Hunter Assassin MOD for iPhone FREE – (UNLIMITED MONEY)

Hunter Assassin is an amazing skill game wherein you have to plan every move of an assassin in a mission to kill the targets. Your assassin character must be quick enough to not get spotted.

Hunter Assassin MOD for iOS provides advanced features to make things easier. Since it is time-consuming to collect the fastest assassin, you are offered every cheat to level up faster. You can find unlimited gems and other rewards to win the game.

Hunter Assassin free game for iPhone
Hunter Assassin on iOS

The latest Hunter Assassin MOD offers smooth gaming. To download this mod, you will need an alternative app store for iOS. It is suggested to use TutuApp for iOS to download Hunter Assassin Hack faster and safer. You don’t have to jailbreak the iOS Device in order to get the hack. We have provided the easiest installation method in the coming section. Must check: Injustice 2 Hack Game on iOS(iPhone & iPad) No Jailbreak.

Features of Hunter Assassin Mod Hack

The latest Hunter Assassin Mod for iOS is one of the most addicting games to play. You will have a great bunch of cheats to assist in upgrading faster to the best self. Here are some features of the hack. Check Out: Clash Royale Hack Game on iOS(iPhone & iPad).

  • All the assassins are unlocked at the beginning of the game.
  • You can get unlimited gems to get everything you need.
  • The achievement missions can be completed faster.
  • The rewards can be doubled by playing the bonus levels.
  • It can be played online as well as offline.
  • The game controls can be customized according to your preference.

This amazing single-player action game is now available for free on iOS devices. There are much quicker and better assassins in the game to unlock. You can download Hunter Assassin Hack iOS and explore for yourself.

More Information About Hunter Assassin MOD for iOS

App Name Hunter Assassin MOD
Game Developer Ruby Game Studio
MOD Developer TuTuApp
Category Tweaked Games
Size 125 MB
Version 1.8.9
OS Requirement iOS 12.0 or Later
Device Compatibility iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch
Age Rating 12+ (Teen)
Price Freemium
Language English & 7 other Languages
Avg User Rating 4.6/5
Downloads 1000000+

Download Hunter Assassin Mod on iOS using TutuApp

If you wish to enjoy the best gaming experience, Hunter Assassin Mod is a great mod to get on iDevices. You will need TutuApp for this. It is a safe platform to download mods, hacks, and tweaks at the best quality on iOS. You can follow the steps given below to download Hunter Assassin Hack on iOS using TutuApp for free.

  • First, go to the Safari browser and open the link provided below.

   Download TuTuApp

TuTuApp Lite (Stable Version):

   Download TuTuApp Lite

  • From the official website of TutuApp opens up, click on the Install button.


  • TutuApp for iOS will be downloaded shortly, after which you have to open Settings > General.
  • Tap on the Profile & Device Management option and enable the Trust option for TutuApp.
  • Now, you have to open TutuApp and look for Hunter Assassin Mod Hack using the search bar.
  • Click on the right app and hit the Install button next to it.


  • Upon installation, you have to navigate to the Settings of your iDevice.
  • From the Profile & Device Management section, locate the Hunter Assassin Mod Hack profile.
  • You are required to tap on the Trust option next to it in order to turn on the option.

Hunter Assassin Mod for iOS will be successfully installed. You can easily launch and play the game even without an internet connection. It also enables you to share the game data via cloud syncing.

Why So many people are playing Hunter Assassin?

The Hunter Assassin game gets more and more interesting as you progress through. The game has a beautiful UI and gives a high-end Action game experience with very few resources. The software has good graphics and Sound effects. It requires Players to use their strategic abilities wisely. One more thing is that Levels can be completed in a short time which is a very long and tedious process in most of the popular games. The game is available for more users through Android & iOS platforms and developers are endeavouring constantly to give a better experience to users with regular updates. Hence the game has reached so many people & became one of the most popular games.

How to Play Hunter Assassin Game?

The game has a small map with 3 to 4 rooms and a few enemies with assault rifles. The hunter will only have ninja blades as a weapon. There will be rewards scattered all over the map which have to be collected by the hunter. To complete the level the hunter has to eliminate all the enemies.

Bombs: The Hunter can hear the bombs getting activated when moved closer to it. Run away from the perimeter before the blast to avoid heavy damage or death.

Freeze Zone: Freezing zone is a trap where the hunter becomes helpless for a while. If the enemies spot the hunter at that weak moment, this can lead to instant death.

Radar Light: Radar light will be monitoring certain parts of the map repeatedly. Hunter has to be wise enough to avoid the Radar light, In case the hunter is spotted in the light, a missile strike will be triggered automatically.

Hunter assassins in-game gallery
Image taken from Hunter Assassin’s Official App Store Page

Best Alternatives to Hunter Assassin

1. Assassin Quests

Assassins Quest game

Assassin Quest is an Action game that happens in a post-apocalyptic world where the world is destroyed by an evil force. Run through the vast maps, solve puzzles & defeat the Demons, Undead, Monsters and their Bosses to complete levels.

2. Gun Strike

Gun Strike Game on iPhone

Gun Strike is a Counter Terrorism shooting game with thrilling action-packed shooting fights. The player is an elite shooter who goes on deadly missions to eliminate bad guys. The game is completely offline & Player has to be the last one standing to complete the mission.

3. Pixel Hunter

Pixel Hunter for iOS Mobile

Pixel Hunter is a side-scroller video game where the player is a hunter & all his weapons was stolen by different creatures. The player goes on an ultimate quest through the different worlds to recover his weapons.

4. Hide and Shoot

Hide and Shoot Cross Platform Game

This is a PvP game where the player has to hide and discover the enemies and eliminate them. Remaining hidden is an important aspect of the game. Players can join the game from all around the world. It is a cross-platform game with so many players online.

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Conclusion – Hunter Assassin Mod for iOS [Level Unlock Hack]

The awesome hacks and cheats provided by Hunter Assassin Mod Hack for iOS are one of a kind. You can reach the top of the leadership board faster using this mod. Download Hunter Assassin Mod on iOS using TutuApp and kill your targets faster to win the game. There are many more mods and hacks to explore in TutuApp.

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