Reddit++ iOS Download on iPhone/iPad – [via AltStore]

Reddit++ is another social media website yet addictive enough to have a stable fan base to date. It is one of the oldest social media websites with some amazing features like news aggregation, sharing of media content, ratings, discussions among people, etc. This makes it interesting and at the same time often makes people visit again and again.

Reddit++ iOS Download on iPhone/iPad

Some of the third-party developers have developed the tweaked version of Reddit called Reddit++. It allows users to access all the restricted features that are not usually available on Reddit. Isn’t it amazing? So let’s look at some of the features that come along with the tweaked version after all.

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Reddit++ iOS | Features

Here are some come-along features of Reddit++ that are enabled for users on the go.

  • You can hide awards and streams
  • Download images and videos in high definition quality
  • Get a handful of security authentication (to protect your account)
  • Enable display of NSFW posts
  • Undo scrolling if the top bar is tapped

Now, let’s begin our guide to download Reddit++ iOS using TuTuApp.

Download Reddit++ iOS on iPhone/iPad [TuTuApp]

  • To begin with, we have to first install the old version of Reddit from our iOS device.
  • Now, go to TuTuApp official website, and download the application.

   Download TuTuApp

TuTuApp Lite (Stable Version):

   Download TuTuApp Lite

  • After the application is installed, go to Settings > General and change the profile of TuTuApp to ‘trusted’.

TuTuApp install profile ios 1514

  • Now open the application, and search for Reddit++.

tutuapp IOS 15

  • Click on ‘get’ so that the application starts to download the Reddit++ application.

  • After the Reddit++ application is installed, follow step 3 for Reddit++ as well.
  • Now, you can securely open the application and start using it.


Well, isn’t it easy to install the Reddit++ application safely? Some of us have AltStore on our iOS device and maybe the above application isn’t working fine. So, let’s take a look at how to install Reddit++ on iOS using AltStore.

Download Reddit++ iOS on iPhone/Ipad – [Alternate Method]

AltStore as the name suggests is the alternative store of Apple traditional App Store. It allows you to install various applications that are usually not available on the App Store. In other ways, if people are bored using the same old store again and again, then they can use AltStore for a change in their iOS device user interface.

  • Firstly, install the AltStore application on your iTunes device (on your desktop/laptop).
  • Now, after the AltStore is installed, enter your Apple ID and password (it is secure) so that it gets information for updating the application whenever required.

  • Install the AltStore application on your iOS device from their official website.
  • Now, go to Settings, click on General, and change the profile of AltStore to ‘trusted’.
  • After the AltStore application is installed, connect your iOS device with same as your desktop one (so that it can fetch information of the application using AltServer).

  • Now, in your iOS device search for Reddit++, click on ‘get’ and start installing the application.
  • The AltStore on your iOS device will connect with AltServer of the AltStore on your desktop and begin the installation.
  • After the Reddit++ application is installed, finally go to Settings > General and change the profile of Reddit++ to ‘trusted’ as well.

You have successfully installed the Reddit++ application through AltStore.

Best Alternatives for Reddit on iOS

Reddit stands to be one of the most addictive social media application since decades. You just can’t stop scrolling. But if you are still looking for some amazing applications that will compete with Reddit, here are some best ones.


Pinterest loads your idea and boost your thinking. It is one such platform that allows you stream through various ideas in almost everything. People love Pinterest for sharing new ideas and to get some new ones on the go.


Instagram is the new generation social media application that will fill your media appetite. It allows you to share images and videos with friends and fans. You have total control over your privacy.


From 2019, TikTok is one of the most surfed social media platform. It allows you to stream through various content creators and prioritize talent as you want. You can enjoy using the app for free and earn money through your own content as well.


Imgur took its name and fame from years of online service. It is one of the oldest image sharing application that exists. If you want to stream through random image media, then Imgur fulfils your wish.

How To use Reddit++ on iOS

Just open the application in the similar way you use to for the normal application. The majority of features will be enabled on the mainframe of the app. You can access some of the security-based features in the settings of the Reddit++ application.

So, sit back and relax to explore various amazing application features and let us know how they are.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Is Reddit++ safe to use?

Yes, Reddit++ application is safe to use, it is just the tweaked version that enables restricted features to users. All your privacy data and other information stands safe.

Q - Do I need to jail break my device to install Reddit++ on iOS?

No, you do not have to jail break your iOS device to install Reddit++. You can simply download it using TuTuApp or AltStore. Follow the steps and methods we have mentioned above for more information.

Q - Can I download media from Reddit++ iOS application?

Yes, in the tweaked version of Reddit, you can simply install high definition videos and media from app directly.

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Final Words – Install Reddit++ on iOS [iPhone/iPad]

Isn’t it amazing to explore such a great application with all features enabled? Reddit++ is just another addictive addition to all our social-media needs. Do comment on your experience of the Reddit++ application with us.

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