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Fallout Shelter is a strategy simulation game where you have to build the most survivable vault underground for your people. You can manage their lives, improve their lifestyle and environment as you like. Form a community of dwellers and use their skills to build a better future. You can control everything within this community and protect them from the post-nuclear effects. This requires many resources and Fallout Shelter Hack has everything in store for you. You can earn more points and rewards using this hack.

Fallout Shelter Hack for iPhone FREE Download
Fallout Shelter Hack

Fallout Shelter Hack for iOS can be downloaded using a third-party app installer. TutuApp is the most preferred app store alternative for iOS and offers hundreds of mods and tweaks. You can safely download Fallout Shelter Hack on iDevices using TutuApp. The game is all about the after-effects of post-nuclear stuff. You have to make decisions to groom their skills and make the community prosper. You can build radio rooms to broadcast your ideology and attract more dwellers into your underground vault community.

Check out the coming sections to know more about the app and the installation procedure. You will enjoy building your community and expanding it on Fallout Shelter Hack. Check out this article for downloading Minecraft cheats for free: MineCraft Pocket Edition (PE) Download on iOS – [Unlocked]

Fallout Shelter Hack on iOS | Features

Fallout Shelter Hack for iOS is one of the most downloaded apps. With its unique features and user interface, the hack is the best one so far.  Here are some features of Fallout Shelter Hack. Also, there are many restrictions on the official app. That why we present you this mod with features that are not even in the official app. You need no pay for the in-app items with this mod. You can all of them for free.

Fallout Shelter Hack on iPhone features

  • You can build the perfect vault underground with new rooms and spaces to keep your community.
  • Customize trash and wastelands to be useful using the Crafting option.
  • Unlimited Caps are available in the hack.
  • You will also get unlimited Food, Water, Power, etc to survive the community.
  • Create a Radio Room to find new Dwellers with skills to improve the living.

More Information about Fallout Shelter Hack

App Name Fallout Shelter Hack
Category Tweaked Apps
Developer @iosgods
Updated on 18-05-2023
Size 318MB
Latest Version 1.15.9
Language English
OS Requirement iOS 10.0 or Later
Device Compatibility iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch
Downloads 1000000+

This way, you can protect your people from the post-nuclear effects and lead them to a beautiful life. You can even be their matchmaker and transform them as you like. There are many gaming options in Fallout Shelter Hack for iOS to explore and expand the vault. Unlock premium version of the most popular racing game Using hacks :Extreme Car Driving Simulator HACK iPhone FREE – UNLIMITED COINS & CARS

Download Fallout Shelter Hack on iOS using TutuApp

With TutuApp on iOS, you can get an unlimited range of third-party apps, games, hacks, etc for free. You can download Fallout Shelter Hack on iOS devices using TutuApp, as well. All you have to do is to follow the steps provided below.

  • First, open the Safari Browser on iOS and take the URL provided below.

   Download TutuApp

  • You will be taken to the download page of TutuApp, where you have to tap on Install.
  • Once the installation is complete, open the Settings->General->Profile & Device Management option.
  • Click on the Trust option for the TutuApp profile to enable it.
  • Now, launch TutuApp and look for Fallout Shelter Hack.

fallout shelter search ios

  • Choose the app and then hit the Install button next to the app to download it.

download fallout shelter hack

  • When the process is over, move to Settings and take the Profile & Device Management option.
  • You need to enable Trust for Fallout Shelter Hack profile.

The installation is simple and safe. You can enjoy the hack in the best quality using Fallout Shelter Hack on iOS devices.

Fallout Shelter GamePlay

Fallout Shelter is  simulation game where player has to build and run vaults for survivors of the nuclear war and act as a overseer. Player controls everything in the game. To advance in the game player has to build more vaults and add more dwellers to vault and assign them with tasks to increase production. In order to earn caps and obtain weapons, armors etc, senior most dwellers has to be sent to wastelands to explore.

Player has to take necessary steps to increase dwellers population in order to advance in game. And also Fight against Raiders, raiders are bunch of bad guys attack on vault and create chaos everywhere and even kill dwellers for no reason. In addition to that there is also another form threats known as incidents which include Fire accidents, Mole Rat infestations, Radscorpians atack atc..

Building Vaults:

It is Players responsibility to build Vaults and fill with enough dwellers and assign them with a job so that production can be increased. It is mandatory to have more dwellers in order to create more Vaults.


Dwellers waiting at vault door in Fallout Shelter

Dwellers are common people who comes to your vault door seeking refuge from the nuclear war. They are most important part of the game. They can be employed to operate production rooms, to protect vault against Raiders, accidents, Deathclaw attacks, Radscorpians. Experienced Dwellers can also be sent out to explore wastelands.

Resources Management:

The main resources are food water and power. Lack of resources can lead to death of Dwellers.

  • More production rooms has to be built to produce power and other necessary things.
  • More Dining Rooms are necessary to feed dwellers, if not food shortage problems will arise.
  • Water has to be used carefully since it is hard to get fresh water in a nuclear war zone.

Junks and other waste material collected from the wastelands ca be used to manufacture weapons.


  • Raiders:

Raiders attacking vaults in Fallout Shelter

    • Raiders are a group of merciless cruel Robbers. They will start attacking attacking vaults randomly.
    • When they attack dwellers starts running for help.
    • Raiders destroy everything in the vault and rob it if you don’t react intime.
    • Worst thing is that Raiders can even kill Dwellers which is a great loss.
    • Raiders starts attacking vaults which has more than 14 dwellers so it is best practice to equip and employ dwellers as security personnel of the vault so you can defend against Raiders easily.
  • Fire accidents are other kind of incidents that occur randomly inside vaults which causes enormous damage  if not responded in time.

Fire incident occured in Fallout Shelter game

  • Radroaches are giant cockroaches that will attack in groups, these are weakest enemy compared to others dangers.

Radroaches attacking in fallout shelter for iPhone

  • Radscorpians are scorpian like mutated creatures which can give physical and radiation damage. Radscarpians can attack any room in vault randomly and drain power very quickly.

Radscorpians Attacking in Fallout Shelter

  • Mole Rats are capable of eating away power cables and drain power quickly. They spawn from many places at once and disappear after damaging.Mole Rats can also be encountered in Wastelands.

Mole Rats Attacking Dwellers in Fallout Shelter

  • DeathClaws are beast like creatures with with Sharp claws, They attack vaults while the vault’s doors are open. So it is advised to close Vault doors when you send dwellers out on quest into wastelands. If the deathclaws managed to enter into vault they will destroy wall irrevocably tearing vault floors with sharp claws. They are also capable of tearing dwellers into tiny pieces.

Deathclaws attacking on vault in Fallout Shelter game

What is the best feature of Fallout Shelter ?

I think, getting unlimited lunchboxes is the best feature. There is a possibility of getting more caps and weapons and outfits whenever you open a lunchbox.

Do I have to jailbreak my iPhone to install Fallout Shelter Hack ? If not How ?

There is no need to jailbreak your iPhone to install Fallout Shelter Hack. Just install TuTuApp application using safari from your browser and follow all the necessary steps as explained in this article.

Does Fallout shelter Hack has any hiddden charges ?

NO. Fallout Shelter Hack is completely free but you have to download it from a trusted source like TuTuApp.

What are the weakest and strongest creatures in the Fallout Shelter Game ?

Radroaches are considered to be weakest enemies in the entire game since they can only harm dwellers with weak immunity power. Deathclaws are considered to be strongest enemies of the entire game because they posses sharp claws which can tear apart ceilings of rooms.

Is it safe to install Fallout Shelter game on my iphone ?

You are not jailbreaking your iPhone to install Fallout Shelter Hack. You are only sideloading app with help of third-party Appstore, so it is completely safe as long as you download file from a trusted website.

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Fallout Shelter Hack on iOS – Conclusion

The latest Fallout Shelter Hack for iOS gives you the best gaming experience. You can play the game in the best graphics. Use unlimited resources to build your vault and give your people a better future. Download Fallout Shelter Hack on iOS today!

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