system upgrade they’ve made a decision to temporarily suspend vip download and now use are saying download service in the afternoon may 9 th then you if you have already download it enjoy it, I’m very disappointed I’ve used apple for years I’m now thinking of getting androids very soon at leased you don’t get downloading problems

  2. When I enter my tutu app he show me 1 tutu app has been fixed currently only vip users are used please go to website to purchase

  3. can any one help with new software of ios it’s not like before trust ot delete when i installed tutuapp showing not verified should i wait week to work by itself or any other solution thanks

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